Investing 100 euros: cryptocurrencies, stocks or ETFs?

October 6, 2021
How can you start investing 100 euros sensibly? If you want to invest € 100, you are spoiled for choice. The first question that may arise is where to invest your money.

Do you have € 100 left? Investors can invest even with this small amount.

Secured brokers show the best way to start investing 100 euros and what options are available for this.

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How can you invest 100 euros sensibly?

If you want to invest € 100, you are spoiled for choice. The first question that may arise is where to invest your money. Then you have to decide whether you want to invest your money in stocks, funds or cryptocurrencies.

In addition, there are, of course, other assets to choose from, such as trading with Raw materialsor with property. In our review, we limit ourselves to stocks, ETFs and cryptocurrencies, as the rather small amount of € 100 is the most likely to make a profit.

€ 100 should be the minimum amount if you want to invest money. Most online brokers require a higher minimum deposit here. You should use an online broker if you want to invest € 100.

Serious providers often shine through their low fees, which quickly make going to the bank unnecessary. You can also follow your investments here from the comfort of your own home and, if necessary, react quickly if prices take a different direction than expected.

For some investors, it might also be interesting to trade for profit and keep an eye on the environment and the climate. There are various options available for this growing number of investors to invest green.

In order to be able to invest 100 euros, you should make it clear in advance which trading strategy you want to pursue. Either you rely on short-term profits, such as day trading with stocks, could make it possible.

Alternatively, you could also create a savings plan and invest € 100 per month in a certain type of investment.

Regardless of where you want to invest, we recommend that you do this with our test winner broker TradeATF, as you have absolutely the best conditions in cryptocurrencies, stocks & ETF trading!

Where to invest € 100? Best brokers for investing in stocks, ETFs & cryptocurrencies:


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  • Commodities
  • Forex 40 +
  • Metals
  • Stocks
  • Indices
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Metals
  • Forex
  • Indices
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Commodities
  • Stocks


  • Forex 40+
  • Metals
  • Commodities
  • Stocks
  • Indices
  • Cryptocurrencies


Savings plan: invest 100 euros a month

For investors who are primarily aiming for long-term profits, it can make sense to create a savings plan. Even with just € 100 a month, you can achieve a good return in the long term.

Since this is a rather small amount, you shouldn’t choose your portfolio too broad. Funds are one of the most popular ways to invest small amounts per month. Here you look for an attractive ETF and pay 100 euros a month.

It is up to the investor which ETF to choose. Here is an overview of the best ETFs.If you want to follow the green trend, you will find a list of green funds here.

If you want to invest exactly 100 euros a month, pure investment in stocks should be rather suboptimal. But with a bit of flexibility, you can get good return opportunities here too.

Since the share prices of large companies always fluctuate around a certain value, you will usually not be able to invest exactly € 100. However, if you are willing to put your range at € 80-120 per month, you could always stock up on new stocks every month.

Of course, investing in stocks is much riskier than investing in ETFs. Since funds cover a vast number of stocks, they can usually be viewed as a safer investment that promises fewer profits but also less risk.

So if you decide to invest 100 euros a month, you will be best advised with a fund if you want to make these investments a savings option.

Invest 100 euros in stocks


“I want to invest, 100 euros!” Anyone who comes to his house bank with this sentence will not infrequently be smiled at. Investing € 100 once in stocks is still worthwhile.

But it is better to entrust your money to an online broker if you want to speculate on stocks.

You have the choice of how you want to design your portfolio. The low investment of € 100 also makes riskier stocks attractive, as you don’t make too big a minus in the event of price losses.

In contrast to this, high profits can be achieved with day trading, which quickly increase the amount deposited.

There are two ways in which you can invest € 100 in stocks. Either you opt for your portfolio that includes several stocks. However, these must be very cheap so that the € 100 investment is not exceeded.

On the other hand, you can just buy a more expensive stock from a larger company and be open to smaller returns. Secured brokershas created a list of stocks that could be considered for investment in 2022.

When making your selection, you should ensure that the selected share does not exceed the investment amount of € 100.

A small investment in stocks can always be made with a high-risk tolerance. Especially companies that are relatively fresh on the stock exchange can be considered for such a small investment.

There is a possibility that the price could rise more steeply in the future and thus make a profit. Of course, as an investor, you have to cope with falling prices when the stock market starts badly.

Invest 100 euros in ETF


Anyone who wants to invest 100 euros in ETFs once should not hope to make high profits in the near future. In most cases, funds are characterized by the profits being rather low, but possible losses also remain within an acceptable range.

Nevertheless, you can also invest the small amount of 100 euros in ETFs.

It is advisable to trust an ETF, especially for very conservative investment types. As a rule, however, it is advisable to accept a higher risk when investing such a small amount.

Therefore, you should use ETFs if you want to invest these 100 euros per month and not just once. Shares or cryptocurrencies are better suited for one-off investments, as there are much higher profit opportunities.

Nevertheless, it cannot be said across the board that every ETF only has relatively low earning potential. If you look at the trend in green investments, for example, you can see that the funds here have not infrequently been able to generate returns of 30% or more in the last 2-3 years.

For those interested, however, a higher investment should pay off all the more.

Invest 100 euros per month: This is how much you can earn with 100 euros per month:

Start-up capital (€): Savings rate (€): Savings length (years):



MSCI World: (7.7%)

DAX: (6.08%)

S&P 500: (7.95%)

Individual return:

To 6th Years your investment will be worth so much: € 16,950

Investment growth over time


genreStarting AmountTotal ContributionsTotal Interest Earned
2021€ 5K€ 1.2K436
2022€ 5K€ 2.4K1.005
2023€ 5K€ 3.6K1.709
2024€ 5K€ 4.8K2.560
2025€ 5K€ 6K3,570
2026€ 5K€ 7.2K4,750

Investment balance for the year 2026


TaskHours per day
Starting investment€ 5K
Total Contributions€ 7.2K
Total Interest Earned€ 4.75K

Start-up capital:€ 5,000Total savings:€ 7,200Interest earned:€ 4,750

yearSeed capitalAnnual savings rateTotal savingsTotal interest incomeInterest earnedfinal amount
2021€ 5,000€ 1,200€ 1,200€ 436€ 436€ 6,636
2022€ 5,000€ 1,200€ 2,400€ 569€ 1.005€ 8.405
2023€ 5,000€ 1,200€ 3,600€ 704€ 1.709€ 10.309
2024€ 5,000€ 1,200€ 4,800€ 851€ 2,560€ 12,360
2025€ 5,000€ 1,200€ 6,000€ 1,010€ 3,570€ 14,570
2026€ 5,000€ 1,200€ 7,200€ 1,180€ 4,750€ 16,950
Invest 100 euros in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies:


Investing 100 euros in Bitcoin: is it worth it ? If you want to invest 100 euros in cryptocurrency, you can easily do this if you have a suitable wallet .

The popular coins continue to attract various types of investors and can also be considered for a small investment.

Anyone who has already dealt with Bitcoin a bit knows that the prices are often highly volatile and that at the same time, there is a high risk of making losses and making high profits.

Especially if you only want to invest 100 euros in cryptocurrency, the investment can be a profitable business under certain circumstances. Of course, you don’t have to invest 100 euros in Bitcoin.

Also, other cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin or Ethereum have a lot of potentials to make an investment of € 100 profit.

Since the Bitcoin rate fluctuates, one should be careful to buy at a relatively low rate and then hope for price gains.

If you want to invest 100 euros in Bitcoin, you also need an account with a crypto exchange. Only then can the invested € 100 also be used for crypto trading. We recommend our test winner broker TradeATF, here you have the best conditions for trading cryptocurrencies.

In order to be able to invest € 100 in Bitcoin, a wallet is usually required. But there is also another way to invest in cryptocurrencies without having to own a wallet.

Using so-called CFDs, you can bet on cryptocurrencies and benefit from predicted price events. If you want to use CFDs to invest 100 euros in cryptocurrency, you need an online broker.

Incidentally, TradeATF offers both options: Here, you can buy real cryptocurrencies and manage them with the integrated wallet or trade the rates of cryptocurrencies using CFDs.


Investing 100 euros profitably Conclusion – Our recommendation:

If you want to invest profitably, 100 € can be enough to achieve decent profits. Nevertheless, with this rather low stake, you shouldn’t have too high hopes that you will soon be among the top 1%.

Every investor who wants to invest 100 euros should be aware that the amount of profits in classic investment opportunities, such as funds, should be rather limited.

However, since the loss of € 100 is manageable, investments can be made with this small amount that would be avoided with higher amounts due to the high risk.

For the investor, this means that he could accept a higher risk when investing € 100 in order to get the chance to achieve bigger profits. Of course, you have to be able to live with the fact that your commitment could be lost under certain circumstances.

Crypto fans will want to invest their 100 euros in Bitcoin. Here, too, you can benefit from price gains if necessary.

If you are not aiming for short-term profits, a monthly recurring investment of € 100 could be an option. Such savings plans can generate good returns over a long period of time.

Funds are particularly suitable for this type of investment. Alternatively, you can put together your own portfolio of stocks.


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The article discusses the various investment options. Among other things, stocks, cryptocurrencies, commodities, forex trading, CFD trading, real estate, savings books, indices and many other forms of investment are top-rated.

Your own trading personality plays a role here. How much money do you take in hand? Are you investing conservatively or risky? Are you investing as an alternative to saving, or do you expect juicy returns?

You should carefully examine your own financial needs before deciding on a suitable investment.

Of course, the amount is relatively small. Nevertheless, even small amounts can be worthwhile if you want to invest. In times of negative interest rates, traditional saving hardly makes any sense. Investments are therefore the smarter choice: Here, you get the chance of good returns, although there is also a risk that is calculable.

Many online brokers have academies that allow adequate further training. Alternatively, trading courses are offered on the web, but here you should place a high emphasis on the seriousness of the provider.

Current news and trading strategies are, of course also explained in detail here at Secured brokers in separate articles.

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