Buy Chainlink with credit card, SEPA or PayPal – 2022 instructions

John James
October 2, 2021
How to Buy Chainlink. Pros and cons for buying Chainlink. What are the fees when buying Chainlink? Chainlink can usually be found under the abbreviation LNK or Link. Most platforms have a search field in which you can enter these abbreviations.
Buy Chainlink with credit card, SEPA or PayPal – 2021 instructions
When you buy Chainlink , you deal with a crypto currency that targets so-called smart contracts.

Finally, both Ethereum and Bitcoin are included in the Chainlink function.

This has placed Chainlink in eleventh place of all cryptocurrencies measured by market capitalization. All these properties naturally play a major role in the decision to buy Chainlink.

Interested sponsors are also likely to have started the partnership with the payment provider SWIFT with goodwill. After all, 11,000 banks worldwide are participating in this technology.

2019 should serve as an exemplary year for the potential of Chainlink. At the time, the coin saw a surge from $ 0.41 to $ 2.28 . Resourceful calculators will already have the percentage in mind: a whopping 550%.

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Chainlink brokers and exchanges in comparison

When buying Chainlink, it is not only the potential potential of the cryptocurrency that is decisive, but also the choice of a good provider.

For this purpose, we have summarized the most important information about Chainlink on this page and show you where trading with the popular digital coin works best.

Buy Chainlink for beginners in 3 steps

In order to be able to buy Chainlink, you first need an account with a broker or a crypto exchange . We recommend the CFD broker TradeATF at this point . Here you not only get the opportunity to buy the cryptocurrency directly, but also to use leverage or shorts using CFD positions.

tradeatf review

First step: Registration with a broker or a crypto exchange

The offer is characterized by a European license and thus ensures regulated CFD trading. Registration is therefore necessary in the first step. To do this, you first enter an e-mail address on the platform under the “Registration” button and choose a password .

In addition, the conditions for data processing and the general terms and conditions are confirmed and you can register. You will have to expect that you will also have to verify your data in the course of registration.

Second step: top up your account

the second step is to top up the account. Here you can easily fall back on the euro. Credit cards are available as payment methods , but also Sofortüberweisung, Skrill, Trustly, Neteller and other providers .

Third step: buy Chainlink

Now you are ready and can buy Chainlink . TradeATF offers the advantage that you can trade  both real crypto currencies and CFDs  – TradeATF combines the advantages of a broker and those of a  crypto exchange . More information on this type of trading can be found in our guide to CFD trading .

Incidentally, if you are not entirely convinced of the digital currency, you can also bet on a price decline with a short position.

Broker or stock exchange: where is the best place to buy Chainlink?

Buy Chainlink

Of course, with LINK Investment, you also have to answer the question of where you can best buy Chainlink. Should you stick to a broker with an EU license or should you prefer to use one of the various stock exchanges.

In the end, this depends on your own taste as well as on investment goals. If you want to make long-term investments that aim to ensure that Chainlink can fully establish itself as a crypto currency in the market, then stock exchanges should be the right choice.

With them you can actually purchase the tokens and save them in a wallet . With brokers, this is only possible to a limited extent. Many of the official offers with EU license only offer LNK as CFD positions.

On the one hand, significantly higher returns are possible here, as you don’t have to purchase the underlying asset first, on the other hand, the risks also increase blatantly.

If you want to benefit from volatile prices in the short term, want to use leverage or aim for short positions, you will find the right offer in the CFDs .

Another advantage here is that you don’t have to set up and manage a crypto wallet first.


Pros and cons for buying Chainlink

  • Exciting new cryptocurrency
  • Connects Bitcoin & Ethereum
  • Strong share price development in 2020
  • Smart contracts
  • Tradable as CFD or token
  • Highly speculative investment
  • Actual benefits can be questioned

What are the fees when buying Chainlink?

Buy Chainlink

The fees for buying Chainlink depend entirely on the provider you choose . A general statement on possible costs when buying a link is therefore hardly possible.

In individual cases, different fees are possible with the providers. From this point of view, it is therefore important to ensure that deposits and withdrawals are basically free of charge. Account management or a required wallet should also be included in the offer free of charge.

With these assumptions we now go through the fees of the largest providers:

Depositfor free3.99%for free
Purchase fees2.9%1.49%3.08% *
Holding feesfor freefor free0.05% *
Sales charges2.9%1.49%3.08% *
Payout5 USD$ 0.151.9%
Total fees€ 62.16€ 68.24€ 92.32

If we look at the recommended provider TradeATF, we see that all payment methods are actually possible free of charge.

In addition, transaction fees should be taken into account, which should be between 0.4% and 8% for crypto currencies . A spread, however, is not due. However, one must note that a rollover fee is charged for overnight positions.

Chainlink course: Important moments in the course of Chainlink

Chainlink was launched in 2015 , but it should take a while before the token was published. The ICO then took place on September 18, 2017. At that time, 32 million Link coins were distributed to the first investors. So the first set LNK rate was $ 0.195.

Back then, investors should get a 2600 link for just one Ether. This should be worthwhile if you take today’s Chainlink price as a comparison value. This is over twelve US dollars.

Unlike most crypto currencies was chainlink not carried away by the large price decline of 2017 and 2018 . The price increases only really took place in 2020. Those who invested on January 1st of this year were able to increase their deposits more than tenfold.

Buy Chainlink with or without a wallet?

The difference between CFD trades and buying real cryptic tokens has already been explained on this page. The question of the necessity of a wallet also falls in the same direction .

Again, reference must be made to the provider who is to be used. Our recommendation TradeATF, for example, enables trading without a link wallet .

After all, the tokens are only used as base values ​​for the CFD positions. This makes a wallet completely superfluous. There are also providers on the market, such as TradeATF , who have integrated a wallet directly into their platform.

So you don’t have to bother to switch to a mobile wallet, even if this option is definitely given.

Chainlink wallets, on the other hand, enable greater flexibility and greater independence . Coins can be given their own password and users keep the tokens even if a company should go bankrupt or simply go offline.

Buy Chainlink

Buy LNK – the conclusion

Chainlink is an extremely interesting cryptocurrency that has positioned itself as the link between Ethereum and Bitcoin . Especially in times of the corona crisis, such a digital platform has been created that is evidently being well received.

This pushed the LNK course to unimagined heights within a few months . Only time will tell whether further highs can be tackled in the future. But we are quite optimistic in this regard.

For short-term investments, the offer from TradeATF that Chainlink has in its program is primarily worthwhile.


Our recommendation: Trading at Investby

Our recommendation: Trading at Investby

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  • It provides a dedicated account manager
  • Receive customised investment news
  • Trade with a variety of assets
  • There’s no deposit limit
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Our recommendation: Trading at PrimeFin

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Simply follow our instructions for buying a Chainlink on this page. After registering, all you need to do is make a deposit and CFD positions can be opened on the purchase or sale of Link.

A broker does the trading for you and is often characterized in the crypto world by the fact that it involves CFDs. Exchanges enable the exchange of digital currencies between the individual traders and often require a wallet.

A prognosis is always difficult and is like looking into a crystal ball. However, a quick look into the past could help. In this way, LNK has blossomed into an established provider in the crypto sector within a few years and has been able to steadily increase its prices.

In individual cases this is quite possible, but it should not necessarily be assumed. Contact the manufacturer or provider of the wallet or simply open an account with TradeATF

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