Bitcoin Trader experiences, tests and results for 2022

Mark Norgate
October 4, 2021
We recently dealt more intensively with the software to clarify whether the Bitcoin trader is reputable and to what extent the registration and trading can ensure positive Bitcoin trader experiences.

Our Bitcoin Trader test result: Bitcoin Trader is not a scam! The following test provides background information and explains the risks and practices of the crypto robot.

It is amazing what dimensions online trading with cryptocurrencies has now reached.

Until a few years ago, it was not even expected that independent crypto exchanges would emerge at some point.

In the meantime, our crypto robots and algorithms are even dedicated to this topic to produce the highest possible income.

Some of these bots are also available to traditional traders. The Bitcoin Trader is one of these offers.

We recently dealt more intensively with the software to clarify whether the Bitcoin trader is reputable and to what extent the registration and trading can ensure positive Bitcoin trader experiences.

Table of Contents

Bitcoin Trader pros and cons


  • High return opportunities
  • Payout always possible
  • Serious Bitcoin Robot
  • Demo mode available


  • Broker choice is not free

Bitcoin Trader Register – Our step-by-step guide


Step 1: Sign in

After taking in a first impression of the Bitcoin Trader site, you can go straight to the registration. The registration is carried out without any problems in just three steps, and the registration is quick and without any costs.

First of all, you will have to give your name and email address. Then, the password is selected by clicking on the “Next” button. This must contain at least six characters.

Finally, you choose your country, enter your telephone number, and click on the “Register now” button. It should take no more than 1 minute to complete all of these sign-in steps. Click here for registration.

Step 2: The deposit

If you have completed the registration, you will look directly into your account and the trading platform. The first deposit is then requested here. After that, you need at least € 250 to use the Bitcoin Trader.

Perhaps applying this exact minimum deposit amount is not a dumb idea at all. This is how you keep your own risk under control. For an experienced trader, € 250 should be affordable to get to know a new platform and thus determine whether the Bitcoin trader offers serious services.

Even a loss of the system should then be bearable as a lesson. Nevertheless, one would, of course, want to generate income. The best way to make a deposit is by credit card.

To do this, you enter your card number, choose the type of card, Visa, Mastercard or Maestro, and specify the validity period and the security code. The transaction is encrypted using the SSL method and is therefore secure.

Step 3: The trading

After the deposit has been made, you can finally let the bot do its job. The trader gives the starting shot himself by clicking on the corresponding button.

It should be easy to try out the offer through a Bitcoin Trader test before making the deposit. So you can take a look at the exact processes and find out what you have to do in the settings to activate trading.

The effort of the user, however, is minimal. This is exactly where the basic principle of a crypto robot lies.

All you have to do is enter a few basic conditions, such as the desired trading volume and stop-loss limits, and trading can be activated. It is definitely advisable to first use the demo mode that is offered. This avoids uncertainty when it comes to real trading.

It should always be noted with the various trading methods that sufficient basic knowledge is important for trading itself. Whether you are approaching stocks, binary options, or other investment goods, blind investments are never a good idea. But this should be common knowledge.

  • Extremely high return opportunities
  • Automated trading in milliseconds
  • Serious Bitcoin Robot
  • Free demo mode available
  • Fast payout possible at any time

Our Bitcoin Trader test & experiences


We did a Bitcoin Trader test, and our experience was very positive. However, many people wonder if the bitcoin trader is a scam or not? This question will now have to be subjected to our more detailed explanation. Especially when you talk about Bitcoin robots and trading software, it is not always clear how serious the various offers are.

The experience reports on the net seem to diverge widely. However, this is also because traders mainly make their opinions public when they are dissatisfied. Therefore, the bad air is less related to the respective broker or platform but more to the results achieved.

There is also undoubtedly a risk with the Bitcoin Trader. However, this is a general statement in the market for cryptocurrencies (and binary options).

Those who do not feel able to take such risks should keep their hands off the entire digital currency market. However, a visit to the platform should be interesting for all traders with a little more courage and perhaps the necessary change.

The retail trader ought to clarify the following: how the robot works, how the software is to be assessed, and very practically how one logs in here and then acts on the platform. In the end, the retail trader has a comprehensive insight into the functionality and seriousness of the Bitcoin trader.

Is the Bitcoin Trader serious or not?

Bitcoin Trader is a reputable Bitcoin robot and not a scam. The first Bitcoin Trader experience is made directly on the start page for the offer. First of all, it says, “Bitcoin makes people rich and you can become the next millionaire”.

Every trader should know that this can be theoretically possible and has happened in the past, but the risks must not be ignored. As an investor, it is always wise to exercise a little modesty anyway.

  • We have tested the robot. Our experience has been positive, and a return of 88% is possible
  • Bitcoin Trader is reputable and not a scam, but risks in auto trading remain
  • We reccommend a moderate investment of 250 euros
  • Test the software now via this link or read on to learn more about the bot

Moderate demands and trading without greed protect against excessive losses.

Those who keep their expectations low avoid disappointments. And that’s exactly how a successful model for the Bitcoin trader seems to have been found. Therefore, the information that is given on the site must be questioned with your assessments.

But you can also say that there is a very interesting concept behind bots like the Bitcoin Trader. Ultimately, the software takes over the trader’s job, which radically reduces the effort involved in trading for the user himself.

It is only necessary to define the appropriate settings on the basis of which the robot acts. However, as an investor, you can often face certain uncertainties when entering into a buy or sell order.

But if an algorithm automates the thing, then you can get rid of these uncertainties. After all, you do not influence at all on the calculations of the program.

Nevertheless, one must hope that the market conditions are favourable because even a program cannot influence the entire market. In individual cases, however, it can use the circumstances of the course to achieve positive results.

To us, it is clear that the platform is worth a Bitcoin Trader test. Of course, this does not mean that you should invest horrendous sums straight away, but that you should start calmly with smaller deposit amounts.

This is how the Bitcoin Trader app works


How exactly does the bot work? This question is being asked by more and more users who are discussing their own Bitcoin trader experiences in various forums. The program replaces the activities of the dealer.

So if you are registered and have already paid in your money, then you are not challenged any further at first. After all, the Bitcoin trader acts as an investor and executes buy and sell orders. The program makes use of course developments and statistics for this purpose.

The market data is scanned, and the algorithm ensures that purchases or sales are made at a supposedly favourable time.

Some testimonials on the Internet speak of true success stories. So a bot can work. Like a real trader, it speculates on prices and does so at an extraordinary rate.

A possible second trade often characterizes binary options, in particular. As an inexperienced investor, you might have some difficulties with this.

How can you finally decide whether the next course will jump up within a few moments and not in exactly the opposite direction? However, the bot makes use of the data mentioned to work with probabilities. 

Of course, one must not assume that these probabilities reach 100%. A guarantee of profits can therefore not be given.

This is not necessarily found out on the Bitcoin trader’s side, but every reasonable investor should know that none of the many forms of investment will be 100 per cent secure.

Nobody expects, of course, that every retailer can understand exactly how such a robot acts in detail. After all, this is also a kind of product secret of the developer that will be difficult to unravel in a Bitcoin Trader test.

The Bitcoin Trader demo account

If your first act is in test mode, you should be aware that the provider is aiming to explain the functionalities here. Therefore, the data used for this test in trading should not be taken at face value.

This is because they do not apply to the retail but are exemplary values. They may even be presented very positively in order to achieve a marketing effect.

Realistic results would undoubtedly be preferred here, but if you know that you shouldn’t pay any attention to the exact numbers but rather concentrate on the functions of the system, then you don’t run the risk of misunderstanding this Bitcoin Trader test mode.

In principle, the demo account indicates that the Bitcoin trader knows how to offer serious services. But, as always, it is important to act with caution.

Is the Bitcoin Trader a Scam?

Is the Bitcoin Trader a Scam? Of course, you can ask this question, and it is often discussed in various forums on the Internet. Our result is that the Bitcoin Trader is not a scam.

Suppose you deal with such a Bitcoin Trader test, experiences and reports yourself. In that case, you should also take into account that traders who were not lucky and successful with their trades will probably mainly express their negative opinion.

Something similar was reported in the Bitcoin Era Review. However, when analyzing the experiences, one should know that this does not reveal an overall representative picture. It is not that easy to come up with a neutral picture.

Few users seem to have dealt with the basic principles of the Bitcoin trader. In this respect, you are well-advised to dare your test. Normally visiting the website and registering are free of charge anyway.

How to keep the high risk at bay with Bitcoin Trader experiences!

Only when you want to have real trades executed will you have to deposit real money. Choosing the minimum deposit amount may be just the right idea. You should still have 250 € in your pocket.

And so you can quickly find out for yourself how this system will develop. It seems quite possible that great profits can result, even if it seems a bit over the top, that you will become a millionaire in no time.

How to invest successfully with Bitcoin Trader


  • Invest only expendable money
  • Do not exceed the deposit amount of 250 euros
  • Use alternative email addresses and telephone numbers when submitting sensitive data!
  • Do not make any additional payments, even if you are asked to do so.
  • Keep track of your results
  • Request withdrawals on time

So is the Bitcoin Trader a scam or a scam? First of all, some indications speak precisely against it. Be it the availability of demo trading or other information found during regular use of the platform; you won’t notice much fraud when using the software.

Of course, the provider cannot give a guarantee of earnings. Even with brokers and stock exchanges, you cannot be promised that you will earn safe profits. This is also to be observed at all times in general trading.

Conclusion – Bitcoin Trader Fake?

For serious traders, the Bitcoin Trader should be a welcome gimmick that is equipped with lower investments. This is exactly what the software seems to be suitable for.

All control over trades is passed on to the algorithm, taking into account some framework conditions. Even if you do not necessarily have to pay attention to the many sensational advertisements on the homepage of the offer, a visit to the platform itself is worthwhile.

It’s much more serious here, and you don’t have to adjust to advertising banners anymore. Rather, the focus is on trading Bitcoin. The technology is undoubtedly still in its infancy.

Only time will show how the Bitcoin trader’s crypto robot can develop and whether it can improve the general earnings prospects.

The minimum deposit amount of 250 € seems suitable for an entry into this type of investment. In addition, a Bitcoin Profit test is always possible.



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Bitcoin Trader is a Bitcoin Robot, just like Bitcoin Revolution. He promises the trader to take over the trading decisions. With the help of automated processes, profits should be generated with little effort.

As the name suggests, crypto robots specialize in crypto currencies. They use the assets in the digital currency market and try to capitalize on changes in exchange rates.

Such platforms use speculative financial products. With the help of CFDs, the investor does not need a wallet and can bet on changes in the Bitcoin price.

The clear answer is: No! On the contrary, investing in Bitcoin Trader exposes your capital to a risk that should not be underestimated.

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