Trading demo account comparison 2022 ➡️ the best demo accounts

October 13, 2021
We look at who such a trading demo account is worthwhile and how to use it best. We also clarify what to look out for if you want to learn how to trade with a wide variety of digital assets.

If you want to trade without risk, you should look for a trading demo account. In our trading demo account comparison 2022, we choose the best trading demo account 2022.

We look at who such a trading demo account is worthwhile and how to use it best. We also clarify what to look out for if you want to learn how to trade with a wide variety of digital assets.

After all, the trading practice account should be equipped with as many useful features as possible so that you can experience the full trading spectrum. The practical thing about trading without risk is that you don’t have to put your own money at risk to gain sustainable trading experience.

If you have built up enough knowledge of the various trading strategies, you can always opt for a real money account later. However, there are then some risks for the financial investment. But also opportunities to win!

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What are the best trading demo accounts or demo broker accounts?

The experts at Securedbrokers have looked closely at the trading demo account world and the free share accounts. Various factors make the assessment easier.

We paid particular attention to the user-friendly design of the platform and the wide range of trading options. In addition, the fees are a bit important to us if you want to switch to the real money account later.

To use a free share account, it is also crucial to what extent you can use the authentic platform. For example, are there any restrictions on access to the tools? The trading practises account should also be usable for as long as possible so that you can work out your trading strategies in peace.

At the same time, using such a trial account only makes sense if there is enough play money available.

Demo account comparison: how do I use it?

Demo account comparison: how do I use it?

Now let’s take a look at how logging in to the best demo accounts works. First, you should pay attention to a few points that tell you a lot about the transparency and seriousness of the providers. If there is reason to doubt the severity of a provider, one should, of course, refrain from opening an account.

But even if it is “only” about a demo account, there are a few steps that you have to take before you can use it. This includes registration, verification and then finally trading with the free demo account. With large providers, the registration process is usually very similar. This results from the guidelines of the financial supervisory authority, which the providers must follow.

Demo account comparison: the registration

Registering with the major providers is usually quite easy. The registration form is usually very prominent on the home page. So you don’t have to search long. You then enter your personal data such as surname, first name and email address in the registration form. If that is done, you have to assign yourself a password that is as secure as possible.

In the meantime, an e-mail from the operator should have arrived in the virtual mailbox. However, a link to confirm the account opening is hidden there. If you click on this link, you get back to the platform and login for the first time.

This completes the first step of registering with a trading platform. Now you can choose whether you want a real money account or a demo account. Since we are interested in learning different trading strategies without financial risk, we now decide on the demo account.

Demo broker account comparison: the verification

If you fall back on providers from the EU, the next step is verification. As part of the Know Your Customer process, the platforms require customers to disclose their own identities. This also applies if you initially only want to move across the platform in demo mode (practice mode).

The providers are obliged to check carefully who is on the trading platform. Accordingly, you have to go through the verification if you just want to get a taste of it. A copy of your ID card or passport is uploaded for verification.

Sometimes these documents can also be checked via live chat. However, checking the uploaded documents can sometimes take a few working days.

In addition, the providers require proof of address. This is provided in the form of a copy of an official letter or an energy bill. Your address is entered there. Once this step has been taken, you can finally start trading in the free demo mode.

Demo account comparison: The trade

When trading with the free demo account, you have to pay attention to the following: How long can I use the demo account, how much play money is available to me and what are the limitations about using the real offer?

Once you have clarified these questions, you can get started and use the play money as a cheap lesson. You should try out as many trading tools and options as possible to gain the broadest possible experience.

The Best Trading Demo Accounts: Comparison & Examples

Now we come to the results of our trading demo account comparison 2022. When choosing the best practice account 2022, we made sure that the overall package was right. Each platform presented here has its unique features, but it is also a solid offer.

The best demo broker accounts for 2022 include Roinvesting, ETFinance and T1markets. With these three providers of our trading demo account comparison 2022, interested investors will find the opportunity to stroll through the platform in demo mode. Let’s look at the three providers in detail.

1. ETFinance

The provider ETFinance offers one of the best trading demo accounts. The platform has been on the market since 2019 and has since developed into a strong global provider. With its headquarters in Cyprus, ETFinance is regulated and licensed by the local financial supervisory authority CySEC.

So you don’t have to worry about security here. This is also shown by the large customer base of over 5 million customers in over 140 countries.

So many loyal customers can’t be wrong. If you look closely, you quickly understand why so many people are enthusiastic about ETFinance. Here, the trader can expect the entire range of the online exchange currently. Nothing to be desired is left disappointed, from the share prices in euros to the various analysis tools.

Trading is made extremely easy with these aids. In addition, the range of different digital assets is enormous. From stocks to commodities, ETFs to cryptocurrencies, everything is included here. So there is no boredom in trading.

And, of course, ETFinance also offers a free demo broker account. Here, newcomers can move around the platform with play money and try out the various trading strategies.

All trading tools are available to investors so that they get to know the platform well. You can switch to a real money account at any time.

2. Roinvesting

Also, Roinvesting offers the best trading demo account. The broker has existed since 2015 and is one of the largest online brokers in the world.

Here, too, customers can expect a wide range of different digital assets. Traders can choose between 4,000 different trading options. A big plus is that none of these options is missing in demo mode.

The analysis tools are also diverse and range from courses in euros to statistics and analysis tools. So if you want to use the entire range of the CFD broker, it also works extremely well in demo mode.

Because the platform is minimalist and clearly structured, even beginners can get started here quite intuitively. So there shouldn’t be any big problems using the offer.

3. TradeATF

The online broker TradeATF offers the best trading demo account with many interesting features. TradeATF is also a long-established trading platform from Edinburgh, United Kingdom.

TradeATF has been active since 2013 and is also regulated and licensed in Cyprus by the financial supervisory authority CySEC based there. The common security standards can also be found at TradeATF.

TradeATF cannot (yet) shine with such a large customer base as ETFinance, but the range of digital assets shines here. Traders can choose from over 2,000 different stocks, currencies, commodities and indices. And, of course, also in demo mode.

And despite a large number of offers, the platform is still user-friendly and clearly structured. As a result, experienced traders should not have any major problems orienting themselves on the platform.

Some of the features of the online exchange are also currently available to traders in demo mode. The various trading tools offer the rates in not only euros but also very different analysis tools.

However, should questions or problems arise on the trading horizon, you have the option of contacting customer support via live chat or email in nine different languages.

Trading demo broker account without registration – possible or not?

Trading demo broker account without registration – possible or not?

Our demo account comparison has shown that you cannot avoid registering with the respective platform if you have decided on a trading account. The difference, however, is that if you only want to use the practice account, you don’t have to verify yourself first. Say, the only thing needed for an application is usually the name, the e-mail address and password.

When you decide to switch to a real account, you have to provide more information and be verified by different procedures (depending on the trading platform).

Unlimited trading demo account

With an unlimited trading demo account, investors can refine and test their investment strategies. Unfortunately, with some demo account providers, investors often only have small amounts available in the demo account. Therefore, we looked at different demo accounts and found a very good demo account at ETFinance.

The demo account at ETFinance is almost unlimited. Investors have access to € 100,000 of virtual money per demo account. With this virtual money, investors can risk-free test their own strategies and try out new strategies. Furthermore, if an investor has used up the € 100,000, he can easily open a new additional demo account with ETFinance. This means that the demo account at ETFinance is practically unlimited.

A variety of practical functions characterizes the trading demo account from ETFinance. First of all, real-time data is available to users of the demo account. This can ensure that trading in the demo account is realistic. In addition, ETFinance offers its users a wide variety of tools and charts for analyzing the respective securities. This means that a comprehensive technical analysis is also possible in the demo account at ETFinance, and investors can easily test and refine their strategies.

ETFinance’s demo account offers investors practical unlimited virtual means of investing and gives users complete access to the trading platform. Therefore, the ETFinance demo account is the perfect choice for all traders looking for an unlimited trading demo account.

Trading demo account Metatrader

At MetaTrader, too, investors have the opportunity to set up a trading demo account. Various functions and more than 80 tradable markets are available to investors in this demo account. These include forex pairs, cryptocurrencies and various indices.

The Metatrader demo account offers investors € 30,000 virtual credit with which users can test their strategies risk-free. The Metatrader demo account also has a wide range of functionalities. With the various indicators, which are also available in live trading, the analysis of securities in the demo account is possible under realistic conditions.

The advantage of the demo account is that investors can experiment here risk-free before investing real money. Compared to other demo accounts, such as ETFinance, the Metatrader demo account has a lower virtual capital. Therefore, with this in mind, we prefer the ETFinance demo account for trading.

Demo account comparison: which is the best demo account for which asset?

Demo account shares

In our test, we were able to determine a clear test winner: ETFinance. The demo account offers a perfect overview of how live trading in stocks would work. In addition, you get virtual credit and real-time charts with which you can “buy” shares. So you can also think about long-term strategies.

Demo account CFDs

Here, too, we decided on our test winner ETFinance. You can trade a large number of assets on ETFinance, including, of course, CFDs. The clear platform allows even beginners in CFD trading to enter. Established investors know that CFD trading is always associated with great risk, so ETFinance makes it easier for beginners to get started.

Demo account forex

If you want to trade virtually with currency pairs, you can, of course, do so with most brokers. However, with our test winner ETFinance, you also have the opportunity to trade Forex virtually before investing your real capital.

Bitcoin demo account

We recommend our test winner ETFinance according to our Bitcoin demo account comparison criteria if you want to trade with cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin. The big advantage with ETFinance is that you can buy Bitcoin in the form of CFDs and ” real coins “. You can practice this in the demo account. Those who are not very familiar with cryptocurrencies can read about it very well on the ETFinance help page.

When is a real money account worthwhile?

Risk-free trading: for whom is a demo account worthwhile?

A free demo account is especially worthwhile for anyone who wants to learn online trading. Because where better to let off steam in the area of ​​stocks for beginners than on an authentic platform? Exactly and that is why many beginners in the trading field first look for a free demo account to learn how to deal with the stocks in peace.

The various providers enable interested parties to gain extensive experience on the platform with a smaller or larger amount of play money. Learning online trading works great because the financial pressure is completely eliminated. This allows you to concentrate fully on dealing with stocks for beginners.

You also get to know the individual features of the trading platform yourself at the same time. Then, if you decide to switch to a real money account later, you know your way around right away. And can implement the learned strategies in a familiar trading environment.

Learning to trade with a demo account: what is important?

If you want to learn the best way to buy stocks, you can do it in demo mode because it shows us what to look out for when it comes to buying stocks. If you want to learn how to trade with a demo broker account, you should ensure that the operators give you as much freedom and options as possible.

So you can test the entire spectrum of the retail world for yourself. And you should do that too. Because if you want to buy stocks, there are various tips and tricks for doing so. However, you can only learn this fundamentally if you look around the platform intensively for a while. Since there is no financial risk here, no option should be missed.

It is wise to choose a reputable provider right from the start. In our demo account comparison, all providers can convince in terms of seriousness. Because once you have learned to buy stocks, you can start using real money right away.

When is a real money account worthwhile?

As soon as you feel safe with the developed strategies, you can switch to real money mode. It is important not to overestimate yourself. Because usually, the winning numbers are a little bit embellished in demo mode. So you shouldn’t approach the investment adventure real money trading with too high expectations.

Earning money quickly without risk is not possible in real money mode because the risk is always there. If you want to earn money quickly without risk, you may not be right with the online stock exchange at the moment. However, as soon as you are sure of your own abilities and skills and have a good overview of the trading risks, a real money account can be worthwhile.

Our trading demo account experiences – why the ETFinance demo account is our recommendation:

A trading demo account is a helpful tool for testing and refining trading strategies. We have gained our own experience in this area and, based on this experience, recommend the ETFinance trading demo account.

We recommend this account because it convinced us on several levels. First, the demo account is completely free and can be used in the web browser and the app. Second, the demo account users can access a virtual credit of € 100,000 and trade a wide variety of asset classes with this budget.

The demo account offers all the functionalities that the live account offers. In this point, ETFinance can differentiate itself from some competitors because they do not display the full functionality of the regular account in the demo account.

The ETFinance trading platform is designed to be user-friendly, and users of the demo account have access to a wide variety of tools for analyzing the securities. Thanks to the real-time data, trading on the demo account is very realistic, and traders can test their strategies on real data.

Innovative functions such as copy trading can also be implemented in the demo account. This allows investors to familiarize themselves with these functions without risk and to test them extensively.

We have had very good experiences with the trading demo account from ETFinance. That’s why it is our recommendation for all traders looking for a free demo account with extensive functions and real-time data.

Are trading demo accounts free?

The trading demo accounts of many providers are free. However, the demo accounts often only offer a limited range of functions and a low virtual budget. One provider that offers an excellent demo account is ETFinance. In contrast to some competitors, the virtual credit here is € 100,000 and investors can also use the functions of the live trading platform.

The ETFinance trading demo account is free, and our recommendation for all traders looking for a free demo account with a large virtual budget and many tools for analyzing securities. The demo account can be opened and used in the browser but also in the ETFinance app.

Demo account comparison: the conclusion

Trading demo account comparison conclusion

Our trading demo account test has shown that Roinvesting, ETFinance and T1 Markets are among the top favourites among demo broker account providers. As a customer, you can expect a user-friendly platform and lots of trading tools that can also be used in demo mode.

The wide range of digital assets makes it possible to test and improve a wide range of trading strategies. If you want to get started in demo mode, the operators give interested traders a little play money. This makes the platform ideal for learning.

A small disadvantage with the three platforms presented: There are hardly any or no opportunities to participate in seminars, coaching or courses. Because the further education of the customers is not in the foreground here. In return, the three trading exchanges score with low prices – if you do intend to switch to real money mode. Our test winner here is ETFinance, as it offers the best conditions for trading.


Our recommendation: Trading at Investby

Our recommendation: Trading at Investby

  • The broker provides an Islamic Account
  • It provides a dedicated account manager
  • Receive customised investment news
  • Trade with a variety of assets
  • There’s no deposit limit
ABinvesting Review

Our recommendation: Trading at ABInvesting

  • Acknowledge the financial markets through education material 
  • Free VPS is available 
  • Get a swap discount of 50 per cent 
  • Islamic Account is available to traders 
  • Select account types of your interest

Our recommendation: Trading at PrimeFin

  • Fifth decimal available 
  • Spreads begin from 0.03 pips
  • Commission is zero  
  • Full 10-hour support  
  • News alerts and VPS for traders


Shares, CFDs, ETFs, cryptocurrencies and other assets can be traded on a trading platform. The demo account allows trading to be tested risk-free and without spending money. Of course, no real profits are possible in this way. Nevertheless, the use of a demo account can be worthwhile, for example, to test new trading strategies.

For example, anyone who opens a demo account with a stockbroker is acquiring shares in a company on the pretext. In CFD trading, one speculates on the price development of the selected share. The same applies, for example, to a Forex CFD broker: no currencies are acquired but rather speculated on currency constellations. For example, is the euro falling compared to the US dollar, or is it the other way around?

In our demo account comparison, strategies could be tested free of charge with each presented provider.

The article introduces some of the most popular providers.

That depends on the broker. As a rule, some personal data must be entered in the registration, which is then confirmed by a verification. However, the latter is often not used as long as one does not want to bet real money. In our broker reviews, you will be guided through every registration.

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