Bitcoin Robot experiences & results in auto trading 2022

Mark Norgate
October 1, 2021
Bitcoin Robot experiences & results in auto trading 2021
Is it possible to have Bitcoin trade completely as well as automatically with a Bitcoin Robot?

This is precisely what so-called trading bots promise.

The offers on the market can now be described as diverse. 

Especially the Bitcoin Code, Bitcoin Trader and Bitcoin Profit stand out in this context. But even the best programs cannot guarantee profits.

 The following Bitcoin Robot experiences should show what to expect from the offers. Is a Bitcoin Robot Scam or Not?

In particular, the Bitcoin Code and Bitcoin Loophole are used by more and more traders. But, unfortunately, the experience reports on the Internet produce very different empirical values, so it is not even that easy for prospective traders to get a suitable overview here.

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Registering with a trading robot: step-by-step instructions

Registering with a trading robot is by and large no different from registering with comparable Bitcoin bots. First of all, you will be looking around the home page to get background information about the respective provider.

Sometimes particularly striking promises may be made to draw as many customers as possible to the platform. You then know whether a trading robot is serious if you also receive safety and risk information about the trade.


Our step-by-step instructions show you how to register with Bitcoin Code, our Bitcoin Robot test winner.

Step 1: Registration

The best way to register is to use the registration form on the home page. Usually, you will have to provide personal information such as first and last name, email address, and telephone number.

In addition, a password that is as secure as possible must be chosen. Now you should confirm that you have read and accepted the terms of use and the same with the data protection regulations . If all the data is valid, you should be able to get direct access to the platform.

Step 2: The demo account

Ideally, a demo account can then also be used, with which one can examine the functions of the offer. Then, with the help of test money, you get a suitable overview of the work of a trading bot.

One can expect that the results in the test trade will be improved a bit in order to make the platform look particularly good . In that sense, you shouldn’t make the mistake of confusing test mode with real money trading.

By the way, Bitcoin Code offers such a demo account.

Step 3: The deposit

When it comes to payments at the latest, you should be realistic. The minimum deposit is often set at around € 250 and you shouldn’t invest more money for the investment experiment at this point.

Even when dealing with a reputable crypto robot, the expected risks cannot simply be ignored. The offers also differ in terms of which payment methods are accepted.

Otherwise, as a user, you should only ensure that the transaction technologies are also encrypted with SSL (which is the case with Bitcoin Code).

Step 4: Automatic trading

If Bitcoin Code now has a credit on the platform, real trading can finally begin . You will have to inform your robot that it should start trading.

This does not happen by itself. The trade must end individually so that the crypto bot does not continue trading for hours, thus jeopardising all profits again. So there is so much manual work to be done after all.

The best bitcoin robot: bitcoin code

Which Bitcoin robots are recommended? The selection is considerable, and therefore we have summarised the best-known providers (below). As a retailer, you can find a suitable bot within a very brief span of time and make the editors’ experiences your own.

The Bitcoin Code is on everyone’s lips in various online forums. Some are happy about the excellent yields, while others complain about some losses.

One thing is inevitable in any case: the robot makes fully automated trading decisions for the trader. If you want to invest with this, you should also have a particular timing, as you give the starting signal for trades yourself.

However, you should not let the robot run indefinitely, otherwise, there is a risk of losses. Instead, it is best to stay active on the platform and decide precisely when to start and let the Bitcoin Bot rest again.

We recommend Bitcoin Code as it has the best chance of winning. Bitcoin Code is our test winner in the Bitcoin Robots test.

What should you look out for in a Bitcoin Robot?

       1. The start page

On the homepage, you get all kinds of promises that you can make thousands of euros in just one day. This is another reason why many traders are asked whether the Bitcoin Robot is a fraud or not.

Of course, one should approach the matter with a certain sense of reason. With little capital, one will also bring in lower yields. But, on the other hand, such amounts are very suitable for getting to know the platform.

       2. The registration

It is best not to waste time on the start page but to dedicate yourself directly to the registration. Then, you only have to provide a few personal details, and you will be redirected to the platform.

Registration should therefore not pose any significant challenges for anyone. Therefore, separate confirmations are not required at this point.

       3. The first test

At this point, it is recommended that you activate the demo mode, as you will be guided through the various areas of the platform with a small tour. You can even activate the first signals to let the Bitcoin Robot trade in this demo mode.

However, these will still be test trades that should not be confused with actual data. Nevertheless, one is shown what to expect in actual Bitcoin robot trading.

       4. The deposit

First of all, only the minimum deposit of € 250 is recommended, allowing access to the platform. Credit cards should be used primarily for these payments. But you can also use bank transfers.

       5. The Bitcoin Robot Trading

The BTC Robot executes various orders, which can be bought or sell orders. It also shows how high the respective position packages are and which other properties of the individual trades are relevant.

In the so-called trading history, you are then shown the results with which the bot has traded and whether you have won or lost. The provider will only show you whether you will be able to close successful trades if you have done your test.

This is how a crypto robot works

So the number of crypto robots is considerable. Of course, it is essential to get to know the most famous BTC robots, which are mainly dedicated to Bitcoin. However, it is also of fundamental importance to consider how such software can work.

A Bitcoin bot analyses the market conditions and current prices. The specifications of the cryptocurrencies are taken into account, and the general market behavior of the traders is examined.

Prices, volumes and trends will also flow into the trades to calculate a probability of how the values ​​will develop in the future.


Bitcoin Trader automatic: does it work, and can you make a profit?

There is no reason why you cannot automatically make a profit with a Bitcoin Trader. Bitcoin Trader Robots can now use a variety of mathematical functions. Incidentally, such operations are also presented to the trader on various trading platforms. They are then expressed in graphs and signals that can give you hints about trading.

However, the bot relieves you of the analysis work. Its many calculations decide whether a buy or sell order should be placed and when. Depending on the Bitcoin robot, different measures are used, and various functions are taken into account.

In a way, it is the trade secret of Bitcoin bot providers how exactly they make their decisions. So it can also be that, depending on the offer, very different currency pairs are used.

Bitcoin Robot vs Trading Robot

At first glance, it may not immediately reveal where the differences between a trading robot and a Bitcoin bot should lie. After all, the two types of platforms are very close to each other, were we to go only by name.

But if you deal a little with the subject of trading robots, you will notice one or the other difference. Moreover, with your own trading robot experience, you will undoubtedly gain further insights into this form of investment.

Bitcoin bots are also trading robots

Bitcoin Robots, as the name suggests, are primarily dedicated to the largest of all cryptocurrencies.

So anyone who deals explicitly with Bitcoin to capitalise on the price developments will want to deal with providers such as the Bitcoin Code, Bitcoin Evolution or the Bitcoin Compass.

After testing these offers, we awarded them good ratings. Before you start trading Bitcoin, the prospective crypto trader should also read the first trading steps that the crypto scene has designed for beginners.

While a crypto bot is also a trading bot, a Bitcoin bot is also a crypto bot. Conversely, a Bitcoin robot is also a trading robot, but trading robot experience does not necessarily include cryptocurrencies.

Clear as mud? In the end, the division sounds more complicated than it is. After all, the terms are nothing more than umbrella terms of specific categories.

Trading Robot experiences


A crypto bot, also known as a trading robot, does not aim at just one asset.

There are providers such as ROinvesting who have dedicated themselves to a wide variety of assets (and also cryptocurrencies).

It is part of the basic idea of ​​such a general trading robot that the repertoire is composed of many different base values, such as raw materials , FIAT currencies or stocks.

Of course, it depends on the exact design of the trading robot platforms. But, in the vast majority of cases, the algorithms will use existing offers from brokers to be able to generate profits from derivatives ( CFDs ).

Real trading robot experiences will confront you with the said derivatives and want to create profits through buying and sell orders. In some cases, you will even be able to use a trading robot app for this.

The BTC Robot Trades

Usually, you will be able to observe in real-time which trades will ultimately be concluded. Apart from the default settings, you won’t be able to influence anything yourself. A variety of trading decisions can be made in a matter of moments.

Depending on the market and price situation, the robot will decide to buy or sell Bitcoin, only to take profits later by automatically making an opposite trading decision. Practice must, of course, show how successful such a concept can be.

In some cases, you will use the Bitcoin Robot account in a demo version to understand the function . Many providers also use this demo platform for marketing purposes and equip the offers with fictitious data, which automatically leads to profits in demo mode.

However, it is essential to emphasise that even the fastest and best BTC robot will never show a complete profit probability, i.e. a guarantee of returns.

They can only take over trading decisions from traders. However, as long as most of the trades concluded lead to success, one may forgive some losses.

Bitcoin Robot Scam or Fraud?


If you look at the trading results in your Bitcoin Robot account, you have to show a certain realism. If the market situation is favourable, you can make significant profits within a very short time. But, of course, this also depends on your own investment.

But the opposite can also be the case. For example, if the prices are currently unfavourable and the bot cannot react appropriately to surprising market changes, you can theoretically lose everything.

However, in most cases, you should be informed of such a risk by the relevant provider anyway.

Bitcoin Robot Rumors & Fake News

  • Africrypt Bitcoin scam

In some cases, you will get promises from the software developers on dubious sites that tell you that you will become a millionaire in a short time. But, of course, one can hardly believe such blatant boasts.

It makes more sense to rely on the minimum deposit and thus take the first steps in order to be able to make your own Bitcoin Robot experiences.

Bitcoin Robots at a glance

Good robots for an investment experiment

Bitcoin robots are only suitable for pure investment experiments. The use of a crypto robot is associated with a high risk of loss. The robots were tested at the time of the respective test. All statements are without guarantee. Particular caution is always required when using a Bitcoin robot.

  • Bitcoin Billionaire
  • BitcoinCircuit
  • Bitcoin code
  • BitcoinCompass
  • Bitcoin evolution
  • BitcoinFuture
  • Bitcoin loophole
  • Bitcoin Bank Breaker
  • Bitcoin Pro
  • BitcoinProfit
  • Bitcoin Revolution
  • Bitcoin superstar
  • Bitcoin Trader
  • Cannabis Millionaire
  • Crypto soft
  • Libra Profit System
  • Profit Revolution
  • QProfit system
  • The News Spy
  • Weed Millionaire
  • Zenbot
  • Crypto Comeback Pro

Fraudulent Bitcoin Robots

The following Bitcoin Robots are fraudulent websites. It is recommended not to use these robots as losses are inevitable. The reviews are for guidance only.

  • Investing in these scam robots should be avoided. 
  • 1k Daily Profit
  • 30k challenge
  • ACFX
  • AI Stock Profits
  • Algo Robotics
  • Automated Crypto System
  • Binary money machine
  • Binary Option Auto Trading
  • Binary Robot 365
  • Bit Bubble Tech
  • Bitclub
  • Bitcoin Blueprint
  • BitcoinBonanza
  • Bitcoin boom
  • Bitcoin Champion
  • Bitcoin Era
  • Bitcoin Formula
  • BitcoinFreedom
  • Bitcoin Generator
  • BitcoinHack
  • Bitcoin Hero
  • Bitcoin investor
  • Bitcoin Method
  • Bitcoin millionaire
  • Bitcoin miner
  • BitcoinMoney
  • Bitcoin News Trader
  • BitcoinRevival
  • Bitcoin Rush
  • Bitcoin Secret
  • Bitcoin Storm
  • Bitcoin system
  • Bitcoin trend
  • Bitcoin Up
  • BitcoinVictory
  • Bitcoin Wealth Club
  • Bitte
  • Immediate Bitcoin
  • Brit Method
  • BTC Prestige
  • Calloway software
  • Cannabis Craze
  • CannabisTrader
  • Cannabis wealth
  • Crypto Capital
  • CryptoCash
  • Crypto code
  • CryptoCrash Fortune
  • Crypto Edge System
  • CryptoGenius
  • Crypto GPS
  • CryptoKartal
  • Crypto Legacy Pro
  • CryptoMethod
  • Crypto Nation Pro
  • CryptoRevolt
  • Crypto Robot 365
  • CryptoShield
  • Cryptosystem
  • CryptoTrader
  • CryptoUnlocked
  • Crypto VIP Club
  • crypto exchange
  • CryptoGold
  • Cryptohopper
  • Cryptomatic
  • Cryptovolt
  • CryptoXoptions
  • Crypto Bank
  • Cybersecurity Profits
  • Digitroniq
  • Join Capital
  • Dubai Lifestyle App
  • Dubai Profit Now
  • Elite Trading Club
  • ETFinance
  • Ethereum Code
  • Fintech Ltd
  • Forex Robot
  • Verified trader
  • Green Tree Profit
  • Haasbot
  • I Bitcoin Genius
  • ICO Money Maker
  • Immediate Advantage
  • Immediate edge
  • Crypto wealth
  • Kryptonex
  • Libra Maximizer
  • Max your profit
  • Minerva Trading Bot
  • One Bitcoin A Day
  • Robot option
  • Profit Formula
  • Profitcoins
  • Quantum Code
  • Ripple Code
  • Robo Trader
  • STCode
  • Smart Simple Bot
  • Tesler app
  • USI Tech
  • Wealth matrix
  • Zemusoft
  • Olympus Market
Conclusion: the Bitcoin Robot and possible risks

Is Bitcoin Robot Scam or Not?

 Most platforms are likely to provide security advice and inform that such trading in highly speculative goods is taking place. So are there any risks? Without question. Is the Bitcoin Robot a scam? Probably not.

In any case, you should be informed by your BTC Robot provider that derivative financial products can also result in a total loss of the system. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are still risky.

In this respect, it is more important to ask yourself how much capital you actually want to invest in such an investment. Often you are well served with the minimum deposit.

Don’t invest too much money!

You should only have invested 5-10% of your own portfolio in such trades. The golden rule is to diversify your own wealth as much as possible. The smallest proportion of the investments should therefore apply to the high-risk investments.

On the other hand, this is where the highest profit opportunities are given. You still have to set up your backups. First and foremost, you can only use money that is available for such a trade.

Translated, this means that you can also cope with losses in your Bitcoin Robot account.

To us, it is clear that a BTC robot is an interesting matter that you can test out. However, the personal commitment should initially be kept low. Which Bitcoin Robot you ultimately place your trust in is entirely up to you. (We recommend our test winner Bitcoin Code).

Since the Bitcoin Robot account can be tried out for free in most cases, you can also make a personal comparison of the providers.  Lookout for fraudulent offers!



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Our recommendation: Trading at Investby

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