Buy Ethereum Guide 2022: How & Where Can You Buy And Sell Ethereum Cheaply?

Mark Norgate
October 5, 2021
Buy Ethereum: What should you look out for to buy Ethereum cheaply & safely? Where is the best place to buy Ethereum? Do you want to hold Ethereum or speculate on the course?
Buy Ethereum Guide 2021 How & Where Can You Buy And Sell Ethereum Cheaply
How & Where Can You buy And Sell Ethereum Cheaply?

Ethereum is often referred to as the number 2 of all cryptocurrencies. The blockchain and decentralised networks are also used here.

The system primarily deals with so-called smart contracts, i.e. contracts that conclude themselves. For example, Secured Brokers once examined how you can buy Ethereum quickly and easily.

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Buy Ethereum: What Should You Look Out For To Buy Ethereum Cheaply & Safely?

There are several ways to buy Ethereum. However, you should pay special attention to the following things when purchasing Ethereum:

  • Where is the best place to buy Ethereum? Ethereum is one of the largest cryptocurrencies around. Accordingly, you only have to go to a crypto exchange or broker, and you can start trading or buying from here. We have already examined the best offers and therefore recommend our test winner Roinvesting.
  • Do you want to hold Ethereum or speculate on the course? That depends on your strategy. Hold denotes the keeping of tokens. So you store the coins in a wallet and wait to see how the prices develop. Again and again, Holder assumes that one day you will be able to use digital currencies. Even then, of course, you are happy to have the coins at your disposal. However, if you are aiming for quick money, you will try speculation.
  • How does an Ethereum wallet work? The ETH wallet serves as a significant management point for cryptocurrency. From here, you can send or receive the tokens. It means that you also receive your address via Ethereum wallet, which is used from now on for all transactions. Users should remember that they will lose access to the digital wallet if they lose their password. The Roinvesting wallet, which is connected to the regular account, works somewhat safely.
  • Is it worth investing in Ethereum? Ethereum is one of the most promising coins in 2021. Advocates praise the price prospects on the one hand and the benefits provided by the smart contracts of the ETH blockchain on the other. In contrast to Bitcoin, the Ethereum network provides significantly more practical use cases. This could also contribute to a successful investment.

Where to buy Ethereum cheaply? Our broker and exchange comparison – buy Ethereum with the lowest fees.

How Do I Buy Ethereum In South Africa? Buy Ethereum Guide For Beginners With Roinvesting?

We now show how to buy Ethereum easily. We use Roinvesting for this, as you can buy real cryptocurrencies and CFDs here – Roinvesting combines the advantages of a broker and a crypto exchange.
Buy Ethereum Guide 1

First step: Register with Reinvesting

First, we have to register with Roinvesting. Then, we click on the link to register for Roinvesting:

In the registration form, we enter username, email and password and accept the terms and conditions:

We then receive an email for verification in which we click on the link to confirm our account.

Second Step: Top Up Your Account

In the next step, we have to make our deposit to buy Ethereum. To do this, we click on the “Deposit money” button at Roinvesting:

Then we select the amount and the method of payment with which we would like to deposit, and then click on the “Send” button to deposit the amount.

Buy Ethereum With PayPal And More.

In our example, we show the purchase with a credit card. However, Roinvesting also offers other deposit options :

Payment optionPossible?
Buy Ethereum with a credit card✔️
Buy Ethereum with PayPal✔️
Buy Ethereum with Rapid Transfer✔️
Buy Ethereum with Skrill✔️
Buy Ethereum with bank transfer✔️
Buy Ethereum with Neteller✔️
Buy Ethereum with UnionPay✔️

Third Step: Buy Ethereum Online With South African Rand

As soon as we have funded our account, we can buy Ethereum. To do this, we click in the search field above and enter “Ethereum” there.

Then we click on the “Trade” button:

The purchase window then opens:

  1. Buy or sell: In our case, we have to select “Buy.”
  2. Trade or orders: Here, we can choose whether to execute the trade immediately (trade) or with a delay (order).
  3. Amount: How much Ethereum do we want to buy
  4. Stop Loss and Take Profit: At what loss or profit our position should be automatically sold.
  5. Leverage: With what leverage do we want to buy Ethereum. With lever X1, we buy real Ethereum. With lever X2, we buy leveraged Ethereum CFDs.

After configuring all options, we click on the “Open Trade” button to complete the purchase.

The purchase of Ethereum is complete!

Buy Ethereum At Coinbase, Binance, Bison & Comdirect – Why We Recommend Roinvesting As An Alternative.

For the purchase of Ethereum, you can claim a wide variety of offers. Let’s take a look at the most essential and popular providers.

The security standards are high, and everything else is effortless to use. However, some things bother us in and Ethereum. For example, you can buy ETH but hardly any other cryptocurrencies. So only a limited crypto portfolio can be set up.

If you want to get your coins quickly, you can only deposit with the help of Fidor Bank. So we would have liked a little more independence.


Coinbase is a US provider. The crypto exchange was pretty much the first of its kind and is considered a real industry veteran. Ethereum and many other tokens are also available here.

The presentation is modern, and usability is given, even for beginners. We are only bothered by the fee structure, which is particularly significant for credit card payments.


Binance is the largest crypto exchange. So if you want to have a large selection, then you’ve come to the right place. Meanwhile, the Binance Coin also can be traded as a medium of exchange itself. This applies under the abbreviation BNB.

You shouldn’t forget that you are not dealing with any EU-regulated offer with all the positive news. So you only trust a Chinese provider who is behind the platform.

In addition, the application is limited to the deposit by transfer.

What Is Ethereum?

Ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrency of our time. In contrast to Bitcoin, the ETH blockchain is designed for applications. For example, developers can place so-called intelligent contracts in the network.

These intelligent contracts enable users to carry out certain transactions fully automatically. In addition, the agreement confirms all data and thus also provides a certain level of security.

The so-called dApps are also noteworthy. They can take on a wide variety of shapes and colours and be compared to the applications in the Google Play Store, for example.

There are, for example, kitten trading cards; they are also valuable applications that are causing a sensation, especially in the financial sector. DeFi is the magic word here, which we covered in a separate DeFi article.

So we can close the question “what is Ethereum” and refer to the other sources.

Should You Buy Ethereum Or Not? Our Reasons For Buying!

Should I buy ETH or not? First of all: the good thing is that you can benefit from falling as well as rising prices. Nevertheless, it is important to act smartly and wisely to generate returns instead of looking at the red.

Of course, there is no general recipe for success. The trader himself is challenged and should deal with his claims, ideas, and convictions to make conscientious trading decisions. So should Ether be brought into the portfolio as a long-term investment, or is the trader planning daily deals?

Does It Make Sense To Invest In Ethereum?

There are undoubtedly good reasons to invest in Ethereum. For the secured broker, the coin is one of the most promising cryptocurrencies. However, guarantees can never be given in the volatile crypto market, so an investment remains highly speculative.

But if the positive forecasts in the industry are correct, past daily highs are likely to be reached again in the future, which could enable unimagined return opportunities.

Let’s take a look at the most exciting cryptocurrencies as an Ethereum alternative.

Buy Bitcoin Now

Bitcoin is, of course, the prominent market leader in cryptocurrencies. Digital currency is now regarded as a suitable means of storing value and is often referred to as digital gold.

Buy Cardano Now

Cardano is something like the big Ethereum competitor. The development team is working hard to set up their own blockchain, which is also suitable for smart contracts. The transactions should be significantly cheaper than at ETH.

Buy IOTA Now

How about a successful cryptocurrency from South Africa? Here is IOTA, which always knows how to shine with excellent partnerships. Fujitsu, Dell, Intel, the list of those interested in the industry reads impressively.

Buy Ripple XRP Now

Ripple is undoubtedly popular but is now considered the industry’s problem child due to disputes with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Nevertheless, this is realising where there could be potential, even if Ripple may have to move away from the USA.

Buy Classic Stocks Now

Ethereum is not a safe asset either. Significantly more stability can be expected from regular stocks. We have summarised the most exciting securities.


Buy Or Sell Ethereum? Our Advantages And Disadvantages Analysis

There are a few reasons to buy Ethereum. However, at this point, we do not want to forget the criticisms that speak out against an investment.

Nevertheless: the opinion of the secured broker editors is clear. Ethereum is and will remain one of the most attractive cryptocurrencies on the market. On the one hand, this is because it is much more established than many other coins.

The blockchain is used extensively for DApps and smart contracts. Hardly any other digital currency can offer such benefits. In this respect, Ethereum scores particularly well in the area of ​​decentralized finance (DeFI).

Should the applications establish themselves in the long term, the entire network will reveal a large user base, which should help the value of the blockchain itself to increase further.

  • 2. largest cryptocurrency
  • DeFi hype could explode Ethereum
  • Realistic application scenario with a potentially huge target group
  • Support from experienced founders such as Vitalik Buterin
  • Ethereum is still severely undervalued compared to Bitcoin
  • Lack of regulation of cryptocurrencies
  • General risk of investments in cryptocurrencies

However, of course, the downside must not be forgotten. In general, cryptocurrencies are still largely unregulated. As a result, legislators only react gradually and create regulations but also limits.

The process can even go so far that central bank currencies find their way into the market one day. It remains to be seen whether this will also have negative consequences for Ethereum. In any case, the question of regulation is a risk factor.

If you also look at the price development of all digital currencies, one thing can be determined: volatility determines what happens. So anyone who is here must also expect that there will soon be an enormous price decline very quickly.

What the exact future will bring can not, of course, be foreseen. Nevertheless, Ethereum is currently still purely an object of speculation.

Ethereum Trading – Should You Hold Ethereum Long-Term or Trade Short-Term?

How do you best approach an investment? Of course, investors would do well first to be clear about their own investment goals.

This also results in a strategy responsible for whether the investment is designed for the long term or the short term.

Anyone who has already had various experiences in trading can consider focusing on short-term trades. With them, you can benefit from both rising and falling prices.

So if you are pursuing a short-term strategy, so-called CFDs could be of interest, which we will describe in more detail in the course of this article.

Do you rather believe in the long-term success of Ethereum, and would you like to be a part of it? Then, of course, a slightly slower strategy is to be preferred. Under certain circumstances, you can count yourself among the so-called holders.

This refers to investors who buy Ethereum and then leave the coins in the wallet. Only after a few months or even years should they either produce a real benefit or be sold again with a lot of profit.

In the end, of course, this will only be successful if Ethereum can prevail over the significant competition.

Fees When Buying Ethereum

Let’s take the following example to compare the fees when buying Ethereum:

  • We buy Ethereum for € 1,000
  • We keep our Ethereum for 30 days and then sell it again
  • We assume that the course will not change in the next 30 days.

The following fees are composed for Roinvesting, Coinbase and Plus500:

DepositFree3.99%for free
Purchase feesFree1.49%3.08% *
Holding feesFreefor free0.05% *
Sales chargesSpreads1.49%3.08% *
PayoutFree$ 0.151.9%
Total feesReasonable€ 68.24€ 92.32

What Are Ethereum CFDs (Certificates)?

There are always references to so-called CFDs, especially on pages like these, which show full instructions for an Ethereum system.

With our test winner Roinvesting, you can also trade Ethereum using so-called Contracts of Difference. But before you start indiscriminately, it should be said that this is a financial product for advanced investors.

The trader does not acquire an Ethereum token himself, but only an option to buy or sell the coin. This financial product costs a certain amount but has the advantage that you do not have to raise a dry sum to start the investment.

As a result, potentially significantly higher returns are possible. At the same time, however, the risks also increase. Our introduced broker Roinvesting allows its customers to buy real Ethereum Coins and trade the cryptocurrency via CFDs.

So you can either store the coins in the integrated wallet or actively trade and even take short positions without ever having the digital currency in possession.

Recently, various providers have also been offering certain crypto certificates or Ethereum certificates. The offer is still limited here, however, and is often based primarily on Bitcoin.

Are you interested in the topic in more detail? Then we recommend that you take a look at our article: Learning CFDs to trade.

Buy Ethereum As CFD Or Real Cryptocurrency?

We have already described that you should first set your personal investment goals before investing. You are welcome to click again on the section on long-term or short-term investments.

Nevertheless, we want to look at whether an ETH CFD or a real cryptocurrency makes more sense.

A CFD trader has the advantage of not having to pay an Ethereum token to speculate on the price. However, in the meantime, you have to pay a decent sum to be able to call even one coin of the cryptocurrency your own.

This starting amount is not necessary with a CFD. After all, you don’t even buy the coin at all. In this respect, this asset is particularly suitable for price-oriented investors who are not too bad to trade more often and take shorter trading intervals into account.

But: the longer a CFD position is open, the more expensive it becomes. Finally, overnight fees also had to be expected.

Nevertheless, we especially recommend beginners to buy Ethereum themselves. Even if you are wrong with your investment decision, you have given a residual value, which is not the case with a CFD paper. Here it means either a good return or a total loss.

You should also use cryptocurrency for long-term positions. It can then simply be stowed in the wallet, and it is safely stored. Just don’t forget your password.

Buying Ethereum Stocks: Another Way To Invest In Ethereum

Have you heard of Ethereum stocks? They enable investment in the cryptocurrency without having to purchase the tokens yourself or realising risky CFDs.

You have to know which companies deal with cryptocurrencies. One can also speculate that companies that have mainly dealt with Bitcoin will also incorporate Ethereum in the future.

Exciting Ethereum stocks are, for example, PayPal, MicroStrategy or Blackrock. In addition, the crypto exchange Coinbase is currently also working on an IPO, which could make a new Ethereum share possible.

Buy Paypal Stock Now.

PayPal kicked off a veritable wave of crypto purchases when the payment giant announced it was adding cryptocurrencies to its app. If the offer is also used, PayPal as an Ethereum share will be able to benefit.

Buy Software Stocks Now.

The software expert MicroStrategy is one of the early adopters of cryptocurrencies. Ethereum is one of them. In any case, the software can be easily combined with the ETH smart contract blockchain.

Blackrock Share

Blackrock is one of the largest asset managers in the world. The investment company recently announced its intention to invest in cryptocurrencies. Ethereum should therefore also belong to the portfolio.

Ethereum Course: Important Moments In The Course Of Ethereum

Now we show the historically most interesting points from the Ethereum course:

  1. 2014: Ethereum is traded for € 0.64 on Coinbase
  2. June 2015: Ethereum’s price rose to € 16.35 in the course of the then crypto bull run in 2015 (1,600% growth).
  3. June 2017: Ethereum’s price explodes to € 325 and is gaining global attention for the first time.
  4. January 2018: On January 12, 2018, Ethereum reached its all-time high of € 1,183 during the crypto bull run.
  5. May 2018: Ethereum tries to recover from a price slump when the bubble bursts and rises briefly by 100% but immediately fall again.
  6. December 2018: Ethereum reached its then all-time low of € 83.13 during the crypto “winter”.
  7. June 2019: Ethereum increases to € 274 per coin in summer 2019, but decreases again.
  8. March 2020: During the Corona epidemic, Ethereum reached its new low (€ 106 per coin) after the coin rose to € 241 in March.
  9. August 2020: In the current Bull Run, Ethereum stands at € 348 per coin.

Trade Ethereum With Or Without A Wallet?

The Ethereum Wallet, for example, can be used directly from the Ethereum Foundation, or a digital wallet can be created as an online wallet from

But the test winner among the wallets is a little surprise for you! Here is the big Ethereum wallet comparison

Buy Ethereum Paypal: Where To Buy Ethereum Using Paypal
Buy Ethereum Guide

Various payment methods can be used for Ethereum investment. This also includes the popular payment service provider PayPal. However, it was only recently that the company announced that it was actively entering the crypto market.

However, it is still not that easy to use the service to buy Ethereum. We have dealt with the topic in detail and thus set up our own Ethereum PayPal Guide.

Here you can find out which offers are best for buying Ethereum with PayPal. But this much can already be revealed: Roinvesting offers the largest selection of payment options.

Is It possible To Buy Ethereum Anonymously?

The nature of cryptocurrencies is such that investors are always concerned with the issue of anonymity. This also raises the question of whether it is possible to buy Ethereum anonymously.

A lot is possible in the market, but you should ask yourself how you want to get your tokens and whether a little bit of security would not be desirable in such deals.

Nowadays, pretty much all serious platforms are equipped with so-called know-your-customer registrations. So, for example, they should prevent money laundering and strengthen general security on the platform.

The purchase is, of course, no longer anonymous, as you have to provide your data. It is not uncommon for verification to be required.

Nevertheless, you may discover some services in the vastness of the Internet that allows you to enter your own Ethereum address and then pay to receive coins. However, it is by no means sure that you will receive the coins.

Again, there is fraud at Ethereum, so people prefer to refrain from buying Ethereum anonymously.

Can You Buy Ethereum Without Verification?

The question of buying Ethereum without verification also falls in the same direction. Confirmation of the data is once again the basis for many brokers to offer services within the European Union at all.

So why should one want to say goodbye to this secure legal ground? But, of course, we also know that verification is always associated with a minimum of effort.

In the meantime, however, the data is usually confirmed online. So you have your ID card or passport ready and possibly an address confirmation, and the documents are either uploaded or verified via webcam.

The sale of Ethereum without verification is neither advised nor sensible. It may be possible in individual cases, but we have to be careful of dubious offers.

Can You Buy Ethereum Without Registering?

However, let’s make a compromise when it comes to the question of whether you can at least buy Ethereum without registration. That’s fine.

However, you first need a seller who would like to change your Ethereum tokens independently. Again, a warning must be given against foreign sellers.

Is that what you do if you have transferred your euros in different ways but then did not receive any ETH coins in your wallet? In most cases, you can then write off your money.

But ask your friends if there isn’t someone who would like to sell their cryptocurrencies. In this way, you can close the deal at the current price and based on justified trust.

Cash, other cryptocurrencies, PayPal or a conventional bank transfer are then suitable as means of payment. In addition, buying Ethereum is possible without registration.

Can You Buy Ethereum Offline?

Can you buy Ethereum offline? Naturally. You only need one seller. There are now crypto machines in different countries, but these are usually limited to Bitcoin and are only available in small numbers.

And thus, it is likely difficult to be Ethereum buying offline. Ask someone you know if there is someone interested in crypto and possibly a few ETH tokens.

We strongly advise against classified ads or doing any business with strangers. For example, they offer the supposedly easy offline purchase of Ethereum, but in the end, they only sink the funds without transferring the tokens to you.

In any case, one can ask oneself what is meant by offline at all. After all, the blockchain itself is a digital network that is online at all times. Therefore, every transaction is immortalised on this blockchain.

How To Resell Ethereum: Our Guide To Roinvesting

Sure, this page is mainly about buying the cryptocurrency Ethereum. But what is best to do when prices are conquering one high after the other? You use a good mood to sell.

So let’s check out how to sell Ethereum again.

First Step: Register With Roinvesting

First, log into your Roinvesting account. If you don’t have one yet, follow our previous guide to learn more about registration.

Second Step: Navigate To The Trading Window

We can now type the abbreviation ETH into the corresponding search field. So the Ethereum trading window will open. A click on the “trade” button lets us determine how many tokens should be sold.

Attention, there is a difference between real cryptocurrencies and CFDs. If you don’t have Ethereum Coins yet, you can still sell by taking a short position. This can be realised with a CFD. You also have to differentiate between Ethereum and Ethereum Classic not to carry out a wrong transaction.

If you have already deposited Ethereum coins in your account, you can also sell the cryptocurrency yourself.

Optional: Send Coins To The Roinvesting Wallet

Would you like to know how you can even send your tokens to Roinvesting? Read more about this in our Roinvesting wallet instructions.

Buy Ethereum Conclusion

Every time you buy Ethereum, you should check whether it is a licensed platform. If not, there may be little chance of getting your money back after making a deposit.

For this, we recommend our test winner, Roinvesting: This is a licensed provider that offers the best conditions when buying Ethereum!


Our recommendation: Trading at Investby

Our recommendation: Trading at Investby

  • The broker provides an Islamic Account
  • It provides a dedicated account manager
  • Receive customised investment news
  • Trade with a variety of assets
  • There’s no deposit limit
ABinvesting Review

Our recommendation: Trading at ABInvesting

  • Acknowledge the financial markets through education material 
  • Free VPS is available 
  • Get a swap discount of 50 per cent 
  • Islamic Account is available to traders 
  • Select account types of your interest

Our recommendation: Trading at PrimeFin

  • Fifth decimal available 
  • Spreads begin from 0.03 pips
  • Commission is zero  
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  • News alerts and VPS for traders


Ethereum sees itself as the evolution of the original Bitcoin technology. Smart contracts are intended to open up the network for areas of application in the free economy. Because of these characteristics, many investors dare to invest in the coin.

There is no golden rule for this. However, one should always keep in mind that online currencies are highly speculative values ​​that are associated with a corresponding risk, so it is advisable not to invest more than 5-10% of your own portfolio in such trading.

With brokers like Skilling, however, it should be taken into account that a minimum deposit amount ($ 50) is often required.


The article above introduces the best ways to invest in ETH.

With our test winner, getting started with Ethereum is made easy. If you want day trading, you can also make use of CFD derivatives.

Ethereum is one of the oldest crypto currencies. The coin was featured in a first white paper in 2013 by developer Vitalik Buterin.

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