Buy Monero 2022 – Our guide To Buying XMR Safely & Cheaply!

Christina Clarke
October 5, 2021
Buy Monero 2021 - Our guide To Buying XMR Safely & Cheaply!
Our Guide To buying XMR Safely & Cheaply!

Since 2014 there has been an exceptional online currency: Monero. The speciality: With this privacy coin, the main focus is on data security and the user’s anonymity. Here’s how and where to best buy/sell Monero!

You can also find out crucial information about which exchanges are available and whether you can also get the XMR Coins with PayPal and Co.

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Buy Monero: What Should You Look Out For To Buy Monero Cheaply & Safely?

Since Monero has some differences from Bitcoin in terms of privacy, scalability and data security, there are also some differences in buying/selling. Above all, one should pay attention to the following factors:

  • Where are the best places to trade Monero? Our recommendation is clearly in favour of TradeATF. In contrast to many other providers in the market, the broker has an extremely low fee model and offers access to trading in CFDs.
  • Should I hold Monero for the long term, use it for IoT applications or speculate on the course? The best way to deal with Monero depends on my own investment goals. If you believe in a glorious future, then a long-term strategy makes perfect sense. In that case, it is worth buying the tokens directly and stowing them away in a wallet.
  • How does a Monero wallet work? The wallet is the digital purse. It is used to store cryptocurrencies, and a shallow gives the user the address for sending and receiving the coins. Different types of wallets are best studied separately.
  • Is it worth investing in Monero? Monero is undoubtedly attractive. Investors should keep in mind that cryptocurrencies are always high-risk investments. Often these have paid off in the crypto industry. Unfortunately, this does not give any guarantees for future developments.
Where To Buy Cheap Monero? Our Broker And Exchange Comparison – Buy Monero With The Lowest Fees:

How To Buy Monero With Euro In South Africa? Buy Monero Beginner’s Guide With TradeATF

If you have decided to trade Monero, we will now show you in detail how to add Monero to your portfolio. Again, we use the broker TradeATF for this, as it stands out in terms of customer support, security and secure payment options such as PayPal.
Buy Monero 2021

First Step: Register With A CFD broker

First, you register with a broker.

For our example, we have chosen TradeATF because we can buy/sell Monero with the best customer support, EU coverage up to € 20,000 and many payment options.

First, let’s click the TradeATF link to register with them:

In the form, you wear an email OR phone number and a password  and accept the Terms and Conditions:

We then receive an email or SMS for verification in which we click on the link to confirm the account.

Second Step: Top Up Your Account

If you previously had your account as a test account, you still have to confirm your data. Then, fill out the questionnaire.

Every CFD broker in the EU is legally obliged to check their customers to enable EU buyer protection. To do this, answer a few quick questions.

Your account will then be activated. Now click on “Funds” on the left, and a selection window will appear. There you can make deposits and withdrawals. Select the item “Deposits” and deposit the desired amount using the preferred method such as PayPal.

Buy/Sell Monero With PayPal And More.

In our example, we show trading with credit cards. TradeATF also offers other ways to deposit :

Payment optionTradeATF
Buy/sell Monero with credit card✔️
Buy / Sell Monero with PayPalX
Buy / Sell Monero with Rapid TransferX
Buy / Sell Monero with Skrill✔️
Buy/sell Monero with a wire transfer✔️
Buy / Sell Monero with Neteller✔️
Buy/sell Monero with UnionPayX

Third Step: Buy Monero Online With Euros

Now that we have funded our account, we can begin the actual Monero buying/selling. To do this, we click in the search field above and enter “XMR” there.

Then we go down to the “Buy XMR” field and enter the amount we want to buy Monero or “Sell XMR” if we want to sell.

Then we have the Monero in our portfolio. The trade is complete!

Buy Monero At Coinbase, Binance, Bison & Comdirect – Why We Alternatively Recommend TradeATF

As you can see from the overview above, there are several providers on the market. So why do we recommend TradeATF of all places?

We can best explain this question by comparing different trading platforms that offer similar but not always the same services.


Coinbase’s offer is desirable. However, ease of use is really in the foreground here.

But that doesn’t help us because we couldn’t find any Monero coins even after intensive research.

And so we have to keep looking since Coinbase has failed as a Monero provider.


Binance is considered the world’s largest crypto exchange. So we are finally dealing with a provider who can show different XMR currency pairs.

These include, for example, trading pairs with the Binance Coin, Ethereum or with Bitcoin.

However, the platform still lacks an EU license. You can rely on a Chinese company, which we can only recommend to a limited extent.


We would also like to mention Bison. After all, this is a German offer from the Stuttgart Stock Exchange. So you can expect a lot of quality, right?

Basically, yes, but not when it comes to trading Monero. The cryptocurrency is simply not included in the offer.


One of the other rarer crypto indices can actually be found in the portfolio of Comdirect Bank. Unfortunately, however, coins from the second row are often neglected. So we don’t find any way to invest in Monero here.

But we had been expecting this all along.


TradeATF can simply bypass the weaknesses of the other platforms.

Although you enter into a compromise with CFD papers, you are legally on the safe side and even get the opportunity to trade with the XMR cryptocurrency.

Our recommendation for the broker is correspondingly clear.

Should you buy Monero or not? Our reasons for buying!

No other privacy coin convinces as many investors as Monero. With its ingenious system of ring signatures and stealth addresses, Monero has become one of the best-established cryptocurrencies on the market – the good ranking on CMC testifies to this.  According to Marketcap, Monero ranked 12th there in December 2018. For the current ranking, visit  CMC.

Should the crypto exchanges experience a hype again, it can almost be considered certain that Monero will benefit from it, probably more than other privacy coins such as  Verge or Zcash. Moreover, the spread of Monero as a means of payment, for example, in the Dark Net and generally for confidential financial transactions, suggests that the cryptocurrency will be of relevance for a long time to come.

There is little that speaks against investing in Monero – apart from the general volatility of the cryptocurrency market. Given the low prices in December 2018 compared to the previous year, the time to invest in Monero could be just about now. But it is also conceivable that prices will fall even further and that no new hype will do rounds of the town.

Buy Monero As CFD Or Real Cryptocurrencies?

Buy Monero 2021

Our guide to a Monero investment should clarify that there are two different ways to approach the investment.

So you can either use CFD papers or buy the real cryptocurrency. But which is now suitable for whom?

We can recommend CFD trading because you can use the EU-licensed broker TradeATF.

So you move on regulated terrain and find yourself in a familiar environment. A wallet is unnecessary, and you don’t need technical knowledge to handle digital currencies.

What Are Monero CFDs?

Now we advise you to invest in Monero at TradeATF, a broker that primarily knows its excellent CFD offers.

But what is a Monero CFD anyway? If you are completely new and inexperienced in this field, it is worth looking at our guide on CFD trading.

But here, too, we want to give a brief overview of how trading works in this way.

CFDs are so-called derivatives. These commodities are purely financial products that use the price of certain assets as an underlying.

So you can either bet on rising or falling Monero prices without having to buy the cryptocurrency yourself. This reduces the capital to be used but is also associated with an increased risk of loss.

The return is ultimately the difference between the price when the position was opened and the closing price.

On the other hand, such CFDs are primarily suitable for day traders who already have some trading experience. The commodity can involve high risks, also because fees can be incurred when holding positions.

So here you should know what you are doing. Beginners should first open a trading demo account before working up the courage to trade with real money.

Monero Trading – Should You Hold Monero Long-Term Or Trade Short-Term?

In Monero Trading, you ask yourself whether long-term or short-term strategies are better. This is also about the chosen commodity.

The subject has already been dealt with a few times. In this article, but we would like to mention it again for the sake of completeness.

The CFD positions are particularly useful for short-term investments. Longer deals are possible but not always recommended because overnight fees can be incurred.

So if you want the cryptocurrency itself and want to tie it into your portfolio in the long term, you should open a Monero wallet and store the tokens there.

Buy Monero 2021

Does It Make Sense To Invest In Monero?

Whether a Monero investment makes sense, in the end, depends, on the one hand, on your expectations and investment goals, but the other hand, clearly on the return.

Before starting a potential trade, you must first define your own goals. For example, perhaps you are more interested in the technology itself and would like to take advantage of the coins one day.

Then the coins could still be available cheaply now. However, such developments are still a long way off, so let’s look at alternative assets from the crypto sector that is also attractive.

Buy Bitcoin Now

You don’t have to introduce the big Bitcoin anymore. As the first cryptocurrency ever, the BTC token still has the largest market capitalisation and is the big draft horse of the entire industry.

Buy Cardano Now

Cardano is something of the cryptocurrency of the hour. For a long time in the shadow of the largest digital currencies, the Ada Coin from Cardano has developed into a notable competitor. Moreover, so-called smart contracts on the blockchain are possible here.

Buy IOTA Now

Iota is our popular cryptocurrency from Germany, more precisely from Berlin. Instead of the blockchain, a so-called tangle comes into play, which has so far been particularly popular in the industry. Again and again, new projects and cooperation keep popping up, fuelling our enthusiasm.

Buy Ripple XRP Now

Do you like it a little riskier? Then Ripple could be for you. The company behind the XRP token is currently involved in landmark disputes with the US stock exchange regulator. Should the whole thing go well, big price gains would be awaiting Ripple XRP’s triumphal re-entry.

Buy Classic Stocks Now

The corona crisis has allowed states to pump a lot of money into all markets. As a result, there is a threat of inflation, and financial history has shown that stocks, in particular, have a certain stability in value. In this respect, there is a somewhat more stable alternative to cryptocurrencies, namely classic stocks.

Buy Or Sell Monero? Our Advantages And Disadvantages Analysis

There are various arguments in favour of investing in Monero. However, we also want to look at the other side and the counterarguments for an investment.

First of all, we are dealing with a highly experienced development team. This is of essential importance for technology, and not every cryptocurrency is equipped with so much know-how.

As a so-called privacy coin, special attention is paid to data protection and the user’s anonymity. As a result, it has long since set itself apart from other tokens that only guarantee apparent anonymity.

Monero has been established in the market for some time now, which lends weight to its claim to trustability.

  • Good development team
  • Best established privacy coin on the market
  • Excellent protection of sender and recipient identities
  • Overall, well-established cryptocurrency
  • General risk of the investment

Monero (XMR) is a decentralised, blockchain-based cryptocurrency that, as a privacy coin, focuses on data security and the anonymity of its users. In this alone, Monero differs significantly from Bitcoin. Other unique features of the Altcoin Monero are the self-developed proof-of-work algorithm CryptoNight, the particularly high scalability, and the decentralised mining of the coin. 

Furthermore, Monero’s storage affinity ensures that specially manufactured mining devices have no advantage over standard home PCs – in stark contrast, for instance, to Bitcoin. That is why Monero is also suitable for private individuals for mining. The word “Monero” is taken from the planned language Esperanto and means something like “coin” or “currency”.

According to Monero, over 240 developers were already involved in the project.  Around 30 of them are referred to as the “core team”. Monero was created in 2014. It has built a stable user base in the past, thanks to its reliability and functionality. Over 1.4 billion euros are currently invested in Monero. (Market capitalisation – Monero). Monero encryptions are virtually unbreakable thanks to the technology used, and the transactions are therefore particularly confidential.

Ring And Stealth

Monero uses so-called ring signatures and stealth addresses to protect the identities of both the sender and the recipient of the cryptocurrency. Ring signatures publish part of the account key and combine it with public keys from the Monero blockchain. It is therefore impossible for third parties to distinguish which key segments refer to the participants’ identities and which do not. As a result, outsiders can see the transactions on the Monero blockchain but cannot assign them to anyone.

Monero is therefore often used as a means of payment for illegal goods and substances in the dark net and presumably a large number of other financial processes that belong to the unlawful spectrum. In addition, Monero has been used by holders of other cryptocurrencies since 2014 to make transaction relationships unrecognisable. 

Buy/Sell Monero Now At TradeATF

  • Excellent 24/7 customer support
  • EU buyer protection
  • Leverage up to x30
  • Simple user interface

Buy Monero 2021

Monero Wallets: Which Wallets Are Useful For Storage?

What about the need for a Monero wallet? Cryptocurrencies are also characterised by the fact that they are managed in such digital wallets.

Without an electronic wallet, there will be no way to manage, send or receive the cryptic values. Therefore, if you want to own Monero, you will not avoid looking for a wallet provider.

Since some criteria must be observed here that would go beyond the scope of this article, here is the link to the wallet comparison :

Historical Monero Course: Important Milestones In Monero History

The cryptocurrency has already had a few highs and lows. We show the most critical milestones in the history of Monero.

  1. The first Monero Coins were issued in April 2014 for around 16 euros.
  2. Due to the hard fork of the new cryptocurrency Monero and the generally flourishing crypto market, Monero wins and jumps from € 90 to an incredible € 400.
  3. Like all cryptocurrencies, Monero suffers from a slump in Bitcoin and falls to € 80.
  4. Due to the payment option for popular games such as Fortnite, Monero continued to gain importance and levelled off at € 100.

What Does 1 Monero XMR Token Currently Cost?

What does 1 Monero currently cost? You can logically only present a snapshot, which we do with the TradingView chart above.

Here the price for a Privacy XMR Coin is shown about euros. Often the price is also shown in USD dollars.

Buy Monero Paypal: Where To Buy Ethereum Using Paypal

This page is all about buying Monero. Again and again, one is confronted with whether it is possible to use PayPal for an investment.

The short answer is yes. In any case, we recommend a CFD broker with TradeATF that has PayPal integrated as a payment method. You are limited to derivatives, but these are sometimes very suitable for Monero trading.

With real tokens, the situation gets trickier. Although the payment service provider has now integrated cryptocurrencies, the company refers to the most prominent digital currencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

So if you want to buy Monero with PayPal, you can do so if trading is the main focus. If not, you have to use other payment methods.

Is It Possible To Buy Monero Anonymously?

Monero advertises its cryptocurrency with extraordinary anonymity, which is significantly higher than other digital currencies. Accordingly, the coin is a so-called privacy coin.

If you complete a transaction in the network, it is hardly possible for third parties to understand who has sent how much to whom. So it is quite possible to buy Monero anonymously. However, the question arises, where do you do that?

Even larger exchanges without an EU license and the obligation of certain regulations now require their users to provide certain data.

If you then buy a Monero token, the transaction is at least known to the platform’s operator. So if you go a little further in search of other options on the Internet to buy Monero anonymously, you will find yourself on fragile ice.

We advise against such investments, as it can often lead to fraud in this regard. In this respect, it is better to give your data to everyone as part of the verification and then invest securely and seriously via TradeATF.

Can You Buy Monero Without Verification?

In the meantime, verification has also found its way into the cryptocurrency market. Be it Coinbase, Binance or other cryptic providers. You have to confirm your account or your identity in some way.

This is also intended to prevent international money laundering. So if you want to buy Monero without client verification, then my problem could arise. We will clarify why this is so in the next paragraph.

Can You Buy Monero Without Registering?

We don’t want to repeat ourselves too often. Who asks about the verification often means a complete registration.

How nice it would be if you could find an offer online and get Monero Coins there without specifying any further data or creating an account!

But the reality looks different. Safety first, and therefore the various platform operators require registration.

Buying Monero without registration is theoretically only possible if you can contact friends or acquaintances who have an XMR credit. Then you could buy their coins from them.

Can You Buy Monero Offline?

If you use the method described above, you can also buy Monero offline. Nevertheless, it is questionable whether you will find someone who even has cryptocurrencies in their portfolio.

If you find someone who still owns Monero and wants to sell his tokens, then you can buy XMR offline.

This is also the only path that we can recommend with a good heart. There are no ATMs for Monero 

Should you discover offers on the Internet, whether on the dark web or in classified ads, you should avoid them.

Too often, there is crypto fraud, which is even more challenging to detect, especially with Monero, as the fraudsters can remain quite anonymous.

Alternatives To Monero: Trade Other Cryptocurrencies Or Stocks

In various forums, people like to discuss how to trade Monero stocks. Such interested dealers are a little ahead of their time.

So far, Monero has actually had to be content with tokens. But it is not said that one should not be given the opportunity in the future. To be kept up to date, it is worthwhile to regularly check out the news in the crypto scene.

Alternative 1: Monero Stocks

One option would be to invest now in companies that have started a cooperation with Monero. Such as Tencent or Epic share

  • Epic Share: Through the partnership with Epic Games Studio, it is possible to buy games like Fortnite with Monero. This is how these two stocks are related.
  • Tencent shares: Tencent is invested in many companies that issue games and can be paid for with Monero. It can be assumed that the success of Tencent shares will continue to have a positive impact on Monero and will gain even more acceptance.

Alternative 2: Opportunities In The Field Of Cryptocurrencies

Otherwise, other cryptocurrencies have potential :

  • Buy Bitcoin: The top dog among cryptocurrencies is seen by many as the “digital gold” and one of the most stable cryptos.
  • Buy Ripple: With the support of many banks, Ripple is an excellent alternative to Monero.
  • Buy Ethereum: Ethereum is the solution for intelligent contracts and, in the broadest sense, follows an approach similar to Monero.

Alternative 3: Crypto Stocks

Another alternative is crypto stocks: chip manufacturers, mining companies and even the Bitcoin Group have posted substantial profits.

  • Bitcoin stocks: If you think that Bitcoin will outperform Monero, Bitcoin stocks are a good alternative
  • NVIDIA stocks: NVIDIA manufactures necessary graphics chips, especially for mining – if the crypto boom continues, NVIDIA is undoubtedly a good investment.

How To Resell Monero: Our Guide To TradeATF

At the beginning of this article, we dealt with buying Monero and presented you with instructions.

Now let’s check how to sell Monero again. So there is another guide at the end.

First Step: Register At TradeATF

If you have not yet registered, the first thing you should do is create an account. Then you use the login window to get to the trading overview with your user name (email) and password.

Second Step: Navigate To The Trading Window

Now we have to navigate to the cryptocurrency. Again, it’s easy to do by typing either “Monero” or “XMR” into the appropriate search field.

You can, of course, substantial also use the general overview of the crypto markets to scroll through the offer simply.

Finally, there are other digital currencies as well.

Third Step: Close The Monero Short Or Buy Position

After dealing with CFDs, we now have two options to sell Monero actively. The first option doesn’t even require a previous investment in XMR.

One speaks of so-called short positions. These are made possible using derivatives, even if you do not own the assets. One hopes for a price decline to benefit from it.

 The other possibility is if you have previously opened a buy position. Then, to realise profits (or minimise losses), you close this buy position.

The difference between the opening and closing prices is then entered into the account.

Conclusion: Buy Monero Or Not?

Monero is an exciting cryptocurrency. However, after intensive research, it became clear that the best way to invest is through CFDs from the broker TradeATF.

This is particularly suitable for short-term positions that, in some cases, enable strong returns. However, you should always pay attention to a balanced portfolio and a healthy risk distribution.

The Privacy Coin is excellent in a multi-asset portfolio that may consist of cryptocurrencies and other assets, such as stocks. TradeATF offers attractive access to all of these goods.


Our recommendation: Trading at Investby

Our recommendation: Trading at Investby

  • The broker provides an Islamic Account
  • It provides a dedicated account manager
  • Receive customised investment news
  • Trade with a variety of assets
  • There’s no deposit limit
ABinvesting Review

Our recommendation: Trading at ABInvesting

  • Acknowledge the financial markets through education material 
  • Free VPS is available 
  • Get a swap discount of 50 per cent 
  • Islamic Account is available to traders 
  • Select account types of your interest

Our recommendation: Trading at PrimeFin

  • Fifth decimal available 
  • Spreads begin from 0.03 pips
  • Commission is zero  
  • Full 10-hour support  
  • News alerts and VPS for traders


You can trade Monero with real money via instant transfer, SEPA and other payment methods on the platform described above.

Despite a long search, we were unable to find an exchange on which Monero can be bought / sold directly with a credit card.

However, you can trade Monero with a credit card via a detour by first buying Bitcoin and then exchanging it for XMR. You can find out how to do this in our instructions at the top of this page.

Buying Monero with PayPal is unfortunately not possible on any of our usual exchanges.

It can be expected that Monero will benefit if the market begins to grow again overall.

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