Immediate Edge experiences, tests & results 2022

Mark Norgate
October 14, 2021
Immediate Edge experiences, tests & results 2021

Immediate Edge is an online trading robot that uses algorithms and technologies to facilitate automatic trading in the Forex and Cryptocurrency markets.

There is no information on who founded Immediate Edge and when on the platform’s website. As a result, it isn’t easy to provide details about the history of the service or software.

Similarly, it isn’t easy to gauge how effective the robot is in generating profits, as the Immediate Edge website has testimonials from people who have made vast sums of money almost overnight.

This Immediate Edge test will analyse and review such claims and test how effective the trading robot is. We check it for all functions so that you can decide whether the right platform offers them for you.

Table of Contents

Advantages and disadvantages of Immediate Edge at a glance
  • Fast payout process
  • No fees or commissions
  • Manual trading ability
  • Helpful 24/7 customer service
  • Accepts credit card deposits
  • The profit statements on the website are a bit over the top
  • There is a lack of data on the history and creation of the robot
Immediate Edge Sign Up – Our step-by-step guide


Since some visitors to our website ask us how to log into Immediate Edge, we want to give you step-by-step instructions here. So, by clicking on this link, you will get to the start page and bring to step 1.

Step 1: The Immediate Edge Registration

First, you need to log in, enter your email address, phone number, name and password.

Once you have applied for registration, a confirmation email will be sent to your inbox. The process is complete when you click the link in your email.

You do not need to submit any identification documents at the time of registration. However, please note that registration and access to the services of this robot are only possible if partner brokers offer services in your country.

Step 2: the demo mode

As soon as the registration and opening of a customer account have worked without any problems, the trading platform can be viewed in a demo mode.

This area can be used to test the programs and the trading robot. For this, you will receive a fictitious credit of 50,000 euros. Therefore, this area does not pose any financial risk for the user.

Step 3: deposit

After looking around extensively in demo mode, you can make your first deposit.

Immediate Edge allows credit cards from VISA and Mastercard, as well as bank transfers.

Compared to other brokers, the number of deposit options is very considerable.

The provider has a minimum deposit of 250 euros. With this sum, new dealers can get to know the market better and gain their first Immediate Edge experience without investing the entire savings.

But even experienced traders have the opportunity to put the platform through its paces with such a sum.

Step 4: Trading CFDs and FX

As soon as the money has finally reached the customer’s account, it is time to begin trading.

The Immediate Edge app has a unique feature here. Not only can you trade manually, but you can also use a trading robot for automatic trading.

This is a program that has been equipped with an algorithm. The mathematical formula allows the software to perceive the most negligible price fluctuations and to carry out several purchases and sales per minute.

However, using a robot is not a guarantee of profit.

As an investor, you still have to make a few settings. That desired asset, the deposit amount, and the maximum profit and loss must be determined in advance.

Only then can the program start working. After that, you can see all the transactions that have been made directly on the screen, and you have the option of taking the robot offline again at any time.

This is particularly recommended in the case of a long-term poor market situation. Unfortunately, the program does not recognise them and will continue to buy and sell. However, as soon as the market has recovered, the software can be left to do its job again.

However, those who prefer to keep the reins in their own hands can also trade independently via the trading platform.

What is Immediate Edge


Immediate Edge is an automated trading robot that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and algorithms to automatically trade cryptocurrency and forex trades with a wide variety of brokers. Essentially, the robot uses historical data to derive optimal entry and exit points for trades and then automatically places trades according to these calculations to maximise profits.

Immediate Edge also offers its users the option of manual trading. Any experienced trader can manually specify the exact conditions under which they wish to open and close trades. The robot will then carry out these instructions as soon as the requirements are met.

The trading robot monitors and scans the market around the clock and automatically places a trade when one of the conditions is triggered.

The Immediate Edge cryptocurrencies

Here are the selected largest cryptocurrencies at Immediate Edge.

Bitcoin CashBCH

Is Immediate Edge serious or a rip-off? – the judgment!


 Yes, Immediate Edge is serious. Secured Brokers has tested the robot, and success seems possible. So Immediate Edge is not a rip-off. However, there are still risks in auto trading.

So Immediate Edge is a legitimate robot. But users should still exercise caution when trading securities and cryptocurrencies.

Our research suggests that users of the robot are satisfied, and most of the users have benefited from the services of this robot. However, the website’s claims of massive profits with little to no effort seem implausible.

In addition, messages about endorsements from famous people related to Immediate Edge are likely entirely fake.

Even if you are a seasoned trader and want to use a sophisticated tool for trading, it is always best to do your research beforehand.

There is no guarantee of profit in the cryptocurrency market, and market fluctuations can often be huge.

How does Immediate Edgework

Immediate Edge is integrated with well-known cryptocurrency exchanges and brokers, with which the robot connects via an API.

After extracting data and selecting the trades you want, the robot sends trading signals to these platforms, buying or selling the specified amount of cryptocurrency.

While the website claims the robot has a 99% accuracy rate, this seems too good to be true to us. Some outside resources have experimented with forecasting an actual figure of 82%, but even that is difficult to verify. Overall, however, the users of the robot seem to be very satisfied with the accuracy rate.

Immediate Edge – The conclusion

Immediate Edge’s automatic trading robot makes several impressive statements about the effectiveness of its trading software and the success it has brought to its users.

However, we could not find any conclusive evidence to support these claims. It’s always a good idea to be sceptical of a service that tells you it is possible to make $ 1,000 a day with an investment of just $ 250 and no extra work.

However, experienced traders may find Immediate Edge’s valuable software as part of a broader trading strategy. For example, it is possible to program the robot to scan the market and only make specific trades.

By setting up the robot this way, a trader can ensure that their strategy works around the clock.

Any trader should never entirely rely on the robot to make a profit from trading cryptocurrencies. If you are new to cryptocurrency trading, it becomes all the more relevant. It is always good to have a variety of cryptocurrency investments to protect yourself from market volatility. This is especially true if you are thinking about leveraged trading, which experienced traders should only attempt.

It is mentioned again that Immediate Edge is not a scam, and there is the possibility of making a profit with the trading robot.


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Immediate Edge is a crypto robot designed to generate automatic profits. In trading, however, there is always risk to be expected. A total loss of the system must be expected under certain circumstances.

The robot is an investment experiment. There can never be any question of certain profits. Profits are possible but not guaranteed.

The Immediate Edge trading robot is not a scam. Only some of the statements on the Immediate Edge website about the size of the profits seem exaggerated.

No celebrity, not even Boris Becker, has really invested in the trading bot. Rumors of this kind persist, but the official side has consistently denied this.

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