Is Bitcoin Revolution Serious or Scam? Experience & test 2022

John James
October 13, 2021
Is Bitcoin Revolution Serious or Scam? Experience & test 2021

Our test result: No fraud! The Bitcoin Revolution is not a scam.

But which Bitcoin Revolution experiences can be expected?

The following test provides analyzes, background information and explains the risks and practices of the crypto robot. 

As soon as you get into the cryptocurrency business, the easiest and fastest method of trading is at stake.

The motto is as much money as possible in the shortest possible time.

The Bitcoin Revolution promises exactly that. If you want to dare the Robot Experiment, you will find the instructions for the offer here. Secured Brokers recommends a cautious investment of no more than € 250.

Table of Contents

Bitcoin Revolution pros and cons
  • Fully automated crypto trading
  • Great potential for returns
  • Payout possible at any time
  • Recommended Bitcoin Robot
  • Free demo trading available
  • Broker selection restricted
  • Missing mobile phone app
  • No license
Bitcoin Revolution Register – Our step-by-step guide


On the website, there is a video in which various personalities report on the opportunities that arise via buying Bitcoin and describe coins as sometimes even a new miracle currency.

This is less to be associated with experience reports on the robot itself than with statements on the Bitcoin course itself.

Step 1: Bitcoin Revolution registration

You have to enter your first name, last name, email address, password, and mobile phone number to register.

You will now receive a confirmation email. Verification is important.

The registration is thus completed relatively quickly, and you can devote yourself to the next step, namely the deposit.

Step 2: the deposit

Immediately after registration, you will be taken to the so-called cash register. Unfortunately, here at the broker xMarkets, only a credit card is available. The Bitcoin Revolution Review could be better here if other payment methods were to be found.

If you are looking for a way to buy Bitcoin with PayPal, you will find an overview of the best platforms on this crypto scene page.

Nonetheless, the deposit page is well structured with an overview of deposits, withdrawals, transaction history, withdrawal history and a bonus history

Which of these summaries you will be able to see for yourself will also depend on your own trading luck.

Step 3: Bitcoin Revolution experiences in demo trading

Even if you are first directed to the deposit, you definitely have the opportunity to get to know the offer first. It should quickly become apparent that cryptocurrencies only make up a small part of the portfolio. The bot manages the overview really well at this point.

Although you will not be able to execute real demo trades, it is still nice to be able to examine the platform in more detail before you really start with real money.

Step 4: Automatic trading and Bitcoin Revolution payout

Trading is about buying and selling cryptocurrencies. There is successful transparency over xMarkets, which explains exactly about prices and commissions.

You can decide for yourself which risk level you are willing to take. The greater the risk, the higher the possible returns. However, you can, of course, also lose all deposits.

If you compare the provider at this point with other crypto bots, the accessibility of the information and the simple design of the trades are convincing. This undoubtedly leaves a strong impression.

The Bitcoin Revolution test


In the following Bitcoin Revolution test, we want to take a closer look at the Bitcoin Revolution app and find out whether the Bitcoin Revolution is fraud or serious.

What you always have to keep in mind is that trading cryptocurrencies is similar to trading on an exchange. Good background knowledge and expendable money are necessary, as you can also record losses when trading.

The Bitcoin Revolution Review gives you all the information you need to get started with this Bitcoin Robot. A wide variety of factors are relevant for this.

So if you are interested in a crypto robot, then the following information should undoubtedly help you. How to find out what the Bitcoin Revolution is. The concierge’s colleagues have already made it clear that there are also risks to be expected.

Bitcoin Revolution app & experiences

It is very difficult to come to a quick judgment about this provider. The situation is too multifaceted, and apparently, several providers are trying to copy the original offer.

Nevertheless, you can find the right platform and dedicate yourself to automatic trading. The Xmarkets Broker is used as the trading platform.

In itself, the offer makes a very positive impression. However, it should be emphasized that here, too, one must not accept any sure winnings. In this respect, there is still a risk.

If automatic trading is too risky for you, you can devote yourself to regular crypto trading via various brokers and exchanges. However, the Bitcoin Revolution remains an extremely interesting investment experiment for curious investors with excess capital.

Is Bitcoin Revolution legitimate or not – Review!
  • 1) Secured Brokers has tested the robot. Reported success rate around 88%
  • 2) Bitcoin Revolution fraud does not exist, risks in auto trading remain
  • 3) Secured Brokers recommends a moderate investment of 250 euros
  • 4) Test the robot now via this link or read on to find out more about the bot

In addition, providers like Cryptosoft or Crypto Revolt also have special algorithms that allow you to make purchases and sales automatically.

Was Bitcoin Revolution at Lions Den?

The TV show is well known and loved by everyone. Some trading bots apparently want to take advantage of this because one hears again and again that the Bitcoin Revolution Cave of the Lions was also a participant. In fact, this is nothing more than a big Bitcoin Revolution fake.

There was never a program in which someone responsible for the software appeared before the jury. In this respect, one must warn against the fact that various websites will do everything possible to lure customers willing to pay for their platform by any means.

This can confidently be called a pure Bitcoin Revolution rip-off. In any case, the whole thing has nothing to do with an actual serious investment.

Bitcoin Revolution Scam

In order to avoid the Bitcoin Revolution Scam, it is advisable to get the necessary information in other ways. Or you can set off straight away to trade the best cryptocurrencies in other ways with licensed providers. The smart Bitcoin investor will find out everything else in the following Bitcoin Revolution Review.

The whole topic shows how attentive you really have to be as a retailer. Regardless of whether it is about the Bitcoin Revolution Lions Den broadcast or other claims in the market, the trader is always advised to deal with the consequences of his investment.

Crypto robots are not licensed, and therefore the investment does not go beyond an experiment. Fake news should be able to warn you of dubious offers.

FAKE News Check: Which celebrities actually advertised the crypto robot?


One always comes across reports on the Internet that advertise a Bitcoin robot with celebrities. We took a closer look at these pages to see whether collaborations actually took place. The fake news check is supposed to reveal the connections of the celebrities to the crypto robots.

1. Thomas Gottschalk as the face of Bitcoin Revolution?

Thomas Gottschalk is one of the most famous celebrities in Germany. Shows like “Wetten, dass” made him famous and a multimillionaire. At the moment, he can still be seen regularly, especially in the colorful newspapers of Germany.

Meanwhile, there are also the first rumours that the former racer “Wetten dass” could experience a major revival. That could further consolidate its high level of awareness, especially among younger TV viewers.

On the Internet, you come across more and more advertisements that show your face in connection with Bitcoin Robots. Therefore, it should be suggested that Thomas Gottschalk also invests in Bitcoin Robots.

But is that really true? More and more celebrity faces are being used to promote Bitcoin robots, whether they work or not.

But if you look at the social media appearances or official advertising partners, for example, there is usually not much left of it.

On Thomas Gottschalk’s official website, we did not find any evidence that Thomas Gottschalk actually entered into a cooperation with a robot.

It should therefore be assumed that reports that advertise a crypto robot with the face of Thomas Gottschalk should mostly be fake news.

Our editors could not find any proof that Thomas Gottschalk is actually involved in a crypto robot. But, as is so often the case on the Internet, the motto here in such cases is First research, then believe.


2. Boris Becker at Bitcoin Revolution?

Boris Becker is one of the most famous German tennis players along with Steffi Graf.

He increased his level of awareness rather unintentionally through his brief liaison in a broom closet, from which a child emerged. Since then, Boris Becker has been an integral part of the tabloid press.

Boris Becker was over-represented in advertising for a long time. Sayings like “Am I in there yet?” Have probably stuck in the minds of most Germans.

So it is not surprising at first when you come across reports in which you see Boris Becker as an advertising face for a crypto robot. But is this really the case?

There are initially no indications that Boris Becker actually entered into advertising cooperation with a Bitcoin robot on the social media channels or on the page with Boris Becker’s official partnerships.

Even companies in which Becker has a stake have no connections to crypto robots.

So it seems obvious that posts that advertise a crypto robot with the face of Boris Becker are likely to be fake news.

Once again, it is confirmed: You shouldn’t always believe everything that is on the Internet. Often the faces of celebrities are abused for their own concerns of dubious companies.

In connection with Bitcoins, in particular, it is not uncommon to work with unclean methods. As an investor, you should therefore always exercise the necessary caution.

It is often worthwhile to take a close look in advance so that you are not negatively surprised afterwards. According to our research, Boris Becker has no connections with any kind of crypto robots.


3. Dieter Bohlen and Bitcoin Revolution?

Dieter Bohlen has been omnipresent on German television for decades. He first became known through his band “Modern Talking”, later as a producer and meanwhile, he has been known for over ten years as a juror for various TV formats, such as “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” or “Das Supertalent”.

Even in advertising, there was often no getting around his face. For example, he had himself clamped in for the Roller furniture store, and most recently, he showed up for an app called “Coin Master”.

If you browse the Internet, you will often find reports that Dieter Bohlen advertises crypto robots. But has he actually entered into a partnership with one of them? Our research suggests that such reports are more likely to be fake news.

There are no official collaborations that need to be pointed out, and Dieter Bohlen has never commented on crypto robots. One should, therefore, not take such advertisements at face value.

There is no evidence that Dieter Bohlen is actually promoting a crypto robot. As is so often the case on the Internet, it seems that dubious methods were used here. You shouldn’t make the decision of whether you want to use a crypto robot dependent on any advertising faces anyway.

Each user has to make such a decision for himself since possible consequences ultimately only affect himself. So it turns out that when investing in cryptocurrencies, it should always be worthwhile to take a close look before investing.

In this way, you ensure that you can make a balanced trading decision and thus give yourself the chance to actually generate profits.


4. Does Oliver Welke promote the Bitcoin Revolution?

For many, it is simply part of the late Friday evening: Oliver Welke has been entertaining satirical and politically interested people as the presenter of the “Today Show” since 2009.

As a public figure and through his role as an unmasking comedian, many television viewers automatically place a minimum of trust in him.

So it is not surprising when products are advertised with Oliver Welke. Moreover, there are now many reports on crypto robots using Oliver Welke’s face. But has the satirist actually entered into a partnership with a crypto robot?

As soon as you research this a little more intensively, it quickly becomes apparent that such reports are fake news. There is no reliable evidence that Oliver Welke is actually involved in business with crypto robots.

One should, therefore, not necessarily take such advertisements for crypto robots that Oliver Welke instrumentalized at face value. Rather, it is advisable to identify advertisements as such and to deal with the product itself.

It can be assumed that Oliver Welke himself does not know anything about alleged partnerships with various crypto robots. Everyone has to decide for themselves whether one should trust providers who distribute such fake news in connection with advertising.

Especially in the field of cryptocurrencies, there are a large number of dubious websites that are only designed to pull money out of users’ pockets by means of scams and fraud.

The wise investor knows that every new product should be carefully considered in advance. In any case, there is no evidence that Oliver Welke actually works with Bitcoin Robots.


5. Is Yvonne Catterfeld involved in the Bitcoin Revolution?

Yvonne Catterfeld is one of the most popular pop singers in Germany. She is also present on television repeatedly, for example, in the show “The Voice of Germany”.

She is now one of the most famous celebrities in Germany. Her face is just as common in advertising.

Among other things, she has advertised a well-known chocolate bar and the initiative of the federal government, “You are Germany”.

Again and again, it appeared in the vastness of the Internet in connection with various crypto robots. But has the singer actually entered into a cooperation with Bitcoin Robots? No.

This is fake news that often occurs in the vast expanses of the Internet. Rather, according to Yvonne Catterfeld’s own statement, her face was simply abused for advertising campaigns without being asked.

This reaction by Yvonne Catterfeld, which should have hit the headlines as early as May 2019, gave many media the opportunity to take a critical look at Bitcoin.

Investors who have been dealing with Bitcoin and Co. for a long time know that, in addition to many decent offers, there are often dubious machinations in connection with Bitcoin.

Anyway, one should rather refrain from taking advertisements for crypto robots at face value. Ultimately, the only thing that counts is the product and whether it delivers what it promises. The procedure of associating faces with a product without being asked can nevertheless be described as at least very dubious.

Therefore, you should always trust the principle that you should not simply believe anything that is on the Internet. The fact that Yvonne Catterfeld advertised here with a crypto robot could be exposed as fake news during our research.


6. Is there a cooperation between Dj Bobo and Bitcoin Revolution?

He is the superstar of Switzerland: DJ Bobo. Hits like “Freedom” made him internationally famous. He can also be seen very often on TV on a variety of shows.

On the Internet, you come across reports that DJ Bobo uses his name for advertising various crypto robots.

This may come as a surprise at first, as the artist is probably not associated with cryptocurrencies.

If you go to the homepage of DJ Bobo, no advertising cooperation with a Bitcoin Robot can be proven.

It can be assumed that DJ Bobo never entered into an advertising contract with a crypto robot. Reports that put DJ Bobo in connection with a Bitcoin Robot are more likely to be exposed as fake news.

DJ Bobo himself has already commented on this fake news, which is often spread on Twitter. He made it clear that there has never been cooperation with a Bitcoin Robot and that, in his opinion, one should refrain from using websites that advertise with his name.

Anyone who surfs the Internet a lot knows that all kinds of lies and conspiracy theories are being spread again and again in the depths of the Internet. Source references, etc., are mostly dispensed with here. One should always follow the principle that one should first question everything that is on the Internet.

In any case, in our research, we could not find any evidence that DJ Bobo had actually advertised a crypto robot. Thus, sites that advertise a Bitcoin robot with the face of DJ Bobo must be described as dubious.


7. Is Dietrich Mateschitz promoting the Bitcoin Revolution?

Dietrich Mateschitz is probably the most famous billionaire in Austria. Dietrich Mateschitz was able to make a huge fortune through his energy drink “Red Bull” and his sophisticated partnerships with various scene sports.

As a billionaire, in the vast majority of cases, you don’t need to advertise products that are not your own. So it may not come as a surprise at first that Dietrich Mateschitz is automatically only associated with “Red Bull”.

However, in the vastness of the Internet, there are repeated reports that the billionaire is also promoting a crypto robot.

But is that really the case? If you do some research on the background to this, you quickly come to the conclusion that Dietrich Mateschitz never entered into a cooperation with a crypto robot.

Pages that advertise a crypto robot with the face of the billionaire must therefore be exposed as fake news. Once again, dubious websites abuse a familiar face for their own interests.

So it’s always worth looking twice when a prominent face advertises a crypto robot. There are certainly examples where cooperation actually took place, but that was not the case with Dietrich Mateschitz.

In any case, it is advisable not to rely on prominent faces when looking for the right investment.

Ultimately, you invest your own money and not that of the celebrity.


Is Bitcoin Revolution a scam or not? This is how Bitcoin Revolution works:


After our test, it turned out that the Bitcoin Revolution is not a scam. Even so, it is definitely important to understand how a bot like Bitcoin Revolution works.

A Bitcoin robot is a program that analyzes the price and the market and tries to calculate the further course in advance. The algorithms of the various websites differ greatly and bring different results with the same effort.

The settings for buying and selling are also important for these bots. These have to be set for each transaction, and the bot carries out all tasks as instructed.

If a bot thinks, based on its calculations, that the price of, e.g. Bitcoin will go up, it will make purchases, and as soon as it thinks that the price will go down again, it will sell the purchased Bitcoins again at the previously set profit margin.

If you want to carry out such transactions without a bot, you would have to sit in front of the computer day and night without a break, do the calculations yourself and hope that you are not too late to buy or sell.

What you should never forget, however, is the fact that you are trading with real money and can also get into high debt. However, you can still earn cash with knowledge and a good bot.

Anyone who has already dealt thoroughly with trades and cryptocurrencies has prepared well for their entry into trading cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin Revolution website fake or not?

Is the Bitcoin Revolution now a scam or not? Unfortunately, it is not always easy to give an answer to this question, as the Bitcoin Revolution app is quite controversial in user circles.

In some cases, criticisms are justified, but in some cases, they are given for unclear reasons. Of course, you could look for an alternative to the Bitcoin Revolution app, but the provider also leaves positive impressions. The partnership with xMarkets alone seems to be one of these indicators.

And one thing is certain anyway: even with a more secure website, there are risks involved in trading that everyone should be aware of. All investments in any type of stock exchange are associated with certain risks.

Since cryptocurrencies are still a fairly recent achievement of mankind, exploring all the possibilities has not yet been possible. The market for cryptocurrencies is growing steadily, and so you can sign up for good bots out of experimentation and try to earn additional money.

In any case, the Bitcoin Revolution experiences provide arguments that make the Bitcoin Revolution appear serious and fraud is unlikely.

Is the Bitcoin Revolution serious? – That’s what the forum says

A neutral assessment by the Secured Brokers editorial team leads to the impression that the Bitcoin Revolution Scam is unlikely. However, from the Bitcoin Revolution rip-off, there is also nothing to be seen in the analysis of the offer.

Nevertheless, the far-reaching promises on the homepage are somewhat negative, and they seem quite exaggerated. So you shouldn’t let yourself be unsettled by this kind of marketing.

Regardless of which platform, if you want to protect yourself best against fraud, you should keep the deposit as low as possible and try to understand the market and the industry through smaller investments.

One should always be aware that such a new invention always carries risks, and therefore acquiring background knowledge is the first step to successful trading.

Bitcoin Revolution offers an advantage here with its test mode, through which you can first test the platform and the functionality of trading without depositing real money.

Conclusion – Bitcoin Revolution fake?

The Bitcoin Revolution test provides some insights. The many articles about the Bitcoin Revolution app can hardly replace your own experiences.

Especially in connection with the broker xMarkets, the offer seems to be able to generate income.

Traders are likely to judge whether Bitcoin Revolution is reputable or fraudulent on the basis of their trading results. But every investor should, of course, achieve different results.

You always have the opportunity to take matters into your own hands and not let crypto robots do the work for you. Of course, this is possible via crypto exchanges or brokers, but Bitcoin robots promise trading in an extremely short time.

Secured Brokers recommends a moderate investment of 250 euros. In this way, the personal risk remains small, and the start-up capital is large enough. One must not assume that one will only post profits but that losses are also part of the everyday life of every trader.

Often companies and websites try to lure unsuspecting investors with great profits, but this cannot be promised due to the market situation. Even if these offers are very tempting, one should always ask oneself: is such an offer realistic?


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Bitcoin Revolution is a so-called Bitcoin Robot. The trader is promised automatic trading of the cryptocurrency. The effort of the user is therefore limited to the deposit and the checking of the trading results.

Bitcoin Revolution is also a crypto robot, more precisely a Bitcoin robot, as the provider focuses on the largest cryptocurrency. There are also trading robots in the market that serve not only cryptocurrencies but also forex, commodities and stocks.

The platform uses various brokers who allow it to complete the trades. In this respect, as an investor, you place the order with the provider for automatic trading, primarily with CFD papers.

As with every form of trading with CFDs, especially in the crypto market, there are risks that should not be underestimated, which can also mean the total loss of the investment. Therefore, only use money that is not needed for other things.

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