Bitcoin Profit experiences & results – Our Bitcoin Profit test 2022

October 9, 2021
Bitcoin Profit experiences & results – Our Bitcoin Profit test 2021

Will there be a Bitcoin Profit Scam, or what experiences can be expected? Read more about the bot here and join the discussion and share your experiences in the comments.

Is Bitcoin Profit a Scam? If you dare to use this crypto robot, this question will have to be dealt with for better or worse.

As with many Bitcoin Robots, Bitcoin Profit is also the subject of budding heated discussions on the Internet.

First and foremost, it’s about: Is Bitcoin Profit Scam or not?

Often, however, you will have to expect that disappointed investors will express their opinion on the Internet.

So this does not always have to correspond to the actual Bitcoin Profit experience.

Further information can be found in the following text.

Table of Contents

Bitcoin Profit pros and cons
  • Automatic trading
  • Good potential for returns
  • Payment is possible regularly
  • Registration free of charge
  • Recommended Bitcoin Robot
  • Demo mode available
  • Broker choice is not free
Bitcoin Profit Register – Our step-by-step guide


Step 1: Registration

The best thing to do is to log in to the Bitcoin Profit app directly. This works entirely uncomplicatedly directly from the start page by simply entering your email address and then clicking on the “Get started now ” button.

The process is protected by SSL technology. But, of course, you will then be asked by the provider to reveal further information, such as your first and last name and your telephone number.

In addition, you choose a password and accept the general terms and conditions and the privacy policy. On the outside, you consent to your email address being saved and receiving the newsletter. You can revoke this registration at any time.

The registration is actually carried out very quickly, and the corresponding form should not pose any major problems even for beginners. However, before you can get to know the actual platform, you must confirm that you have already reached the minimum age of 18 years.

The trade then works with the known in the market GFC Investment Trader. This is characterised by various quality points and looks much more professional than some other crypto bot software. So here is another sign that Bitcoin Profit knows how to offer reputable services.

Step 2: the first impression of the software

It is impressive how the platform is structured. A simple summary can therefore be found directly in your dashboard. You will also be able to view your trading history in your overview.

In addition, you can select personal data or change the password in the Bitcoin Profit account. For some investors, it may be essential to be able to use different platforms. The offer should work both online and on mobile devices, even if you have to do without a real trading app at this point.

You can let the bot work in just one Bitcoin Profit account or multiple accounts. In its overview, you can see which accounts are active, how the respective leverage is, in which currency the account is managed and how the total balance is.

Step 3: deposit

A clear indication that Bitcoin Profit is serious is the possibility of the demo functions. You can add different demo accounts to the offer. If you have carried out a Bitcoin Profit test yourself in this way, then you will want to make the deposit.

You can choose precisely in which of the accounts you set up the credit should be topped up. However, once you have made this selection, you will come across a slight peculiarity.

While most Bitcoin bots in the market only accept credit cards or, in exceptional cases, bank transfers as valid payment methods, the variety in the Bitcoin Profit App is significantly greater.

You can also use Visa and Mastercard here, but you can also choose other service providers such as Trustly, Skrill, iDeal, Klarna, SEPA and Postepay.

Deposit information

Anyone who likes to claim that Bitcoin Profit is a fraud at this point should deal with other spam offers on the net. In most cases, you will mainly find payment providers such as Western Union, who never allow the sender to obtain more precise recipient data.

The offers mentioned are therefore much more transparent and therefore more secure. Of course, you have to do without PayPal, but there are other ways on the market to buy Bitcoin with PayPal.

By clicking on an offer, you will have to enter the other payment options. It should be noted that a minimum deposit of € 250 has been set for the use of the platform.

For the editors, this is precisely the right amount to gain access to their Bitcoin Profit account. So you can get to know this interesting form of trading once with sufficient credit and, on the other hand, keep the personal risk low.

Should the Bitcoin Robot generate losses, the lost funds should be easily manageable through such a low deposit.

If, on the other hand, the program proves its functionality and creates constant profits, then you can consider whether you don’t want to increase your deposit gradually.

Bitcoin Profit experiences


The first impression is often crucial. According to the editorial team, Bitcoin Profit spits a bit too high on its homepage.

If you lure prospective traders with supposed millions in profits, then you don’t have to be surprised if there are always loud suspicions that Bitcoin Profit is a scam.

So it is probably not the worst idea to simply hide all information on the start page and actively ignore it.

Because in itself, the software of the Bitcoin Profit Bot is an interesting matter that should by no means be dismissed as a Bitcoin Profit rip-off. It was previously checked whether Bitcoin traders could trade seriously.

What is certain is that when using a corresponding offer, one must never disregard the fact that there are also risks. Unfortunately, the risks can even mean the total loss of the investment.

On the other hand, however, there are opportunities for returns that have made the crypto market so popular in the first place. Unfortunately, the daring numbers that haunt the Internet are more likely to have been invented for advertising purposes.

As an interested crypto investor, it is pretty challenging to find realistic Bitcoin Profit experiences. 

The aim is to clarify to what extent Bitcoin Profit offers serious services and whether you can positively expect to participate in the Bitcoin Revolution.

Is Bitcoin Profit serious or not – the verdict!
  • 1) The confirmed success rate of 88%
  • 2) Bitcoin Profit is not a scam. However, risks in auto trading remain
  • 3) A moderate investment of 250 euros
  • 4) Test the software now via this link or read on to learn more about the bot

The main thing is to support the trader with his orders. But, of course, it cannot be guaranteed that all orders will be crowned with success. In this sense, it is about probabilities that should increase the chances of success of the trades.

Therefore, it is important to note that you will find appropriate safety information in the footer of the website. Here it is also clear that all representations of earnings and earnings should be examples worth striving for.

After all, the provider makes no bones about it, which allows the assessment that Bitcoin Profit fraud is not in the interests of the developers. Instead, it is a relatively quick form of customer acquisition.

Ultimately, however, this has less to do with the exact function of the algorithm and more to do with the company’s marketing strategy. This can undoubtedly be criticised.

Was Bitcoin Profit Lions Den Candidate?

The robot’s claim was on the TV show “Den of the Lions” can be called a Bitcoin Profit Fake. There was no broadcast with any developers.

It was probably resourceful social media editors who only spread this rumour. One can now respect this as a resourceful marketing measure or speak of Bitcoin Profit Fake News.

Ultimately, as a trader, you should concentrate on reality, which has precious little to do with the claim that Bitcoin Profit is the lion’s den. Even with the Bitcoin Era, fraud had already been assumed in this regard.

A little research should show that the crypto robot was never represented at such a start-up show. All the information that can be found on the internet is Bitcoin Profit Fake.

It doesn’t seem very clear where this incorrect information comes from, but the procedure in the market can be observed from time to time.

For all those dealers who are actually interested in the robot, it is important to emphasise that this is more likely to mislead you than to get helpful information.

Therefore, you should focus on the registration because the platform itself is not a Bitcoin Profit rip-off but an offer with its own logo and imprint.

Is Bitcoin Profit a scam or not? This is how Bitcoin Profit works:


After our test, it turned out that Bitcoin Profit is not a scam. To do this, you have to understand how Bitcoin Profit works. All crypto robots are similar in that they rely on automatisms. A program can identify market conditions much faster than a human could.

One would like to avoid the detour of processing certain data by buying or selling Bitcoin or other currency pairs directly. The program can perform quick calculations.

If you observe the bot’s actions in real-time, you notice that you have bought various investment projects in just a few moments. It is fundamental to understand how such a Bitcoin Robot works.

This is the only way to recognise that calculations can mean advantage over regular trading but also a risk of loss. Only with this essential knowledge are you ready for this new type of trade.

Profits cannot be guaranteed

One need not expect miracles at this point. Finally, the robots also use trading products that can be found at various brokers. However, if this type of trading is too hot for you after a thorough examination, you are better served with crypto exchanges or options brokers.

Here you have to take over the trading yourself, but you can then take all the time in the world to get to know the offers. If you get the cryptocurrencies into your wallet via exchanges, you still have a value even if the price is lost.

Nevertheless, it would be presumptuous to think that one could thus avoid the risk of the market. In general, cryptocurrencies are speculative assets.

Anyone who starts trading must be aware at all times that all investments can be lost. Unfortunately, all forms of investment in the industry have this in common.

In summary, it can be said that you will be able to find imitations of potentially your own trading decisions in your Bitcoin Profit account.

All the crypto robot needs for this are various default settings and the starting gun from the trader. Such a platform is always an interesting concept. Even the greatest critics of trading software have to admit this.

Is Bitcoin Profit a scam or rip-off? The bot in the test

If a trading software offers a demo mode, then this should also be used. The GFC Investment Trader as a program of Bitcoin Profit allows the establishment of a demo account.

So you can test the results of different settings. You don’t have to endure a separate registration process with login information at this point.

Access is straightforward and straightforward from the platform. In the account menu, you can switch to demo mode.

It is still important to emphasise that demo accounts are only used with the knowledge that the corresponding results do not always have to correspond to real trading.

InsteadTherefore, it, it is an offer to get to know the principle of trading. After you are confronted with exemplary values ​​on the start page of the bot, it cannot be completely ruled out that this is also done for demo trading.

Is Bitcoin Profit Fake? – The results

Is the bitcoin scam a scam or not? Opinions still differ on this on the Internet, but some indications indicate that Bitcoin Profit is working seriously.

For example, the possibilities of the Bitcoin Profit test speak for this via the demo accounts, but on the service desk, which lets you contact the support. You can also find safety information on trading, albeit a little hidden. But, of course, such an offer can only really be used with specific common sense.

If you assume that you will make 100 per cent profits, then there would be bad conditions for conscious trading and then it is understandable that some report a Bitcoin Profit Fake or a Bitcoin Profit rip-off.

You have to define the desired leverage yourself and also carry out further trading adjustments. In addition, the dealer will have to give the go-ahead.

If you recognise risks from the market situation, you should first be patient, just like regular trading on crypto exchanges. The bot works far more successfully if the courses themselves also form good conditions.

Bitcoin Profit Fake News with Oliver Welke & Boris Becker

Oliver Welke , Boris Becker , Carsten Maschmeyer and Yvonne Catterfeld have all been associated with Bitcoin Profit. But this has little to do with reality.

After all, these celebrities all denied being part of the crypto bot. Here, too, one has to assume legally dubious methods from marketing geniuses.

The celebs were used due to their popularity to promote the offer improperly.

No wonder that Oliver Welke, Boris Becker and Yvonne Catterfeld want nothing to do with Bitcoin Profit. Illegal advertising practices put your brands in a bad light.

The normal user should therefore notice that interviews or reports are fictitious. It also turns out that Bitcoin Profit has nothing to do with the lion’s den experiences.

Conclusion – Bitcoin Profit rating

Bitcoin Profit is a hotly debated trading software. However, this stands out to other providers because the GFC Investment Trader is used, which is much more user-friendly than many platforms of other crypto robots.

€ 250 seems like a good amount to make a first deposit. So you can even dare the Bitcoin Profit test with low risk.

One cannot assume a guaranteed profit, but the underlying system seems to be capable of producing returns.

Nevertheless, one would do well to refrain from the promises made on the homepage. Finally, there are also indications in the small print that these are only examples that do not necessarily have to correspond to reality.

This does not have to be called a Bitcoin Profit rip-off, but it is still essential to consider this.


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Bitcoin Profit is a so-called trading bot. The trading platform tries to make profits with the help of algorithms and automatic trades. However, the offer is highly controversial among users and the origin of Bitcoin Profit seems unclear.

Bitcoin Profit cannot necessarily be called secure. After all, auto trading is associated with a high level of risk. Anyone who pays in money here must also expect that it will be completely lost. Anyone looking for licenses and regulations should look out for official trading platforms.

Bitcoin Profit works according to the rules of auto trading. A bot then decides which buy or sell orders should be placed. Profits should be achieved through calculations and probability assumptions. However, the success rate has not yet been confirmed.

Bitcoin Profit can only be called serious to a limited extent. An indication of this is, for example, the demo platform, with which you can get to know the trading surface. However, the origin of the offer is unclear and there is no official license.

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