Buy Bitcoin Futures 2022- Buy The Best Bitcoin Futures Cheap

October 1, 2021
How to buy Bitcoin Futures? What bitcoin futures are there? What are Bitcoin Futures? - Bitcoin Futures Statement
Buy Bitcoin Futures 2021- Buy The Best Bitcoin Futures Cheap

Bitcoin futures could be great for a quick return. Specifically, CME Bitcoin Futures could help you bet on the price of the digital token. With this financial product, you have the opportunity to benefit from rising, falling and stagnating exchange rates.

Futures are usually only traded by experienced traders. How to buy Bitcoin futures This article will clarify what exactly these Bitcoin futures are all about and what you have to pay attention to.

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What Are Bitcoin Futures? – Bitcoin Futures Statement

In this section, we want to deal with a wide variety of Bitcoin futures. In the following, both CME Bitcoin Futures and CBOE Bitcoin Futures are presented. We recommend trading through ETFinance in both cases.

CME Bitcoin Futures

In the following, we have listed three different CME Bitcoin Futures for you in a table when CME is the world’s largest derivatives exchange.

MBTMBTMBTMicro Bitcoin FuturesCMEEquitiesUS indexFutures22.73134.640
BTCBTCBTCBitcoin futuresCMEEquitiesUS indexFutures11,9228.507
BTCBTCBTCOptions on Bitcoin FuturesCMEEquitiesUS indexOptions401,314

Cboe Bitcoin Futures

Cboe offers a total of 180,000 different futures that can be traded. This is a European derivatives trader who is nowhere near as important as the CME exchange.


This is a UK exchange where you can trade Bitcoin Certificates. The focus here is on short terms and high leverage. This exchange is particularly suitable for speculators.

Where Can You Trade Bitcoin Futures?

Buy Bitcoin Futures

You can buy Bitcoin futures on many exchanges and a wide variety of brokers. Below we compare several different brokers. We recommend the online broker ETFinance if you want to trade Bitcoin futures. Our test winner offers its users very favourable conditions.

How To Trade Bitcoin Futures – Our Step-By-Step Instructions From The Test Winner ETFinance.

Step 1: Choose Broker

In principle, you can now buy Bitcoin futures on more and more exchanges. However, we recommend our test winner ETFinance for the purchase, as this results in excellent conditions. For this, you have to register first. In this step-by-step guide, we will guide you through this process.

Step 2: Registration

Please use our links to register. Then click on the green button on the platform with the label “Register now”. Fortunately, the registration process does not take longer than 1 to 2 minutes. To do this, you have to disclose personal data about yourself. This includes your salary, your trading experience and your risk tolerance.

The custody account is also free of charge. However, not every broker offers such conditions.

Step 3: Deposit

We can use various service providers for the deposit. Only paying out profits is chargeable and costs $ 5. In addition, you should note that there is a minimum volume of $ 200  that you must not go below when making a deposit.

In the following table, you can see which different payment options are included in the offer. After that, you can buy bitcoin futures like CME bitcoin futures.

Payment OptionPossible?
Buy Bitcoin Futures with a credit card✔️
Buy Bitcoin Futures with PayPal✔️
Buy Bitcoin Futures with Skrill✔️
Buy bitcoin futures with bank transfer✔️
Buy Bitcoin Futures with Neteller✔️
Buy Bitcoin Futures with UnionPay✔️

Step 4: Trade Bitcoin Futures

In the last step, you can now take action. You can either search for a Bitcoin Future in the search bar by entering the abbreviation “BTC” or search for a Bitcoin Future via the “Markets” category.

Note that there are no safe wins. Even if you are offered favourable conditions on ETFinance, you can still lose your money. So it would help if you were especially careful with high-risk investments like Bitcoin futures.

Only invest capital that you do not need. Bitcoin can now be traded in several ways. On the one hand, it is possible to invest in cryptocurrency directly by taking the token into your wallet or using leverage to complete a CFD trade.

This is almost the same as a derivative, and so you can buy a Bitcoin Future in this way.

Buy Bitcoin Futures Or Not? – Is it Worth it? Our analysis.

If you Bitcoin futures now buy or not? In this section, we compare the advantages and disadvantages to decide based on your situation.

  • Possibility to profit disproportionately from the Bitcoin course
  • Cheaper than buying the underlying asset
  • Opportunity to benefit from any market situation
  • Suitable for speculative investors
  • Extremely high risk
  • Complicated functionality

The advantages outweigh the disadvantages here only if you are a speculative investor. Bitcoin futures carry a certain risk potential. Be aware of that.

Bitcoin Futures Chart | Course History At A Glance

Here you have an overview of the Bitcoin futures price in real-time. It is a candlestick chart that is very popular with traders.

Bitcoin Future Live: Bitcoin Future Course

Buy Bitcoin Futures

This Bitcoin Future chart in real-time is the price of Bitcoin futures from May 2021st

Bitcoin Futures – Financials Overview 

Bitcoin Future Taxes 

A total of 25% tax is due on all capital gains. This is the capital gains tax. At the moment (2021), there is a debate about the introduction of further taxes. So the tax situation could change in the future.

Bitcoin Futures Trading Fees – How much does a futures contract cost?

Investing in Bitcoin futures is, of course, not possible without costs. In the following overview, we want to examine the costs of this financial product with three different brokers.

For the example with trading Bitcoin futures, the following requirements apply:

  • Bitcoin futures worth € 1,000 are bought
  • The Bitcoin futures are for one month sold
  • The course will not change during these 30 days

In this example, we compare the fees of Libertex, ETFinance & Plus500 :

Depositfor freefreefor free
Purchase fees€ 2.20free€ 2.54
Holding feesfor freefreefor free
Sales charges€ 2.20spreads€ 2.54
Total fees€ 4.40Reasonable € 5.08

Bitcoin Futures Leverage: Can You Trade Bitcoin Futures With Leverage?

Bitcoin futures, of course, also have leverage. Here the stake is multiplied without the money being deposited. If the price rises by 2%, your long future rises by a total of 8% with leverage of 4X. The same game works the other way around.

  • What is a Bitcoin Mini Future?

A mini future is a future for which there is no limited expiry time. The purchase price of the underlying is also divided between the issuer and the buyer.

Mini futures are different from traditional futures contracts and warrants. The issuer also determines the financing level, the stop loss and the subscription ratio.

Bitcoin Mini Future Short vs Bitcoin Mini Future Long

Buy Bitcoin Futures

With a Mini Future Short, you bet on falling prices of the underlying asset. A Bitcoin Mini Future Long, on the other hand, relies on rising prices.

Short futures, in particular, are considered risky. Therefore, traders use various day trading indicators to see whether they should buy the Bitcoin Mini Future as a short or long version.

What Is A Bitcoin Long Future? 

A Bitcoin Long Future is a futures contract in which you bet on the rising Bitcoin price. You can see that from the word “Long”. This tells you that you win money when the prices go up. However, if Bitcoin prices fall, you lose money.

Bitcoin Futures Trading At ETFinance – Why We Recommend Trading Bitcoin Futures At ETFinance

We, therefore, recommend trading futures on ETFinance, as the conditions offered are excellent. In addition to various analysis tools such as real-time prices and key figures, you have the option of using the CopyTrader.

This is a feature that allows your account to mimic the trades of experienced and professional investors automatically.

In this context, one also speaks of social trading. Inexperienced investors, in particular, can benefit from this. Furthermore, ETFinance also has a mobile app that works on iOS systems and Android systems. Here, you have the option of exercising all functions that you could also exercise with the web-based version.

Bitcoin Futures Experiences – Our Conclusion

Buy Bitcoin Futures

We have had very good experiences with  Bitcoin Futures, especially on ETFinance. This is due to the reduced costs, the live courses and the flexibility with the app. However, the Bitcoin futures themselves are so precarious that there have already been high returns and high losses.

It is actually a purely speculative investment. We recommend buying Bitcoin Futures only when you have money to spare that you don’t need. Always remember that this is a high-risk financial product.


Our recommendation: Trading at Investby

Our recommendation: Trading at Investby

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A Bitcoin Future is a futures contract that has Bitcoin as the underlying asset. It is a speculative investment.

The price of Bitcoin is crucial. You can benefit from falling, rising and stagnating prices if you could buy the right Bitcoin Future.

There are expiring Bitcoin futures with a fixed date and those without fixed dates. In the case of contracts with fixed dates, the date is set in advance.

Bitcoin futures can be traded on the stock exchange. We recommend the online broker ETFinance, as you get excellent conditions here.

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