Cryptosoft experiences and results 2022

October 14, 2021
Crypto soft experiences and results 2021

Our test result: No fraud! Crypto soft is not a scam, but beware of excessive deposits!

In the following review, you will learn everything you need to know about the risks and practices of the crypto robot.

A highly modern form of investing in digital currencies can be found via a so-called crypto trader. In the meantime, there are quite a few offers of this kind in the industry.

It is not that easy to maintain an overview, especially not for newcomers to trading with digital coins.

We have, therefore, once committed itself to the Bitcoin Robot Cryptosoft. Therefore, we have summarized the various components, functions and options of the software on this page.

Only after reading the following Cryptosoft test should users even think about logging in.

It should be clear to every investor that there are risks. In this context, one does not have to speak of a Cryptosoft rip-off. Everything else can be found in the following report.

Table of Contents

Crypto soft pros and cons
  • Automated trading
  • High return opportunities
  • Payment is possible once an hour
  • Registration free of charge
  • Serious Bitcoin Robot
  • Demo account available
  • Choice of brokers is not free
  • No mobile app
  • No regulation


What is Crypto soft?

Crypto soft is an automatic trading software that is intended for crypto investors. The offer is available internationally but not officially regulated. Profits are promised on the website, but it is not known who invented the trading platform.

Is Cryptosoft serious or not – the verdict!

  • We have tested the robot. The confirmed success rate of 88%
  • Crypto soft is not a scam, but auto trading risks remain
  • We reccommend a moderate investment of 250 euros
  • Test the software now via this link or read on to learn more about the bot

Whether you can reach a four-digit amount with low deposits, as is promised on the website, remains to be seen for the time being. After all, trading options, CFDs and other speculative products is, of course, associated with a certain amount of risk.

Conscientious traders will take this into account anyway and therefore set up their portfolio as broadly as possible and, for example, also use the services of licensed brokers and exchanges. In this respect, one can consider whether a small investment amount can also be used for a Cryptosoft test.

Cryptosoft Register – Our step-by-step guide


Step 1: Registration

You don’t even have to worry about the actual homepage of the offer. In any case, the registration form is shown right in front of your eyes. In addition, a video is running in the background where traders talk about their Cryptosoft experiences.

However, it is hardly surprising that you will get purely positive impressions of the offer since you naturally try to convince different customers of your software with various marketing measures.

Other corporations in entirely different industries do not do it any differently. In the registration form, you will have to enter your name and an email address. Then click on the button “Get started now”.

Immediately you will be redirected to select a password and enter a telephone number. Once this step has also been completed, you will finally be redirected to the trading platform. Registration is ready.

Step 2: The deposit

Anyone who has already been active with other crypto robots should come across a familiar picture. In this sense, the program’s user interface is similar to the existing bot alternatives.

You are greeted by a welcome screen, where you can either start trading directly or activate the test mode . If you want to get started right away, you will first have to make a deposit.

First of all, it is shown transparently which credit is currently available in the Cryptosoft account. You get precisely two deposit options, namely credit card and bank transfer .

Supported credit card providers are Mastercard and Visa. In the crypto market, there are also ways to get the coins with the help of PayPal. But for this you have to use other modes.

Step 3: Trading and Cryptosoft test in demo mode

If you press the button “Signals “, the program starts to work and close the first trades. After that, you can switch to the demo version at any time without any problems.

This is precisely what you get in your dashboard. Here it says in concrete terms: “Go to the demo version now “. If you click on the link, you will be given various explanations about the platform. In this respect, it will make sense to move around in the test first.

Different fields indicate the total profit, the total balance of the Cryptosoft account and the number of active trading accounts.

In addition, you get an explanation of what is hidden in the dashboard, namely your trading history, open orders, an overview of open orders and the link back to real trading. If you do not want to continue participating in the tutorial, click on the “End tour” button

Crypto soft experiences


In principle, a Bitcoin robot is an extremely attractive proposition, as a trader can have software take over many tasks. Moreover, you don’t even have to register with one of the many crypto exchanges for this. But on the Internet, one is repeatedly confronted with whether Cryptosoft is a scam or not.

Is Cryptosoft a scam or not? This is precisely what should be thoroughly examined in the following crypto robot test. When you visit the Cryptosoft website for the first time , you get different impressions.

On the one hand, you should be reminded a little of other crypto trading bots, such as the Bitcoin Trader or the Bitcoin Code account. But, on the other hand, many also expect serious services from Bitcoin Revolution.

Nevertheless, the website’s entire design is by no means as sensational as you might know it from other sites. So, first of all, this speaks in favour of this program. Nevertheless, the software on the site itself is also referred to as the money machine.

A pure investment experiment

However, our opinion is clear in this context. Nobody should be blinded, but ultimately every trader is responsible for what happens to his assets. In this context, you should initially ignore the marketing slogans, which you should also know from other crypto robots.

So it’s a good idea to go straight to the registration process and avoid annoying advertisements. However, the trading software itself is pretty attractive. Here you can then fully concentrate on the trades, which should ensure good Cryptosoft experiences.

It is even better than you can open a demo account immediately after the first registration and thus start with a Cryptosoft test in order to at least theoretically beat Bitcoin profit.

With various crypto robots, one often impression that the whole procedure is more like a game than serious trading. Again and again, you get a message on the website when another dealer has “won” something.

It is precise with this kind of looseness that this investment should be viewed. At this point, we reccommend a low initial investment in order to be able to familiarize yourself with the general principle.

Should you be able to achieve more significant income with the bot within a very short time, you can still consider whether you want to continue using the provider’s services.

Was Cryptosoft Lions Den a candidate?

One thing needs to be made very clear. If someone should argue that Cryptosoft’s Den of the Lions was a candidate, then that is indeed clear Cryptosoft fake news.

This nonsense shows in all certainty that someone has done the job of spreading supposed news that connects the bot with the TV show. Of course, one might suspect that this would result in a direct Cryptosoft rip-off.

In particular, Google is obliged to get rid of such advertisements. However, here some fake news operators are trying to capitalize on the interest of curious investors. So this is Cryptosoft Fake, which should not be investigated further.

Lies can be found consistently with regard to cryptocurrencies. Therefore, it is all the more important to only rely on official Cryptosoft reviews and tests . Furthermore, as mentioned several times in this article, it is also advisable to limit your own risks by limiting the investment amount ($ 250).

The wrong advertisements are to be avoided because this is the only way to achieve pleasant experiences.

This is how the Cryptosoft app works – fraud or not?


In all the discussions about the Cryptosoft experiences on the net, the function of the Bitcoin robot itself often falls short. Therefore, it is quite interesting to note how exactly such a program can work.

Of course, one must not assume that one will learn the exact approach of the program. After all, this is Cryptosoft’s business model, and so the developers understandably try to keep the secret of their software to themselves. Therefore, you don’t have to consider that a Cryptosoft fake.

However, you can still record what the program does. It imitates a real trader. And so it executes certain orders for him. First, however, the investor himself defines the relevant framework conditions.

So you don’t have to expose yourself to any arbitrary deals, but specify in your settings how the crypto robot should work. Only after you have given the go-ahead can you observe in real-time which exact orders are being executed.

Wins can never be guaranteed

The software will decide which currency to buy or sell in a particular currency pair depending on the market situation. Thus, the decision between selling and buying Bitcoin actually rests with the retailer. This is exactly where the attractiveness of the bot shows.

Since you can make profits from rising and falling prices, the program takes advantage of this. Of course, complex calculations that deal with financial functions have to be included here.

Otherwise, you will always find benchmarks and graphs in charts and statistics from stock exchanges and brokers that follow exactly the same approach. The Bitcoin robot saves you a personal analysis of the offer and can lean back when the software takes over the concrete decisions for the trader.

Even if this is a very smart technology, one should not assume that safe profits from it will be. The loss is possible at any time, as is the case with pretty much all assets in this category.

Is Cryptsoft a scam? The crypto robot in the test


First of all, € 1500 is made available, with which the crypto robot starts trading. In demo mode, too, it starts with a push of the button “Signals”.

Once this is hired, you will find that the first investments are made within a very short time. In the overview, you can see exactly which currency pair is being traded, whether there is a sell or buy order, the sum of the investment, and what price was bought or sold.

It is quite exciting to see how this automated trading works thanks to the algorithm. Even if you get 1500 € in the demo version, it makes more sense for the first registration to only deposit the minimum deposit amount of 250 $. You can have the individual investments made here to a large extent.

Is Cryptosoft reputable?

Is Cryptosoft a scam or not? The majority of the evidence suggests that Cryptosoft is working seriously and that there is no Cryptosoft rip-off. Of course, the advertising slogans on the homepage are quite high, but this is a well-known phenomenon in the market anyway.

Since you will also find a demo mode in your Cryptosoft account, it is quite unlikely that a Cryptosoft scam is present here. Furthermore, fraudsters would hardly allow the trader to test an offer first before a deposit has to be made. Thus, you can see that there is no Cryptosoft fake but that the software carries out independent trades.

Nevertheless, one must, of course, act with a certain degree of caution. Trading with an algorithm is speculative every time. In itself, the procedure works quite simply. You don’t have to expect a Cryptosoft app, but you can still use your smartphone or tablet to access the site from there.

After all, the platform is programmed so that it can also run on mobile devices. The security for deposits is also high, and you can find the SSL symbol, which considers the encryption of sensitive user data.

So Cryptosoft is a Bitcoin Robot that tries to make the results as good as possible. Even large banks like to use high-performance data centres to have trades executed in seconds.

You hope that faster computers will give you an advantage over the competition. But, thanks to the crypto robots, online currencies have also had a chance to use trading software to improve personal results. A test of the offer could therefore be worthwhile under certain circumstances.

Conclusion – Cryptosoft rating

What can you expect from the Bitcoin Robot? Is Cryptosoft legitimate, or is Cryptosoft fake? These are the questions many investors are likely to ask themselves who are dealing with the crypto bot for the first time. Incidentally, the same can be said about new providers such as Bitcoin Era.

Ultimately, the use of such trading software is always linked to your convictions. There are already many advocates as well as many critical voices who report a Cryptosoft fake. However, not all of them used the program themselves.

A personal test on the online platform or the Cryptosoft app (or the mobile website) can reveal to you which trading results are possible. Nevertheless, one should also make sure that the price and the general market environment are of decisive importance for the success of the orders.

Crypto markets in particular often show large fluctuations. Only those who act skillfully here can make a profit from it. In the end, it is up to you at what point in time you want to activate the signals. The personal results should then also be measured against this.

In the case of your Cryptosoft test,we reccommend a deposit with a low investment requirement. In this way, you will be able to quickly and easily what the crypto robot is capable of.


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Cryptosoft works on the principle of auto trading. Programs and algorithms take over the trading decisions here. The user only has to pay attention to the entry and exit times. However, the functionality of these robots has not been confirmed. Accordingly, the offer only works with an extremely high risk.

Providers like Cryptosoft now operate globally. But the origin of many of these Bitcoin robots is unclear. So you can only rely on experience reports. These differ widely. While some speak of an actual Cryptosoft fake, others claim it could generate profits. The platforms are usually not licensed, so there is no official regulation.v

Cryptosoft cannot be assigned to a specific company. A founder cannot be identified either. In this sense, the question of who can hardly be answered. The platform stands for itself and should therefore be viewed with a healthy amount of skepticism. If you have had any experience with the bot, please let us know your results in the comments.

Trading at Cryptosoft is high risk. There is no basic collateral. Everything is designed for automatic trading in cryptocurrencies. However, the provider does not have a license and is therefore not regulated. Traders are advised to only deposit a minimum amount and only if you do not really need this money.

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