Bitcoin Billionaire experiences and results 2022

Mark Norgate
October 6, 2021

We have tested whether you can earn money with your own Bitcoin Billionaire account. 

Bitcoin Billionaire is a so-called crypto robot. Anyone who joins here should have access to software that can automatically generate profits from trading in cryptocurrencies.

The focus here is on Bitcoin. Potential new customers are attracted to the Bitcoin Billionaire site by the various promises: According to the company, some customers would even have become millionaires with the help of the tool.

Anyone who knows crypto robots knows that exuberant marketing is simply part of it. So we dared the detailed test to see what is behind the offer.

The robot is for the curious with a few euros to spare. If you feel addressed, you should take a manageable risk with a small deposit of 250 euros . More funds are unsuitable for such an investment experiment.

Table of Contents

Bitcoin Billionaire pros and cons
  • Automatic trading
  • Good potential for returns
  • Payout always possible
  • Serious crypto robot
  • Demo account available
  • Choice of the broker not free
  • No mobile app
  • No license
The Bitcoin Billionaire registration: step-by-step instructions for the Bitcoin Billionaire account


If you want to try Bitcoin Billionaire, you can first take a closer look at the platform of the Bitcoin Billionaire app. But, of course, you shouldn’t pay too much attention to the high-profit promises used in this crypto robot’s self-promotion.

With bots, in particular, it is often common to advertise with excessive marketing efforts. You shouldn’t take such advertising at face value but rather regard it as a courtship for new customers.

If you want to test the automated software from Bitcoin Billionaire, you first need a Bitcoin Billionaire account and log in.

Step 1: Registration

The registration form should immediately catch your eye when you visit the Bitcoin Billionaire website. A video was placed in the middle of the website, and right next to it, you have the opportunity to enter your first data for registration.

The information that must be provided when registering is the first name and surname. Nevertheless, and email address. Now the terms and conditions have to be confirmed.

The wise investor knows that in the financial sector, one is well advised to read through such terms and conditions before confirming them carefully. Now all you have to do is click on “Next” and choose a password.

In the last step, for the time being, you are encouraged to reveal your telephone number as well. We recommend: Use an alternative e-mail address and a different telephone number or SIM card for your test. This will avoid intrusive advertising calls.

Now the registration has been made, and you will be redirected to an online broker. In our case, it was called “Aspen Holding”.

Step 2: The deposit

The minimum deposit is € 250. The minimum deposit number should never be exceeded. It is even advised to try out the free demo account first.

Here you can see how the automatic software works and whether an investment with real money could be worthwhile.

Various options are available for making a deposit. If you want to be on the safe side, you can simply use your credit card. However, transfer service providers can also be used immediately.

Your own Bitcoin Billionaire account is only fully activated with a deposit, and you are forwarded to the broker Aspen Holding.

Step 3: Trading and Bitcoin Billionaire Test in Demo Mode

Now you can start trading cryptocurrencies, indices, forex or other assets. In addition, various functions of automated software are offered here.

Most investors should be familiar with the classic features “ Take Profit ” and “ Stop Loss ”. Various other functions of automated software are also offered.

Now it is to be hoped that with these features, one will generate high profits soon. However, if you are still unsure how the platform works, you should initially limit yourself to using the demo account.

If you then show enough trust in Bitcoin Billionaire, you can still make a deposit.

What is a Bitcoin Billionaire?

According to its statement, Bitcoin Billionaire wants to independently buy and sell cryptocurrencies using its built-in algorithm, similar to BitQT or Bitcoin Up.

Here he should carry out his trades with a win rate of over 80%. In addition, the investor should benefit from the fact that the software uses the capital employed fully automatically. However, it must first be clarified whether reality promises profits.

It is therefore worthwhile first of all to pay a minimum amount of 250 euros. Only when you have been able to initiate payouts should you consider trading regularly successfully.

The Bitcoin Billionaire app is very similar to comparable providers for other industries, such as Oil Profit. If you go to the start page, you are immediately confronted with a video.

Here unique properties and advantages of the Bitcoin Billionaire principle are explained.

However, there is hardly any valid information to be found. So if you want to dig deeper into the matter, you can’t avoid your own Bitcoin Billionaire account.

Bitcoin Billionaire experiences


In our Bitcoin Billionaire test, we wanted to approach whether it is worth trying this offer. Especially in the field of crypto bots, one hears again and again of black sheep who try to pull money out of investors’ pockets by means of scams and fraud and accordingly do not even offer working software.

If you encounter a new Bitcoin robot, you should first check it carefully and find more information in various reviews about this robot. Also, it makes sense to research where each company is based and whether it is licensed.

The Bitcoin Billionaire app communicates in its self-promotion that you can generate extremely high profits here automatically. You don’t even have to bring a lot of know-how with you.

All you have to do is register, and the robot should start working. The principle here is that rates of common cryptocurrencies are examined, and trends are then recognised fully automatically.

If this is the case, the software will either invest, or the cryptocurrency will be bailed out. If this principle is booming, profits should be possible for the investor.

Our Bitcoin Billionaire test is limited to the demo account. You should always exercise the necessary caution if you want to penetrate the crypto world. In our test, we were redirected directly to another broker.

This broker was called Aspen. We used the demo account, and the automatic software generated an excellent return, even if it was just played money. However, the extent to which these trades corresponded to reality could therefore not be verified.

Bitcoin Billionaire experiences of other users


To determine whether you can also make real money profits with this program, we took a look at the Bitcoin Billionaire reviews of other customers. In the relevant forums that deal with crypto robots, we first had to look for something until we found what we were looking for concerning Bitcoin Billionaire Reviews.

It quickly became apparent that the community was very divided. While some claim to have made high profits, others doubt whether this platform is reputable. Here and there, you can also find reports that withdrawals have been denied. Here is a list of the experiences of other users:

“ The technology behind  Bitcoin Billionaire  is groundbreaking. It processes so much information within a very short time that you can find out every single detail – and it is still so easy to use. “

Melanie Grieger

“ I am so glad I joined  Bitcoin Billionaire . was invited. It is an incredible website that will enable you to live your dream. “

Renate Gersch

“I was one of the few who was lucky enough to be offered the place. I know a lot of other people who missed that. “

Adam Peters

“ If you are lucky enough to get a chance to  register with Bitcoin Billionaire  , I can only tell you that it will be the best decision you will ever make. “

Kilian Wirith

Is Bitcoin Billionaire legitimate? – Our verdict!
  • 1) We have tested the robot. 88% success rate
  • 2) Bitcoin Billionaire is not a scam. However, risks in auto trading remain
  • 3) We recommend a moderate investment of 250 euros
  • 4) Test the software now via this link or read on to learn more about the bot

Is Bitcoin Billionaire now serious? After all, you keep hearing from cheated investors who have lost a lot of money because they have placed their trust in a dubious crypto robot.

Time and again, dubious methods are used to try to make money. Ultimately, however, we could not find any final confirmation for this initial suspicion in our test.

Since we only tried out our trades with a demo account, we could not determine whether any winnings would be paid out in the end. Curious traders should withdraw real money as quickly as possible before higher profits are paid out.

So, first of all, you have no reason to assume a Bitcoin Billionaire scam. But, nevertheless, the necessary caution is required when dealing with a Bitcoin Billionaire.

Is Bitcoin Billionaire a fraud or a scam?

If you want to be on the safe side, you might prefer to buy shares. But if you are not afraid of higher risk and possibly want to achieve high profits with a crypto robot, you could create an account with Bitcoin Billionaire.

So you can get your picture of how the provider works and whether an investment with real money could be worthwhile. Since there are now numerous such platforms (although not all of them are reputable), one should proceed very carefully and never use excessive amounts.

Back payments are also to be avoided, even if company representatives ask you to do so.

You should also only use money that is available in liquid form. This ensures that in the event of a total loss of the investment – which is always the case with crypto robots – no greater financial damage is to be feared in the end.

Is Bitcoin Billionaire a Scam? The trading results

Our Bitcoin Billionaire test focused only on the demo account. However, high profits were generated here, which apparently should confirm that you can make high profits with Bitcoin Billionaire.

Concerning payouts etc., of course, we could not gain any experience. One hears again and again that dubious providers of crypto robots refuse to payout. Therefore, one should be sure that a Bitcoin Billionaire is reputable before investing.

Even so, Bitcoin Billionaire’s algorithms seemed to work well. After just a few days, a return of 50% play money could be achieved with this crypto robot. So is Bitcoin Billionaire a scam now?

A functioning bot was offered, and profits were made. So it doesn’t necessarily have to be assumed that the Bitcoin Billionaire is a scam. But, of course, this factor also depends on whether there will ultimately be a payout as soon as you start trading with real money.

Since Bitcoin Billionaire offers functions of automated software with the help of which one can generate profits, one could cautiously assume that it is a reputable provider. However, it is essential to exercise the necessary caution.

Bitcoin Robots: great opportunity or wasted money?

Bitcoin robots are becoming more and more popular. Therefore, it is essential that the selected provider function automated software that allows you to make your investment profitable.

From different sources, you learn that with crypto robots, you often can earn a nice extra income without investing too much work. On the other hand, there are also reports on which platforms are refusing payouts.

Such dubious providers often work with fraud and scams and do not even provide functioning automated software. Rather, the money should be pulled out of the investor’s pocket by means of inflated profit promises.

Are crypto robots the great chance to finally get rich? Probably not. The inflated profit promises are often just advertising. So you shouldn’t expect to find enormous wealth with automated software suddenly. Above all, one should avoid falling victim to scam.

Scam: this is how you protect yourself

In our test it could not be proven that a Bitcoin Billionaire uses fraud. Nevertheless, you should never neglect the necessary precautions when using Bitcoin Robots.

We have created a guide that discusses what action to take if you become a victim of a dubious crypto robot. Here we provide valuable tips on how credit card blocking and chargebacks work.

Further special preventive measures when it comes to cryptocurrencies are illustrated here.

Conclusion – Bitcoin Billionaire Review

It could not be finally clarified how serious the Bitcoin Billionaire is. It appears to be a platform that actually enables its investors to make profits from their investments.

After looking through the Bitcoin Billionaire reviews from other investors, it was shown that their reports could also be found that tell of problems with the platform.

Therefore, in the end, it can only be advised to get an idea of ​​these crypto robots for yourself.

Of course, you shouldn’t assume that you will become a “Bitcoin Billionaire” overnight, as the Bitcoin Billionaire self-promotion suggests. Nevertheless, some nice extra income could be possible with the help of this automated software. However, if you are very conservative with your finances and appreciate when the risk is as low as possible, you should avoid crypto robots.

Such platforms can never do without the risk of losing your entire investment. Only those who have a high willingness to take risks could have the opportunity to generate profits here and there with Bitcoin Billionaires.


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Bitcoin Billionaire works on the principle of auto trading. Programs and algorithms take over the trading decisions here. The user only has to pay attention to the entry and exit times. However, the functionality of these robots has not been confirmed. Accordingly, the offer only works with an extremely high risk.

Providers like Bitcoin Billionaire now operate globally. But the origin of many of these Bitcoin robots is unclear. So you can only rely on experience reports. These differ widely. While some speak of an actual Bitcoin Billionaire fake, others claim it could generate profits. The platforms are usually not licensed, so there is no official regulation.

Bitcoin Billionaire cannot be assigned to a specific company. A founder cannot be identified either. In this sense, the question of who can hardly be answered. The platform stands for itself and should therefore be viewed with a healthy amount of skepticism. If you have had any experience with the bot, please let us know your results in the comments.

Trading at Bitcoin Billionaire is high risk. There is no basic collateral. Everything is designed for automatic trading in cryptocurrencies. However, the provider does not have a license and is therefore not regulated. Traders are advised to only deposit a minimum amount and only if you do not really need this money

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