Bitcoin Up review: a serious offer or a scam?

October 11, 2021
We asked ourselves whether Bitcoin Up works seriously, whether Bitcoin Up is a fraud and how much money you can make with an investment of 250 €. We have summarised all of our experiences and Bitcoin Up Test findings here.
Bitcoin Up review: a serious offer or a scam?

If you want to make high profits by trading in cryptocurrencies, you sometimes need a little support – for example, from Bitcoin Up.

Bitcoin, in particular, can change its value by several hundred or even thousands of euros within a few hours. It is often difficult for an average person to speculate with cryptocurrency to keep track of all the information.

For such cases, so-called automatic trading software has been around for some time, which can handle trading fully automatically.

This trading robot is one of many currently on the market but one of the most famous!

Such an automatic trading software is also behind Bitcoin Up.

We asked ourselves whether Bitcoin Up works seriously, whether Bitcoin Up is a fraud and how much money you can make with an investment of 250 €. We have summarised all of our experiences and Bitcoin Up Test findings here.

  • Promised 88% return
  • € 250 min deposit
  • Accepts credit card

Trading is risky. In no case should you pay in more than the sum recommended by us, not even when prompted.

Advantages and disadvantages of Bitcoin Up at a glance

  • Fully automated trading
  • high chances of winning
  • Withdrawals possible once an hour
  • free registration
  • serious offer
  • No free broker selection
  • No app yet


Table of Contents

What is Bitcoin Up?


Bitcoin Up is a so-called trading robot that automatically calculates the most likely price development of Bitcoin based on algorithms.

As the name suggests, Bitcoin Up can only trade Bitcoin, which is the most exciting coin for profitable speculations due to its high volatility.

With the help of automated software, the Bitcoin Up Robot tries to predict the future course as precisely as possible and act accordingly.

Once a specific amount is paid, acts of Bot automatically thus is time minimal and the profits maximum. In addition, one avoids human impulsive actions, which often lead to wrong decisions and losses.

How Bitcoin Up works

Trading robots, in general, act fully autonomously after the necessary initial deposit has been made and from that moment constantly monitor the price, as well as current news and headlines on the relevant topic.

In the case of Bitcoin Up, there is only  Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Up also uses past data and information about current market events to precisely calculate the future Bitcoin rate.

Depending on these calculations, Bitcoin Up either triggers a sell or buy order. The Bot works around the clock and acts fully automatically depending on the individual setting.

According to the operator, the crypto bot is about 0.01 seconds ahead of the market. Of course, this assertion must be viewed critically since even the best software cannot predict the future.

However, it is possible to make the right decisions more than likely for a human Bitcoin trader!

Bitcoin Up account opening in 3 steps

When you visit the Bitcoin Up website, the first thing you notice is the prominently placed headline, which promises a practical path to great wealth.

Immediately below, a video is faded in which many celebrities express their interest and curiosity about Bitcoin. Bitcoin is being touted as an innovative new currency that needs to be managed by a central bank.

So Bitcoin Up is the opportunity to get rich with digital currency finally.

On the right side of the website, there is a form in which you will enter your name and contact information to create a free Bitcoin Up account.

In addition to a few other security statements, we come across a possible daily profit margin of 1200 € for the first time!

Bitcoin Up Register – Our step-by-step guide


With our Bitcoin Up test, we completed the registration within a few minutes and immediately gave the Bot the start signal with the deposit of € 250!

Step 1: Register with Bitcoin Up

First, all you have to do is fill out and send the registration form in the upper area of ​​the website. For this, the Trading Robot needs:

  • First and Last Name
  • Valid Email Address
  • password
  • correct phone number

The telephone number is significant here, as the final verification takes place by calling a customer manager.

Step 2: Pay in the starting amount

After the registration form has been filled in, a payment form will appear in the next step.

Here one can select with what amount Bitcoin up to start – we have for our Bitcoin Up test an amount of 250 €. This is a standard amount often used as a minimum deposit for Bitcoin Robots, and € 250 is also recommended for Bitcoin Era, Bitcoin Superstar or Bitcoin Profit.

The deposit can be made via PayPal, credit card or traditionally by bank transfer.

Step 3: Start fully automated Bitcoin trading.

As soon as the balance has been received and confirmed on the account, there is only one step left to start trading.

A unique feature of our Bitcoin Up experience is the personal call from a customer manager after the registration and payment have been made.

The last instructions are transmitted here, and the Bitcoin Robot can be individually set after the short phone call.

In addition to the desired amount that the Bot should manage, the expected risk can also be set, and the system switched to active.

Trading results, profit development and also the possibility to stop trading can be found on the website.

The Bitcoin Up experience


On your website, winnings from people are shown in regular succession and convey to what extent these are real winnings, and unfortunately, we cannot say about real people.

On the Internet, you can find some experience reports on Bitcoin Up, but they differ widely in their evaluation, as with most offers about money, some are happy while others blame the platform for the loss.

Despite the enormous popularity, Bitcoin Up is still a very young provider, which is why all reviews should be viewed with a certain degree of caution, as it cannot be ruled out that these are targeted marketing measures by the operator.

Accordingly, some reviews question that Bitcoin Up is serious. However, others again describe overwhelming Bitcoin Up experiences.


Is Bitcoin Up legitimate or a scam?

With the very high number of Bitcoin Robots, it is difficult to distinguish between a severe offer or fraud.

Unfortunately, there are always black sheep that endanger the entire reputation of the industry and contribute to a general distrust of automated bots.

However, we answer the question of whether Bitcoin Up is serious with a clear YES!

In general, it is still worth researching with every provider of Bitcoin Robots beforehand to protect yourself against fraud.

Some examples that speak against a Bitcoin Up fraud in our review are:

  • The Bitcoin Up website makes a deep impression, and the procedure for the user is clearly explained
  • The use and functionality of Bitcoin Up is clearly defined on the website
  • With secure 128-bit encryption of the service, the personal data of the user is secured
  • You will find the required cookie notice and information that Bitcoin Up can not guarantee winnings in the footer.
  • We consider the times of  20 minutes per day to be realistic, provided the Bot is set correctly
  • The profit promises of  1200 €  are, however, a little too high.
Is Bitcoin Up legal to use?

The question often arises whether the use of automated and algorithm-based Bitcoin bots is even legal.

Here, too, we can answer with a resounding  YESBitcoin up is entirely legal!

In general, there is nothing against the use of automated trading systems for cryptocurrencies or classic investments. The majority of today’s trading activities are currently based on fully automated systems.

Our conclusion & Bitcoin Up test result

Based on our Bitcoin Up experience, we can make a recommendation for the Bitcoin Bot.

Our deposit of € 250 generated a respectable € 867 within a few days without our having to intervene actively! We were then able to transfer the money to our account without any problems.

Bitcoin Up and other reputable Bitcoin robots are enjoying growing popularity. The software is completely emotionless and fact-based and does not allow itself to be upset by ambiguous or lurid headlines that have nothing to do with reality.

We can also answer the questions of whether Bitcoin Up is reputable based on our winnings. Although no € 1200 was generated from our deposit, our sum is quite considerable for the low effort.

Bitcoin Up fraud exists, but it has nothing to do with the actual provider and only tries to enrich itself with the well-known name.

If you want to test the well-known Bitcoin Robot, you can orientate yourself on our Bitcoin Up experiences and look forward to high profits with little effort and money.


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Our recommendation: Trading at Investby

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Our recommendation: Trading at PrimeFin

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Bitcoin Up is an automatic trading software that constantly monitors the market and uses analyzes to make profitable investments.

Deposits can be made with PayPal, credit card or bank transfer.

Yes! Opening an account with bitcoin Up is free.

No, so far there is no official Bitcoin Up app

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