Litecoin forecast 2022, 2025 to 2030: current & long-term course outlook

October 6, 2021
You can find out whether an investment in LTC is worthwhile in our Litecoin forecast

Is Litecoin (LTC) actually the silver when Bitcoin is the gold of cryptocurrencies? Litecoin is one of the oldest cryptocurrencies and currently ranks 9th in terms of market capitalization. You can find out whether an investment in LTC is worthwhile in our Litecoin forecast

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How is the Litecoin price created? What is the Litecoin price?

As a cryptocurrency, the principle of supply and demand alone determines the price of Litecoin. It is a decentralized payment network, independent of government institutions or companies. This network belongs to the general public, is maintained voluntarily by a community and developed open source.

Cryptocurrency is a truly free market. There is a lot of discussion about what is the intrinsic value of a cryptocurrency like Litecoin. This can vary from coin to coin and token to token, but in the end, it is the buyers and sellers who make their decisions about where the price goes.

The general Litecoin price is made up of the individual prices of the various online trading venues. Their prices are constantly determined and added up. The result is the global Litecoin price.

If the demand for Litecoin increases on the individual exchanges and buyers are willing to pay higher prices, then the cryptocurrency price also increases. But, conversely, increased selling pressure leads to falling prices.


Demand for cryptocurrencies

Various factors can lead to higher or lower demand. For example, if the demand for cryptocurrencies is generally high, this usually also affects the price of Litecoin. But, conversely, the Litecoin price also suffers from the falling interest in cryptocurrencies.

Especially in times of crisis, when the euro and dollar are weak, and stocks are worthless, investors look for alternatives. In the meantime, however, interest in cryptocurrencies is growing so much that institutional investors are also increasingly entering the crypto market. You will learn later how this can affect the Litecoin price forecast.

Litecoin price course so far: Our analysis

The Litecoin price has been determined since 2013. So we have a lot of data for technical analysis. The technical analysis is based on the development of the courses in the past and provides forecasts based on this. External influences and unforeseen events must be disregarded. For example, nobody was able to predict the reaction of the markets to the corona crisis in their 2020 Litecoin price prediction. 

In 2013, the Litecoin price was initially quoted at $ 3 per coin. On November 28, the climbed price a value of 50 US dollars, was then but for the rest of the year descending. Time of the exchange loss falls with the hack of the Mt. Gox platform together. In 2015, the rate initially moved to around $ 2 . In July, it climbed to over $ 7. In the end, the price closed at $ 3.

2016 was a quiet year for the course. The price fluctuated between $ 3 and $ 4 on average. It wasn’t until 2017 that the courses on the crypto market really picked up speed. From April the Litecoin price rose steadily, where the price rose to 10 US dollars. In the course of the next few months, the price first climbed the mark of 50 US dollars (July), and later over 80 US dollars (September). After a brief downward slide, Litecoin started its final spurt.

The price reached its all-time high in this hot phase on December 18, 2017. An LTC was quoted at 360 US dollars. After that, the market crashed, and Litecoin and many other cryptocurrencies increasingly lost their value. The rate rose to over $ 200 in February 2018 and to $ 170 in May. Apart from that, the price went down significantly. At the end of the year, it recorded an LTC at 31 US dollars.


Current Litecoin price rate

In 2019, things initially went up, in June, the cryptocurrency was quoted at 130 US dollars. However, after that, the course lost ground again. Nevertheless, many indicators led to a positive Litecoin forecast for 2020. However, the corona crisis was not a factor in any of the Litecoin price predictions for 2020.

The panic in the markets also included cryptocurrencies and caused the tentatively rising rate to fall to $ 36 in March. The price stayed at $ 50 for the remainder of the year until the price passed the $ 100 mark in December.

 The positive trend will continue in 2021. The Litecoin price forecast currently assumes rising prices.

Our Litecoin forecast 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030 to 2050: Where is the Litecoin price going?

Our Litecoin forecast is based on the technical analysis of the previous price development. For investment decisions, other factors such as the development of the overall market, the acceptance by the public, and keeping traditional investors in mind are important.

2021Min-Max (in USD)End (in USD)

The Litecoin forecast is expected for the rising prices year 2,021th Over the course of the year, the price will continue to rise, with a few temporary drops in price. The average price is likely to be around $ 222.

2022Min-Max (in USD)End (in USD)

Initially, the price can hold this level at the beginning of 2022, but then the price will steadily fall. According to our Litecoin price prediction, the average price will be $ 223.

2023Min-Max (in USD)End (in USD)

This trend will continue into 2023. According to our Litecoin price prediction, the price will fall to 100 US dollars by the end of the year, interrupted by a phase of rising prices in the summer. The average price is likely to be $ 173.

2024Min-Max (in USD)End (in USD)

The Litecoin price forecast expects prices to rise again in 2024, even if prices will not reach the level of 2021. The average price would be $ 115.

2025-2050Min-Max (in USD)End (in USD)

Rising prices are expected for the Litecoin forecast 2025. The price will average $ 145. According to our Litecoin forecast, this trend will continue in 2030. The price will fluctuate around an average of $ 238. The Litecoin price development over the long term looks for 2050 also against rising prices. The average price will have increased to $ 607.

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Should you buy Litecoin now or not? Does it make sense to buy Litecoin now?

In our Litecoin price forecast, we currently expect rising prices. In the next few months and by the year 2023, the Litecoin price should continue to rise. If you want to realize profits during this time, an investment in Litecoin could be worthwhile.

The Litecoin price development in the long term expects falling prices for several years. So if you want to make a longer-term investment, you have to be patient until the price rises again.

Will Litecoin go up in value? Does Litecoin still have a future? When will the Litecoin price explode?

Litecoin has been one of the ten largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization for years. Even if LTC loses a few places, the coin is still a well-established entity and a popular alternative to Bitcoin.

However, it is difficult to predict when the LTC price will go through the roof again. Various factors can cause such an event. If there is a new rally in the crypto market, it will surely fuel the price of Litecoin as well.

Is Litecoin a good investment?

Litecoin has done very well so far. The cryptocurrency is an alternative to Bitcoin if you want to diversify your portfolio. However, it is advisable to first rely on Bitcoin, as the potential is much greater here.


Why does Litecoin lose value, and when does the Litecoin price fall again?

Cryptocurrencies are known for their high volatility. Experts are constantly wondering why the prices of coins and tokens keep falling. What is certain, however, is that prices will rise again soon afterwards.

When should you buy Litecoin?

If you have a longer-term strategy in mind, there is hardly a wrong time to buy Litecoin. According to our Litecoin forecast, the price will increase even further in the coming years. As a rule, investors want to get in when prices are low in order to sell again at a higher price. But there is no guarantee that the price will actually fall again.

 Litecoin forecast Conclusion: Our analysis and recommendation

Litecoin provides a good alternative to Bitcoin. The Litecoin outlook is positive in terms of price, but you also need to prepare for a dry spell of falling prices.


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