Buy NEO 2022: The Guide To The NEO Token

John James
October 6, 2021
Buy NEO 2021 The guide to the NEO token
The Guide To The NEO Token

NEO is a blockchain technology and cryptocurrency that is often referred to as the Chinese Ethereum .

Like Ethereum, NEO also allows so-called smart contracts. These allow contracts to be executed automatically on the blockchain .

NEO is one of the 10 largest cryptocurrencies and the coin gets its popularity time and again from the fact that rumors emerge that ICOs in China will only be allowed to take place with the help of the Neo Coin in the future .

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Buying A Neo: What To Look Out For?

Buying neo is not for speculators: We at now explain the easiest way to buy neo. Before doing this, however, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Where is the best place to buy the Neo?  Our recommendation is ROinvesting.
  • Would you like to trade Neo or use it as an investment?  That depends on personal preference.
  • How do Neo wallets work? Very simple, safekeeping at Roinvesting is easy.
  • Is it worth investing your money in Neo? Unfortunately, Neo is still worthwhile as an object of speculation.


Where To Buy/Sell Neo? Our Broker And Stock Exchange Comparison:

How To Buy Neo: Three Step Instructions

We show you how to add Neo to your portfolio quickly and easily. We use the broker Roinvesting for this, as it offers the unique advantage that you can buy both real cryptocurrencies and CFDs – thus combining the benefits of a broker and an exchange.

 We will go into the difference between a  broker and an exchange below.

First Step: Registration With A Broker Or A Crypto Exchange

First, you register with a broker or a crypto exchange.

For our example, we have chosen Roinvesting because we are holding genuine Neo Coins and speculating with NEO derivatives.

First, we click the link to register for Roinvesting:

Then, in the form, we   enter username, email and password and accept the terms and conditions:

We then receive an email for verification in which we click on the link to confirm the account.

Second Step: Top Up Your Account

In the next step, we have to top up our account with money to buy Neo. To do this, we click on the “Deposit money” button at Roinvesting:

Then we select the amount and payment method with which we would like to deposit, and then click on the “Send” button to deposit the amount.

Buy Neo With PayPal And More

In our example, we show the purchase with a credit card. Roinvesting also offers  other deposit options  :

Payment optionPossible?
Buy Neo with a credit card.✔️
Buy Neo with PayPal✔️
Buy Neo with Rapid Transfer✔️
Buy Neo with Skrill✔️
Buy Neo with bank transfer✔️
Buy Neo with Neteller✔️
Buy Neo with UnionPay✔️

Third Step: Buy Neo

Now that we have topped up our account, we can begin the actual purchase of Neo. To do this, we click in the search field above and enter “NEO” there.

Then we click on the “Trade” button:

The purchase window then opens. Here we have the following options:

  1. Buy or sell: In our case, we have to put it on “Buy”
  2. Trade or orders: Here, we can choose whether we want to execute the trade immediately (trade) or with a delay (order).
  3. Amount: How much Neo we would like to buy?
  4. Stop Loss and Take Profit: At what loss or profit our position should be automatically sold?
  5. Leverage: With what leverage we want to buy Neo. With lever X1, we buy real Neo. With lever  X2 we buy leveraged Neo CFDs.

After we have configured all options, we click on the “Open Trade” button to complete the purchase.

Then we have the Neo in our portfolio. The purchase is complete!

Where Can I Buy NEO In 2020? Selected Alternatives

Buy Neo With Bitfinex

Bitfinex describes itself as the world’s leading trading platform.

Here, you will quickly discover that it is not a pure crypto exchange, but an Exchange of Neo in the currency pair with the US dollar or euro can trade.

If you like this, you can think about registration. Incidentally, the offer can also be easily managed via the provider’s app.

  • Lots of features for professional crypto-traders
  • Currency pairs with crypto and FIAT currencies
  • Demo platform
  • Deposit also with euros and US dollars
  • Trading is only possible from $ 10,000
  • Long verification process
  • Not suitable for beginners

If you want to explain the platform first, you can switch to demo mode directly on the start page.

This allows access to the trading software without registration. At this point, however, a fundamental difference between Bitfinex and providers like ROinvesting should be noted.

Step 1: Registration

In the course of the registration, you will first be confronted with some information.

So you have to confirm that you are acting as a professional trader, that you must have paid in at least 10,000 US dollars in order to be able to use all functions of the platform, that you acknowledge the lengthy verification process, which can take between six and eight weeks, and that you If you have to pay a small fee, you should not actively use your account.

You can only continue with the registration after this confirmation.

It quickly becomes clear that Bitfinex, rather less for pure trading novices, is suitable for very savvy traders, who want to pursue the trade regularly and corresponding capital entail.

So you would do well, to be exact, to consider whether one here in an Open account would.

Step 2: Verification

However, the demo platform shows that you will undoubtedly meet a crypto exchange that has extraordinary qualities.

After logging in for the first time, you will have to undertake the verification process. This includes submitting various documents, such as identity confirmation through a copy of ID and address verification through invoices.

Of course, you also have to connect your crypto-wallet or other payment methods to Bitfinex.

As already mentioned, it can take a few weeks for the entire process to be completed.

For real crypto traders, however, this should not be a genuine hurdle. This is because there are different levels of verification that the trading options are based on.

The effort involved in verification is not that immense. Bitfinex only has to wait longer than other platforms. You can rely on the fact that all participants in the exchange are checked so intensively.

Step 3: Deposit

Not that long ago, Bitfinex could deposit with online currencies and with euros or US dollars.

In a sense, this was a revolution on the platform that previously acted as an exclusive crypto exchange.

Overall, you have numerous deposit options.

If you pay in a digital coin, the addresses are displayed when you click on the respective value. This must then be specified in the user’s wallet.

The euros deposit is only possible after successful verification, and the minimum amount is a whopping 10,000 €. After that, however, you will have to insert the equivalent for all currencies.

Step 4: Act Neo

After all, you can devote yourself to trading.

The various Neo currency pairs can be quickly and specifically discovered using a search field.

You can buy and sell with US dollars, Bitcoin, Ethereum, euros, British pounds or even Japanese yen or Neo.

In a sense, such diversity is unique in the industry. In addition, you get great overviews and statistics on the current course developments.

You can then initiate your order with simple buttons. The general possibilities on the platform are impressive indeed.

Crypto beginners and inexperienced traders are likely to be a little overwhelmed by the offer.

Experienced users are also advised to take a tour that can be taken in the upper area of ​​the platform. At this point, I would like to point out that the platform is more for experienced traders.

Buy Neo With A Credit Card

So you have to take a certain amount of effort to buy Neo. Without registering with a specific service provider, you can hardly get hold of the coin.

Some users will wonder to what extent they can use a credit card to buy Neo.

Platforms like ROinvesting or Coinbase allow a yes, for example, a very regular purchase of cryptocurrencies using Visa or MasterCard.


There is also Ethereum and Litecoin on offer.

For Neo, the situation is not that simple. One could easily be account at open Roinvesting and use the credit card as a payment method here, but you can not really with the broker but buy Neo.

You only participate in trading through Roinvesting and its options. CFDs only use the various assets as base values.

The actual coin must therefore be acquired differently.

Step 1: Buy Bitcoin At Coinbase

However, it is quite possible to use your credit card to access Neo in your wallet. So even if Neo isn’t actually in Coinbase’s repertoire, you still use his services.

You register and buy a certain number of bitcoins. However, one should note that there may be fees for this. If you use a normal transfer, these fees are significantly lower.

The acquired bitcoins can then be paid out to your own wallet. But Coinbase also has its own online wallet with a corresponding address.

Step 2: Registration With Binance

But you still haven’t bought a Neo. This works very simply via Binance, for example. This is also a crypto exchange.

However, the minimum deposits required are not as high as with the Bitfinex presented, and the platform itself is also much more suitable for prospective traders and inexperienced crypto investors.

Step 3: Buy Neo With Bitcoin

At Binance, too, an account must first be created and the verification process completed. Then, the Bitcoin purchased can be paid in here using the wallet and the corresponding address.

You can easily find this on the payment page of the exchange.

Because you can also find the Neo-Bitcoin currency pair here, you can convert the Bitcoins into Neo Coins according to the current market value.

After all, the tokens can be easily paid out, and you are finally the owner of the desired Neo coins.

So you have to take a specific detour, but once you have registered on the various platforms, the actual purchase of Neo is more or less a piece of cake.

You have to get used to the process.

Buy Neo With Paypal

Anyone looking for a way to complete the same procedure with PayPal will be disappointed.

PayPal has moved away from cryptic file-sharing networks. But, unfortunately, the in-house buyer protection is not compatible with the anonymized transactions of the crypto blockchains.

The trading is very well over a broker, and ROinvesting is one of the few vendors with Paypal as a payment option being accepted.

To complete the PayPal payment here, select the service provider in the list of payment methods.

In the next window, you will then be able to enter your login data via the transaction specialist’s interface in order to confirm the deposit. So if you value PayPal payments, you will find a suitable offer in ROinvesting.

Why Should I buy Neo With Paypal?

  • Fast deposit
  • Buyer Protection
  • Safe transactions
  • One login for various online payments
  • Indication for a reputable broker
The Crypto Scene Recommendation: Buy Neo From The Test Winner

Our recommendation: Buy cryptos at Roinvesting

  • Incl. Wallet
  • Buy and sell cryptocurrencies directly in the wallet
  • PayPal, credit card and instant transfer
  • Regulated provider
  • Real cryptos or CFD trades

The cryptocurrency Neo can not be compared with the great pioneers in the crypto industry. Neo isn’t widespread enough for that. But that does not mean that the future prospects are unfavourable.

A considerable number of investors believe that the coin will continue to achieve significant growth in the future. To get into trading, you have to do some research.

With the instructions, Secured Brokers provides the assistance that allows you to complete the Neo purchase in just a few steps.

The acquisition of the digital coin is possible in different ways. But, first, you have to decide whether you want to add the tokens to your wallet yourself or whether you are only interested in trading.

If the latter is the case, you don’t even have to set up cryptic wallets but can concentrate on just one platform that enables you to trade.


Neo is undoubtedly harder to acquire than Bitcoin or Ethereum.

This is one of the reasons why Secured Brokers recommends the test winner for trading with Neo Coins to its readers. One registration is sufficient to trade all kinds of cryptocurrencies.

Furthermore, a fair minimum deposit and a good trading experience are convincing. Trading through ROinvesting is only recommended for professional crypto investors.


Our recommendation: Trading at Investby

Our recommendation: Trading at Investby

  • The broker provides an Islamic Account
  • It provides a dedicated account manager
  • Receive customised investment news
  • Trade with a variety of assets
  • There’s no deposit limit
ABinvesting Review

Our recommendation: Trading at ABInvesting

  • Acknowledge the financial markets through education material 
  • Free VPS is available 
  • Get a swap discount of 50 per cent 
  • Islamic Account is available to traders 
  • Select account types of your interest

Our recommendation: Trading at PrimeFin

  • Fifth decimal available 
  • Spreads begin from 0.03 pips
  • Commission is zero  
  • Full 10-hour support  
  • News alerts and VPS for traders


There is no official confirmation, but rumours about the strategic direction of the Chinese market persist. Nevertheless, online currencies have so far been characterized primarily by their independence and decentralized properties.

A compulsion to use certain cryptic currencies seems unlikely from this point of view. But it will probably depend on the regulatory forces in the Middle Kingdom.

Yes! Since cryptic currencies are traded in pairs just like their counterparts in the forex market, the values ​​can be bought and sold at any time.

With CFDs, there is the possibility of a buy or sell order in this context.

If you use the instructions presented to buy Neo via Coinbase, you have to calculate with fees of 3.99%. To avoid these costs, you can make the payment using a bank transfer or trade derivatives with a broker.

PayPal is fundamentally unsuitable for buying currencies online. The payment service provider has deliberately withdrawn from online platforms in the crypto market, as there have repeatedly been discrepancies with in-house buyer protection.

However, PayPal can be used as a regular payment method with ROinvesting.

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