Chiliz forecast 2022, 2025 to 2030: course future current & long-term

October 2, 2021
We have taken a closer look at the Chiliz price development so far and will list a Chiliz forecast for the coming years based on indicators and past events.

Non-fungible tokens ( NFTs ) are currently in high demand – these are unique tokens that are not exchangeable. One point of contact for NFTs is Chiliz – a cryptocurrency platform forum aimed primarily at sports fans. Already introduced in 2019, Chiliz recently experienced a strong upward trend, although the rate of the native currency CHZ had hardly changed before. But what about another Chiliz forecast?

The cryptocurrency Chiliz was developed so that fans and sports enthusiasts can actively support their favourite team on the platform. In addition, users receive voting rights in the further development and organization of the platform. So far, the cryptocurrency has hardly had any resonance on other exchanges, but this changed suddenly when the price reached an all-time high on March 13, 2021.

But how does the Chiliz price come about? Why is the value falling or rising? What is the Chiliz forecast for 2021? And the Chiliz forecast 2025? We have taken a closer look at the Chiliz price development so far and will list a Chiliz price forecast for the coming years based on indicators and past events.

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Our Chiliz forecast 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030 to 2050: where is the Chiliz price going?
yearChiliz forecast lowChiliz forecast high
2021$ 0.23$ 0.48
2022$ 0.69$ 0.87
20231.62 USD1.95 USD
20241.30 USD1.45 USD
20251.95 USD$ 2.21

Due to the current trends in investor sentiment and the general orientation of the cryptocurrency market Chiliz (CHZ), in our opinion, has a perfect chance in the mark of 0.23 2021 bis 0.48 USD to reach. Provided that the trend continues for so long and Chiliz continues to enter into cooperation and partnerships, the Chiliz forecast for 2021 looks perfect.

For our Chiliz forecast 2022, we assume that the value can develop up to USD 0.87. On the other hand, according to our Chiliz forecast in 2023, the value could remain significantly higher than in 2022. According to our Chiliz forecast for 2024, the coin will collapse slightly and drop to a low of 1.30 USD. Therefore, we set the Chiliz forecast for 2025 after a substantial increase with a maximum value of 2.21 USD after the fall.

We derive our forecast from historical data but also from expectations. If Chiliz continues to develop its products and these products are accepted by the target group, the future could look very good. This CHZ price prediction is based on multiple sets of data and predictive models that assume that the current long-term trend that is driving the price of CHZ is going up without significant setbacks.

Using historical pricing data, predictive models, and investor sentiment obtained from various online sources, a Chiliz (CHZ) price prediction of approximately $ 0.87 to $ 3.14 by 2025 is possible.

A Chiliz prognosis 2030 or Chiliz prognosis 2050 is difficult to predict because everything stands or falls with the platform. Should Chiliz fail to prevail, the native cryptocurrency would also rapidly lose value. However, if more partnerships are entered into in the future, and more and more users use the platform, the price could skyrocket.

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How is the Chiliz Prize created? What is the Chiliz Prize?


When deciding to buy Chiliz, it is essential to know that other factors determine the price than with traditional assets. This is mainly because a company or a state does not support cryptocurrencies like Chiliz. This means there are no financial indicators, as one is used to with other assets such as stocks. In addition, Chiliz is not issued by a central bank or government. This means that Chiliz is not influenced by monetary policyinflation or economic growth.

The price is mainly determined by supply and demand. So when the demand increases, there are more buyers  (than sellers); thus, the Chiliz price increases. However, when there are more sellers, the price falls. In addition, the growth potential of Polkadot also plays an essential role in price development. The technical development of the platform also affects the CHZ course.

Other factors that can influence the Polkadot price are the number of current cryptocurrencies and also the number of exchanges on which Chiliz is traded. If all the more exchanges offer Chiliz, the demand also increases – as the purchase of the coins is made more accessible. On the other hand, it can also happen that the price falls if more and more owners decide to sell CHZ.

In short:  the price of Chiliz depends on several factors. Mainly, however, it is an interplay between the success of the platform and the native token CHZ. If the network is successful, the price rises – and vice versa. The more sports teams participate in the project, the more interesting it will be for investors.

Chiliz so far: Current Chiliz course

Current price in USD$ 0.5938
Current price in EUR0.4934 €
Total market value in USD$ 3,273,320,169
Total market value in EUR€ 2,737,447,618
Price change within the last 24 hours+ 16.93%
Updated18.03. 2021 at 12:00
Chiliz course so far: Our analysis


The current rate of CHZ is  EUR 0.482. Based on the starting price, this is an increase in value of  3558.55%.

  1. June 20, 2019: Chiliz starts its project and thus also the CHZ token, with which you can receive rewards on the cryptocurrency platform and support your favourite team. The coin starts with  0.0140 EUR.
  2. December 31, 2020: After a year and a half with a  fairly stable but very low price, Chiliz is experiencing a slight upswing with the crypto boom. The price is now  0.0188 EUR.
  3. March 5, 2021: More teams are joining Chiliz and entering into cooperation with the crypto portal. The price rises to 0.0916 EUR.
  4. March 13, 2021: Chiliz posted an all-time high of  EUR 0.7458 for the first time. The idea behind the portal seems to be working – more and more fans are deciding to participate in the project.

Should you buy Chiliz now or not? Does it make sense to buy Chiliz now?


Chiliz is currently very cheap to buy. Based on our forecast, one can assume that the token’s value will increase in the near future. The prerequisite for this is, of course, the success of the platform and the app. However, there is a unique concept behind Chiliz, which motivates sports enthusiasts to enter the cryptocurrency market and at the same time support their favourite team. If the concentration works out, we advise you to make an early investment in Chiliz. The easiest way to do this is currently via the  CFD broker Capixal, where you can bet on the course of USD / CHZ.

Will the value of Chiliz go up? Does CHZ still have a future? When will the Chiliz price explode?

It’s not that easy to answer. First, you must consider that the token has been around since  2019 but only became really successful in March 2021. A previous analysis of the data has significance hardly, as the price of Chiliz in the past stable has kept and it came to little fluctuations. However, the price reached an all-time high of  EUR 0.7458 on March  13, 2021, after which the price fell again. Price is currently fluctuating but could recover and skyrocket in the near future.

Is Chiliz a promising cryptocurrency based on the Chiliz forecast?

The project started in December 2019. Socios was designed as a voting and reward platform for sports and sports fans and focused on tokenization of the management of sports clubs. The service’s developers believe that blockchain technology, fan-led decision-making, and transparent public voting are the future of the sports clubs industry.

Indeed, the value of Chiliz could increase should the platform gain acceptance and gain more acceptance. Chiliz has several advantages that make the project extremely interesting. On the one hand, it is supported by existing reputable companies and on the other hand, some strategic alliances have already been entered into. Furthermore, the cooperation with sports clubs – also in the field of e-sports – increases the potential of cryptocurrency.

Based on our Chiliz forecast, you can see that the price may rise in the future – and can even rise above USD 1 by  2025. The prerequisites for this are in place; it now remains to be seen whether the trend will continue and whether the platform can establish itself.

Why does Chiliz lose value, and when does the Chiliz price fall again?

The Chiliz course depends on many factors. Among other things, of course, of supply and demand. Suppose more buyers are willing to buy CHZ, the price rises. However, when there are more sales, the price crashes. Based on our Chiliz forecast, it can already be seen that the Chiliz value depends heavily on supply and demand and the success of the exchange. In addition, the price of Chiliz depends, of course, on the platform  – the more partnerships and collaborations are entered into, the more successful the token could be.

NFTs are currently in high demand and are enjoying increasing popularity. Chiliz is no exception, if you have already looked at the historical development, you can quickly see that the price has skyrocketed within a short time. Above all, that depends on the fact that there is a really unique concept behind it.

In general, the price falls when acceptance is no longer there and there will also be technical problems in the future. Nevertheless, Chiliz plans to enter into more partnerships in the next few years – it remains to be seen whether the platform will prevail.

Chiliz forecast: when should you buy Chiliz?

According to our forecasts, the price of Chiliz will rise in the coming months and years, as the app is top-rated, especially among sports enthusiasts, and has an increasing number of users. The more popular the exchange becomes, the more popular the native CHZ token will be. The same applies, of course, to the platform founded by Chiliz – the more sports teams and especially soccer teams that join the platform, the more users will be interested in it.

If the positive trend in Chiliz continues, an early investment in CHZ is definitely worthwhile. In addition, the coins are currently still very cheap compared to other cryptocurrencies, so getting started early could be beneficial. If you want to bet on the CHZ course, we recommend the CFD broker Capixal.

Capixal is a CFD broker that enables you to experience all kinds of commodities and has existed since April 7th, 2016. In addition, the platform was named the best online trading platform 2020, among other things. Over 3000 assets can be traded on the platform, including Chiliz. We, therefore, recommend trading Chiliz CFDs for advanced traders.


Does it make sense to invest in Chiliz? Which cryptocurrency is the best investment?

In the last seven days alone (as of March 18, 2021), Chiliz was able to gain an impressive 131.94% in value and jumped from the 37th most successful cryptocurrency to 33rd place. At the moment, it looks like this trend will continue – but if you want to rely on well-known cryptos, here are some alternatives :

Alternative 1: Opportunities in the field of cryptocurrencies

If you want to invest in cryptocurrencies, you are of course, spoiled for choice. The most popular alternatives to Polkadot are:

  • Buy Bitcoin: The top dog among cryptocurrencies is seen by many as the “digital gold” and one of the most stable cryptos.
  • Buy Ripple: Ripple has emerged as one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the past few months.
  • Buy Ethereum: Ethereum is the solution for smart contracts and is still the second most popular cryptocurrency out there.

Alternative 2: crypto stocks

Another alternative is crypto stocks: chip manufacturers, mining companies and even the Bitcoin Group have so far posted substantial profits. So if you don’t just want to trade in cryptocurrencies, you can also benefit from stocks.

  • Bitcoin stocks: If you think that Bitcoin will outperform Chiliz, Bitcoin stocks are a good alternative.
  • NVIDIA stocks: NVIDIA manufactures important graphics chips, especially for mining – if the crypto boom continues, NVIDIA is undoubtedly a good investment.


Chiliz prognosis conclusion: Our analysis and recommendation

Chiliz is a cryptocurrency that aims to empower the sports industry and involve sports fans in the management of each club. This coin is based on the Ethereum blockchain and uses smart contracts to securely enable sports fans to vote and polls. Fans use CHZ to buy fan tokens for their favourite teams – but CHZ is becoming more attractive as a cryptocurrency for investors.

CHZ, which is used on the Socios platform as a means of payment and reward, is now also being used on other crypto exchanges. This is mainly due to the success of the platform itself, after all, tokens from clubs such as FC Barcelona, Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain, Atletico de Madrid and many more are already being offered on Socios. We are sure that more clubs will join when the platform becomes better known.

According to our Chiliz price forecast, the coin’s value will increase in the future – we assume that acceptance will skyrocket. In doing so, Socios primarily relies on young investors, as they also offer E.Sports teams.


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Chiliz is currently tradable in the form of CFD trading on Capixal.

It is up to you when you want to buy a cryptocurrency. At the moment, however, we recommend investing in CHZ, as our Chiliz forecast will keep the price rising in the next few years.

With Socios, Chiliz has created a unique platform that enables fans to support their favorite teams with the native token CHZ. This is a unique concept. The share price has risen rapidly since March 2021. Accordingly, one can assume that the price will continue to climb in the future.

CHZ is the governance token of the Chiliz cryptocurrency platform and the Socios app. The coins are issued as a reward for participants on the platform, and the token can also be used to buy fan tokens from sports teams. In the meantime, however, other platforms also offer cryptocurrency.

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