Ethereum Forecast 2022: current & long-term price outlook

October 4, 2021
You can find out what the future of this project looks like and whether an investment is worthwhile in our Ethereum forecast.

Ethereum (ETH) is the first blockchain platform with tokens, smart contracts and distributed applications (dApps). Ethereum has shown that you can do more with the blockchain than send coins. You can find out what the future of this project looks like and whether an investment is worthwhile in our Ethereum forecast.

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How is the Ethereum price created? What is the Ethereum price?

Ethereum is the name for the blockchain platform and is also used synonymously with the token. The token is actually called “Ether “, the abbreviation is ETH. It is this token that the Ethereum price prediction revolves around.

There is no company or central authority behind blockchain and cryptocurrency. There are foundations and developers, but in general, Ethereum is developed open source. The platform and the cryptocurrency belong to everyone—the laws of the free market.

Ethereum’s cryptocurrency is traded on many exchanges and stock exchanges. Here supply and demand alone determine the price. More demand leads to a higher price, while a falling demand increases the pressure to sell and thus causes the price to fall.

Various factors can lead to higher or lower demand. Traders buy Ethereum because they expect long-term or short-term profits. They hope that the project will be successful or that more traders will simply join so that they can benefit from the price increases.

At the same time, the ether token is also the basis for a wide variety of other tokens. Some time ago, it was the ICO’s, now it is mainly the DeFi topic that makes Ethereum so interesting. Ethereum is a whole ecosystem made up of different functions.

The growing interest in tokens and decentralized finance can lead to a rise in the Ethereum price. So while the DeFi topic continues to grow in importance, the Ethereum forecast also looks good.

In addition, there are external influences that can hardly be predicted. For example, nobody had the behaviour of the market during the Corona crisis on the screen for their Ethereum forecast 2020.


Ethereum price course so far: Our analysis

The ETH course has been registered since August 2015. Accordingly, there is plenty of data available for a forecast Ethereum price. Initially, the price of ether was quoted at $ 1 until 2016.

In 2016, the price rose to over $ 10. The big boom in the Ethereum price could be seen in 2017. In the first half of the year, the price rose from 1 ETH to over $ 300. On June 13, the price made it to nearly $ 400.

In the second half of the year, the course went high. The Ethereum price surged above $ 800 in December. The price reached its previous all-time high in January 2018. On January 15, the token was trading at $ 1,448.

The crash on the crypto market followed this. The price of Ethereum fell below $ 400 in April, then recovered into May, rising to over $ 700 and then continuing to decline in value.

Pretty much every cryptocurrency was affected by the crash. Over the course of the year, the Ethereum price continued to lose value. However, the all-time high in January showed the potential of cryptocurrency.


At the beginning of 2019, Ethereum was still trading at just under $ 1 00. Then, in June, the cryptocurrency was able to rise above $ 300 again. Then it went downhill again.

The Ethereum price prediction 2020 was uncertain how the price would go on. At first, however, it looked good, and the price rose in February of the new year.

What nobody could predict in their Ethereum price forecast 2020 was the sudden outbreak of the Corona crisis. The virus shook the markets and even caused investors to flee the crypto market. As a result, Ethereum’s price fell massively in March.

The price then recovered steadily and reached a new all-time high of US $ 2,042 on February 20, 2021. But what does that say about the Ethereum prospects?

Our Ethereum price forecast 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030 to 2050: Where is the silver price going?

Based on the technical analysis, Ethereum price forecast can be created based on the data of the previous price developments. Fundamental data such as the technological development of the blockchain, various events on the market or political decisions are hidden. It is advisable to keep an eye on such occasions as well.

ETH forecast 2021

For the year 2021, the Ethereum price forecast assumes rising prices until the end of the year. After that, perhaps Ethereum will hit a new all-time high. The average price should be around $ 2,9575.

January738-1,385$ 1,372
February1.317-2.042$ 1,480
March1,444-2,085$ 1,949
April1,581-2,415$ 2,103
May2,103-2,536$ 2,370
June2,370-2,941$ 2,749
July2,749-3,412$ 3,189
August3,189-3,958$ 3,699
September3,699-4,300$ 4,019
October3.140-4.019$ 3,376
November3,376-4,190$ 3,916
December3,916-4,861$ 4,543

Ethereum forecast 2022

The Ethereum price forecast predicts rising prices for 2022 . However, the price will fall again towards the end of the year. The average value should therefore be quoted at 4,999 US dollars .

January4,113-4,733$ 4,423
February4,423-5,315$ 4,967
March4,967-6,165$ 5,762
April4,501-5,762$ 4,840
May4,840-6,007$ 5,614
June5,614-6,968$ 6,512
July5,155-6,512$ 5,543
August4,330-5,543$ 4,656
September4,358-5,014$ 4,686
October4,594-5,286$ 4,940
November3,860-4,940$ 4,150
December3,242-4,150$ 3,486

Ethereum forecast 2023

For the year 2023 , the Ethereum price forecast expects prices to continue falling until the end of the year. Due to the high values ​​in the first half of the year, the average price is still an impressive 3,925 US dollars .

January3,486-4,327$ 4,044
February4,044-4,996$ 4,669
March4,519-5,199$ 4,859
April4,859-6,031$ 5,636
May4,403-5,636$ 4,734
June4,734-5,875$ 5,491
July4,289-5,491$ 4,612
August3,648-4,612$ 3,923
September3,064-3,923$ 3,295
October2,574-3,295$ 2,768
November2,451-2,821$ 2,636
December2,059-2,636$ 2,214

Ethereum forecast 2024

This development will continue into 2024 . The price will continue to fall until spring. The average price is likely to be around $ 2,000 .

January1,774-2,214$ 1,907
February1,907-2,367$ 2,212
March1,728-2,212$ 1,858
April1,452-1,858$ 1,561
May1,561-1,938$ 1,811
June1,811-2,248$ 2,101
July2.101-2.608$ 2,437
August2,269-2,611$ 2,440
September1.907-2.440$ 2,050
October2,050-2,544$ 2,378
November1,858-2,378$ 1,998
December1.998-2.480$ 2,318

Ethereum forecast 2025 to 2050

The Ether price forecast 2025 predicts rising prices again. The average price will be $ 2.535.

20252,329-2,741$ 2,642

The Ethereum forecast 2030 also assumes rising prices. The price is moving towards the level of the all-time high of the past few years. The average price will be trading at $ 3,552.

20303.182-3.923$ 3,376

Twenty years later, the price is likely to have increased enormously. In 2050, the average price of Ethereum is projected to be $ 6.244.

20505,237-7,252$ 6,467

Should you buy Ethereum now or not? Does it make sense to buy Ethereum now?

According to our current Ethereum price forecast, Ethereum will be able to benefit from rising prices in the coming months and years. In fact, the price will likely hit a new all-time high. Accordingly, Ethereum is currently a sensible investment.

Apart from the technical factors, fundamental aspects speak in favour of a positive Ethereum price forecast. Decentralized finance and tokenization are important topics and have the potential to explode in the near future. And Ethereum plays an important role in both.


Will Ethereum’s Value Go Up? Does Ethereum still have a future? When will the Ethereum price explode?

According to our Ethereum price prediction, the price of Ethereum will rise for quite a while. Ethereum still ranks second among cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalization and trading volume, just behind the eternal number 1 Bitcoin. Even if there are competing blockchains that have similar functions, Ethereum will likely hold its position.

It is difficult to predict when the price of Ethereum will explode again. Fundamental aspects are often responsible for this, not the constant price developments to which the technical analysis refers. However, if there is another run on cryptocurrencies, then the price of Ethereum will also pick up properly.

Is Ethereum a Good Investment?

According to our Ethereum price development in the long term, Ethereum is certainly a good investment. The cryptocurrency is expected to gain in value and will continue to increase in the future. However, exchange rate losses are still possible in the meantime.

The blockchain, the decentralized applications that are developed on it and the DeFi sector are decisive for Ethereum. In the long run, Ethereum is more about the platform than the cryptocurrency itself.

However, there is one thing you shouldn’t forget: Theoretically, the ether cryptocurrency will inflate indefinitely. This is because it serves primarily as fuel for the Ethereum network, not as an investment. Therefore, if the price does not rise sharply, this can mean a loss in the value of the investment in the long term.


Why does Ethereum lose value and when does the Ethereum price fall again?

The prices of cryptocurrencies are constantly moving up and down, with the good cryptocurrencies tending to rise. Ethereum is definitely one such cryptocurrency. Therefore, the Ethereum forecast generally assumes rising prices.

Occasional price drops are not uncommon. However, seasoned traders know that there is nothing to worry about. Sometimes they are just the result of cyclical movements.

When should you buy Ethereum?

The worst time to buy Ethereum is probably never. Or if the course is just about to fly high and then crash. Anyone who then tries to make short-term profits will not succeed.

The Ethereum price forecast also provides for rising prices in the short term. So it might be worth joining now. The TradeATF exchange with its wallet function and social trading is an ideal point of contact for this.


Ethereum Price Prediction Conclusion: Our analysis and recommendation

Ethereum is the largest cryptocurrency right after Bitcoin, and nothing will change that for the foreseeable future. Moreover, the Ethereum price forecast currently assumes rising rates for the next few months and years. Investment is, therefore, a reasonable consideration if you want to diversify your portfolio.


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