Crypto exchanges comparison 2022 – The best Bitcoin brokers and exchanges in the test

John James
October 9, 2021
Crypto exchanges comparison 2021 – The best Bitcoin brokers and exchanges in the test
The best Bitcoin brokers and exchanges in the test

What is the best bitcoin exchange for buying and trading cryptocurrencies? We have analyzed the best trading options and presents them in a compact comparison.

In addition, the question of why such a crypto exchange is needed at all and what alternative forms of trading or buying exist should also be clarified.

The classic crypto exchanges are taken into account and other forms of trading that are suitable for trading online currencies. The best crypto exchanges in comparison!

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The Exchange Comparison: The Best Crypto Exchanges & The Top Crypto Broker Providers 2021

Of course, the selection of trading options presented is not exhaustive. However, these are the recommended providers for coin trading.

Ultimately, the best exchange will also depend on a trader’s clear trading ideas. So to be able to discover the best offer, you should compare the advantages and disadvantages of the respective providers.

Step by step to the crypto exchange – how do I open an account with a crypto exchange?

Step 1: Choosing a crypto broker or Bitcoin exchange

If you want to invest in cryptocurrencies, you are, first of all, spoiled for choice. Which Bitcoin exchange (or which crypto broker ) should it be?

The choice is immense, and there are considerable differences in quality in the market. Investors should keep their eyes open. After all, the entire industry is still largely unregulated worldwide.

Trading tools, user interfaces, mobile trading apps and good customer service ensure good user experiences. Does the desired exchange have such properties? Trading fees should also be included in the assessment.

  • Use our comparison on this page to choose the broker or the Bitcoin exchange.
  • You will find helpful tips on choosing a provider
  • The fee comparison helps with decision-making


We choose our test winner ROinvesting because it has the best conditions. In addition, ROinvesting is fully licensed and regulated.

We choose our test winner ROinvesting because it has the best conditions. In addition, ROinvesting is fully licensed and regulated.

Crypto exchanges comparison

Step 2: Registration

Registration is usually completed quickly. On the home page, you will find a link to the form in which you can enter your name and email address.

The exact information that is requested at this point depends on the targeted crypto exchange. But you will also have to choose a password and then confirm your email address.

Serious brokers not only have to provide a correct email address, but also a mobile phone number to verify the account .

  • E-mail address
  • address
  • birth date
  • Phone number

Step 3: the verification

Before you start trading, it makes sense to first dedicate yourself to confirming your own data. Companies are required to take action against international money laundering and thus verify the information provided by their customers .

Accordingly, you have the option of uploading various documents ( copy of ID, invoices, etc. ) in your account at the respective Bitcoin exchange . You will also have to provide information about your financial situation.

Here you can see very clear differences to dubious providers. In this respect, verification protects against any crypto scams.

  • Copy of ID
  • Address confirmation
  • Confirmation of the email address/telephone number
  • Proof of income

Step 4: Deposit to buy cryptocurrencies

It depends on the respective Bitcoin broker which payment methods are accepted. [As a rule, you should be supported by your provider with the deposit – UNCLEAR & UNNECESSARY]. There is usually a corresponding menu item or button that leads you to the first transaction.

The cryptocurrency market is highly risky. Therefore you should really only invest money that you have “left over”. A total loss of the deposit can occur at any time.

  • How much money is available for the investment?
  • Do Bitcoin fees have to be paid to the provider?
  • Is there a minimum deposit amount?
  • Possible payment methods, e.g. PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, credit card, Klarna, Sofortüberweisung, Giropay, bank transfer, etc.

Our test winner Roinvesting offers the following  deposit options :

Payment optionPossible?
Buy cryptocurrencies with a credit card✔️
Buy cryptocurrencies with PayPal✔️
Buy cryptocurrencies with Rapid Transfer✔️
Buy cryptocurrencies with Skrill.✔️
Buy cryptocurrencies with bank transfer✔️
Buy cryptocurrencies with Neteller✔️
Buy cryptocurrencies with UnionPay✔️

Step 5: Buy and trade cryptocurrencies

Now the account with the crypto exchange is finally set up and equipped with credit. Now it’s time to choose the assets. How should you invest in cryptocurrencies? Which crypto coins are worthwhile?

In some cases, there is a demo version of the platform. It is certainly worthwhile to be active here first in order to get to know the offer. But then you will have to choose between different currency pairs.

Search fields can also be used to research specifically for coins. In the end, you will then place your buy or sell order.

  • Real cryptocurrencies
  • Cryptos as assets for CFDs with long and short positions
  • Novel crypto products
  • Bitcoin stocks


Best crypto broker and bitcoin exchanges trading app

Roinvesting also offers its customers an in-house trading app for cryptocurrencies, which has the same advantages as the web application. You can trade, receive, send or convert coins into real money from anywhere at any time. There is also its own wallet, which can be downloaded separately and used free of charge.

Our recommendation: Buy cryptos at Roinvesting

  • Incl. Wallet
  • Buy and sell cryptocurrencies directly in the wallet
  • PayPal, credit card and instant transfer
  • Intuitive operation & 160+ supported cryptocurrencies
  • Real cryptos or CFD trades

Best crypto exchange without verification

Crypto exchanges comparison

Until a few years ago, crypto exchanges were barely or not at all regulated. Far-reaching regulations now also apply to crypto exchanges. While it used to be very easy to find a crypto exchange without client verification, this is no longer really possible today.

The crypto exchanges that work without client verifications are generally not recommended because investors cannot trade securely on these exchanges.

The background of the verification is that it can prevent illegal activities such as money laundering.

For investors who would like to trade in cryptocurrencies, but do not want to be verified, there is still a possibility to trade in cryptocurrencies. At ROinvesting, investors can simply open an account and take part in crypto trading risk-free with virtual money.

The broker ROinvesting has an attractive trading platform and offers investors a large selection of cryptocurrencies with real-time rates. However, if investors want to take part in real trading, they must be verified. The verification is very simple and is completed in a concise time.

After that, investors can participate in crypto trading with real money. In our opinion, ROinvesting is the best crypto exchange without verification because it offers investors access to the world of crypto trading and they can trade there risk-free with virtual money.

Best crypto exchange without registration

Crypto exchanges are now also bound by many legal requirements. Therefore, it is difficult to find the best crypto exchange without client registration. However, for investors who want to trade cryptocurrencies without client registration, there is the possibility of opening a free account on which they can trade cryptocurrencies virtually. The best crypto exchange without client registration in this area is ROinvesting.

At ROinvesting, investors can simply open an account and then start trading with virtual money. However, if investors want to invest in crypto with real money, they have to be verified. The verification also protects investors because they can be sure that they are trading on a regulated crypto exchange.

It is therefore always advisable to trade on a crypto exchange with client verification. Our recommendation in this area is ROinvesting because there is a large selection of cryptocurrencies that can be traded at attractive fees.

Best crypto exchange without ID / KYC – What is the best anonymous crypto broker:

In our opinion, the best crypto exchange without ID / KYC is ROinvesting. At Roinvesting, investors can register with an email address and then access the trading platform where they can trade virtual money.

A large selection of cryptocurrencies is available to investors on this platform—many different tools for analysing the respective cryptocurrency.

Thanks to the user-friendly trading platform, investors can quickly find the right cryptocurrency and analyse the development of this currency in detail.

What Makes a Good Bitcoin Broker?

Crypto exchanges comparison

Before we start our big Bitcoin broker comparison, let’s take a look at which factors are decisive in the Bitcoin broker test.

The evaluation factors include customer service, user-friendliness, the offer, payment methods and security.

1. Customer service

No matter how user-friendly, clear and informative a platform is, sooner or later every trader will have a question that cannot be answered individually. And that’s where reliable and competent customer service is particularly good.

In our Bitcoin broker test, we were interested in how long the response time of customer service is and how customers can contact us. With our test winner ROinvesting, customers can contact customer advisors in a variety of ways.

The live chat, e-mail and hotline are trendy. But it is also becoming increasingly interesting that some platforms present themselves on Facebook and WhatsApp to be effectively accessible there for users.

Furthermore, the customer service should be competent and friendly so that there is a real added value for the customer.

2. The ease of use

User-friendliness means that the platform is informative, but at the same time, clearly laid out. As a result, customers must get the required information without being held up by unnecessary advertising with just a few clicks.

Furthermore, a detailed FAQ area and background information should be part of the basic equipment and an appealing design. An extra that should not be underestimated is information about the cryptocurrencies, the crypto market and the different trading strategies.

Some providers go a step further and even offer trading academies with videos, e-books and more. Ultimately, the crypto brokers want to offer the most promising trading environment possible, which is why the offer is usually available in several languages.

Furthermore, the trading platform should not only be available in the desktop version. After all, trading has long since arrived in the “to go” area. An application for mobile devices should therefore be part of the standard as well as the desktop version. Of course, it is optimal if the entire range in the app can be used to the full.

ROinvesting perfectly fulfils all conditions here, which is why we recommend our test winner broker.

3. The offer

Opinions differ regarding the offer: One trader prefers the large cryptocurrencies, the next trader targets the less well-known digital currencies. A recommended platform should accordingly have a wide range of different coins.

Most platforms are not pure Bitcoin or crypto oases but multi-asset platforms. So curious traders can mostly access other assets such as commodities, indices, forex and more. ROinvesting covers a wide range of 16 cryptocurrencies.

4. Payment methods

There are too many payment methods these days – a dime a dozen. So we have assessed payment methods keeping compatibility and usefulness in mind.

In addition to credit card payments and instant transfer, we also find facilitation for deposits and withdrawals here via Wire Transfer, PayPal, Neteller and Skrill.

Deposit and withdrawals may take a few minutes or a few working days, depending on the payment provider. Furthermore, the costs also rely on the method and provider – so keep your eyes peeled when buying Bitcoin!

Our test winner ROinvesting offers the following  deposit options :

Payment optionpossible?
Buy cryptocurrencies with a credit card✔️
Buy cryptocurrencies with PayPal✔️
Buy cryptocurrencies with Rapid Transfer✔️
Buy cryptocurrencies with Skrill✔️
Buy cryptocurrencies with bank transfer✔️
Buy cryptocurrencies with Neteller✔️
Buy cryptocurrencies with UnionPay✔️

5. The security and seriousness

Cheap trading on a beautiful platform is not enough for us in our crypto and bitcoin broker test. Safety is also very important to us. With reputable platforms, it is not possible to trade without proof of identity. So the dealers have to ensure client verification.

In addition, the weekly trading volume is usually limited. In crypto trading, two-factor authentication (2FA) is usually used to double-protect the account. This may seem complicated, but it also makes it twice as difficult for hackers to get hold of the coins they love.

ROinvesting seems to have the best security precautions here as a fully licensed and regulated provider.

What is a crypto exchange exactly? Our explanation

A Bitcoin exchange is nothing more than a trading platform for digital currencies. It is probably easiest if you compare the processes with a completely conventional exchange, for example, the South African Stock Exchange.

Company shares are traded here. In the case of online currencies, the assets are focused on cryptocurrencies. In stock trading, the aim is to buy different stocks as cheaply as possible to benefit from price increases (and dividends).

It is no different with cryptocurrencies. The market decides the price, the crypto exchange ensures liquidity, bringing buyers and sellers together. If you find a seller for a certain price, you can do your shopping.

But if you are interested in a sale, you need a trading partner willing to sell at a price offered. Since this doesn’t just happen directly between the parties, you need a Bitcoin broker or a trading platform.

A market is said to be particularly liquid if you do not have to estimate a long period for your orders, as it can be expected that a large number of purchases and sales will be made at all times.

If this is not the case, then the price changes only slowly, and it may be that personal orders can only be filled with great difficulty. In this respect, the exchange size should not be neglected, as more traders would potentially be active on larger crypto exchanges.

Cryptocurrencies compared to stocks and forex values

The comparison with the stock market brings you closer to the basics of trading on a trading platform. The comparison with the most liquid financial market on earth, foreign exchange trading, is quite obvious.

Anyone who has already had experience with Forex trading will come across a very well-known picture when comparing crypto exchanges. Here, too, everything revolves around currency pairs. Therefore, it is a clear sign of quality when a provider has as many such pairs as possible.

Many platforms are limited to cryptocurrencies, for example. However, in other cases, you will also be able to deal with real, so-called fiat currencies.

[You can already take advantage of the functions of the best crypto exchanges. By the way, this kind of trading doesn’t have to be done just for the pure desire to make quick profits by trading on the exchanges – UNNECESSARY].

In addition, the providers offer the only real way for many to get to the corresponding cryptocurrencies and then transfer them to their crypto wallets. This may seem particularly useful if the trader expects a real benefit from owning the coins.

Buy or trade cryptocurrencies on crypto exchanges?

Crypto exchanges comparison

In summary, it can be said that exchanges are worthwhile from exactly two different forms of application. On the one hand, you get an effortless way of trading, in which, thanks to the currency pairs, you can benefit from falling as well as rising exchange rates.

On the other hand, it is often the only option for interested investors to get cryptocurrencies into their wallets. So there are a few reasons that speak in favour of registering with a good exchange.

The difference between crypto brokers (exchanges) and crypto exchanges

Even if the terms broker and exchange are mostly used synonymously, there is a crucial difference between the two. To avoid confusion, let’s take a closer look at the difference between a Bitcoin Broker and a Bitcoin Exchange.

What is an exchange?

The transitions between Bitcoin brokers and Bitcoin exchanges are now fluid. A crypto exchange is a platform on which customers can buy and trade digital coins, tokens and usually a few other digital assets.

They are not dependent on another person offering exactly these assets for sale because the purchase and sale take place directly via the crypto exchange. But, of course, they would like to see compensation for their service in the form of fees.

The range of different trading options, assets and features are usually invitingly large.

Here, traders can usually choose between many different currency pairs [including the crypto area-UNNECESSARY]. Moreover, since mostly fiat cryptocurrency pairs are also expecting traders here, trading becomes more interesting.

A crypto exchange balances the resulting trades via an international network in real-time. Usually, the prices for these transactions are clearly listed and the same as the current course price.

Now, what is a crypto broker?

A broker trades the funds through a dealer network. So too, in the broadest sense, an over-the-counter (OTC) market for fans of cryptocurrencies. However, it is essential to distinguish between individual and platform-based offers, which have the same goal: Bringing buyers and sellers together.

Often, the transaction between buyers and sellers works remarkably quickly when the liquidity of this platform is high. Unfortunately, this means that many traders with different interests gather here, but there’s also the handing over of a large amount of money over the counter.

It is indeed practical that you can buy the coins here relatively cheaply. For example, if a seller wants to get rid of his cryptocurrencies at a low price for personal reasons. If you are quick, there are also a few bargains among the offers.

In return, it is never guaranteed that the cryptocurrencies exist to the extent that you as a trader might wish for.

What about the crypto CFD brokers?

Sure, we don’t want to conceal this area from you either. But first of all: what exactly is hidden behind these three mysterious letters? CFD means Contracts for Difference or contracts for difference.

So this is a high-risk investment where you can win big or lose basement-deep with leverage and low capital investment.

With increased opportunities, the traders with the CFDs also take increased risks, which is why CFD trading is only something for advanced traders.

However, a suitable CFD trading strategy is by no means everything. Because a serious crypto CFD broker also contributes to the success. The test winner of our Bitcoin broker comparison ROinvesting mainly offers “normal” trading in cryptocurrencies and CFDs.

Investors bet on the possible price development of a particular digital currency. The leverage multiplies the stake so that high profits (and high losses) are possible quickly.

A reputable crypto CFD broker offers not only trading itself but also service around it. That’s why our crypto CFD broker favourites have enough information on this complex trading area.

In connection with real-time prices and current reports from the financial sector, you should be well prepared for this adventure.

Crypto exchange comparison: What are the costs and fees?

When comparing digital exchanges, one shouldn’t forget to pay attention to fees. In practice, choosing a particular provider will make a financial difference. This is because the exchange fee models are structured very differently.

Trading fees

Purchase feesFree1.49%3.08% *0.41% *
Sales chargesSpreads1.49%3.08% *0.41% *
Total feesReasonable2.98%6.16%0.82% *

It is essential to pay attention to fees in normal trading. Here you will be confronted with a so-called trading fee. In most cases, such payments are staggered and depend on the respective transaction volume. The more units you trade, the lower the percentage of fees.

The best Bitcoin exchanges usually move between 1 and 2.5 per cent in terms of costs. [Such a cost model is likely to be known from one or the other stockbroker who is also based on trading volume and value – UNCLEAR & UNNECESSARY].

Deposit & withdrawal fee

DepositFree3.99%for freefor free
PayoutFree$ 0.151.9%for free
Total feesReasonable3.99% + $ 0.151.9%for free

The trading fees are only part of the possible costs. You should also keep your eyes open when making deposits or withdrawals. You will just have to accept that there’s a network fee for crypto transactions.

However, you will have to be prepared that an extra fee will be charged in some cases. This is not only the case with the classic Bitcoin exchanges but also with service providers such as Coinbase. A credit card deposit, for example, is charged with a fee of 3.9%, and even a regular transfer costs 1.45 per cent.

In fact, there is also one or the other provider who offers various trades or payouts utterly free of charge. This is, of course, particularly attractive from the retailer’s point of view.

administrative expenses

Holding feesFreefor free0.05% *for free

The so-called inactivity fee is triggered if you have not completed any trades or other activities on the platform for a long time.

Crypto exchange fees comparison

Let’s take the following example to compare the fees when buying e.g. Bitcoin:

  • We buy Bitcoin for € 1,000
  • We keep our Bitcoin for 30 days and then sell it again
  • We assume that the course will not change in the 30 days.

The following fees are composed at ROinvesting , Coinbase , Libertex and Plus500 :

DepositFree3.99%for freefor free
Purchase feesFree1.49%3.08% *0.41%
Holding feesFreefor free0.05% *for free
Sales chargesSpreads1.49%3.08% *0.41%
Payoutfree$ 0.151.9%for free
Total feesReasonable€ 68.24€ 92.32€ 8.20

The best Bitcoin exchanges: what payment methods are there?

How is the deposit made at the best Bitcoin and crypto exchanges in 2021? Of course, it all depends on the exchanges chosen, but the providers are similar in terms of their payment methods. If you use a purely cryptic network, you will only get access to it with cryptocurrencies.

In the deposit window, you should be shown the possible online currencies that are suitable for trading on the platform. You then have to initiate the transaction yourself. There are so-called crypto addresses for this.

The deposit is started from the personal crypto wallet. Here you will find the function of sending the coins. Finally, the necessary data for the transaction will be displayed on the payment page of the exchange.

Some exchanges will allow a simplecopy-pastee procedure, which promises the correct entry of all number sequences. How long the respective deposit then takes depends entirely on the selected network.

It should be known anyway that the speeds of the systems can differ greatly . In most cases, you should also receive precise instructions on the necessary process from your personal exchange.

Deposits with FIAT currencies

For quite a few traders, it should be a real hurdle if you can only use crypto currencies for deposits on a crypto exchange. After all, you first have to have the appropriate coins.

Therefore, a few providers, including Roinvesting, have now reacted to this problem and established a connection to real currencies . So you will be able to make deposits on one or the other exchange using FIAT currencies.

First and foremost, dollars will be accepted accordingly, but there  is also provision for euros, British pounds or Japanese yen. In any case, the way in which you can pay depends on the platform you choose.

If you want to buy various crypto currencies with a credit card, you have to search more intensively. With Bitcoin Exchanges in particular, conventional transfers are also trusted. However, digital wallets such as PayPal are unlikely to be found.

The popular payment service provider has deliberately withdrawn from transactions for cryptocurrencies. This is related to the in-house buyer protection , which actually means a certain level of security for users of the service. However, cryptocurrencies allow anonymous payments.

This is exactly what doesn’t fit PayPal’s business model. The company cannot then prove whether the promised payments have actually been carried out. Buyer protection can hardly be guaranteed in this way. Still, there are ways to buy Bitcoin with PayPal .

With our test winner ROinvesting, it is also possible to deposit with PayPal , making the broker our preferred provider for trading cryptocurrencies.

The best crypto exchanges and Bitcoin exchanges – conclusion, rating & recommendation

Even the best Bitcoin exchanges in 2021 can differ in all sorts of ways. Our test winner, ROinvesting, stands out from the crowd despite great competition.

This is also due to the ease of use, uncomplicated payment methods and the fact that you do not need a wallet . In addition, ROinvesting supports an incredible 160+ cryptocurrencies . The article reveals the best crypto exchanges and exchanges in 2021 in a comprehensive crypto broker comparison.

With all offers, it is wise to look at the exact advantages and disadvantages . So you can find the right Bitcoin Exchange in a short time. If you are not afraid of a slightly higher risk and are fundamentally interested in new trading opportunities, Bitcoin Robots could also be an investment opportunity .

The [not entirely undisputed – UNCLEAR & UNNECESSARY ] offers promise trading with the help of algorithms. The largest providers include Bitcoin Code, Bitcoin Revolution and Cryptosoft. However, be warned against high deposits. Such providers are nothing more than an experiment.


Our recommendation: Trading at Investby

Our recommendation: Trading at Investby

  • The broker provides an Islamic Account
  • It provides a dedicated account manager
  • Receive customised investment news
  • Trade with a variety of assets
  • There’s no deposit limit
ABinvesting Review

Our recommendation: Trading at ABInvesting

  • Acknowledge the financial markets through education material 
  • Free VPS is available 
  • Get a swap discount of 50 per cent 
  • Islamic Account is available to traders 
  • Select account types of your interest

Our recommendation: Trading at PrimeFin

  • Fifth decimal available 
  • Spreads begin from 0.03 pips
  • Commission is zero  
  • Full 10-hour support  
  • News alerts and VPS for traders


This is a trading platform for cryptocurrencies

That depends not least on your own commercial personality. But you should always be well advised with our test winner

No. If you are convinced that there will be no getting around Bitcoin and Co in the future, then long-term investments are also worthwhile.

You shouldn’t assume that. The big Bitcoin Exchanges are also gaining more and more customers as interest in Bitcoin continues to grow.

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