Buy Airberlin shares or not? Our future forecast is 2022!

Mark Norgate
October 1, 2021
Buy Airberlin shares or not Our future forecast is 2021!

Shares in Air Berlin PLC. Despite the bankruptcy in 2017, you can still trade on the regional stock exchanges or Tradegate.

As an accurate penny stock, the share promises speculative profits with minimal capital investment and carries the small risk of a total loss.

You have to ask yourself whether the money is better invested in the airline Lufthansa, Boeing’s manufacturer, or the airport operator Fraport.

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Buying AirBerlin shares – what to look out for

You should pay attention to the following points when buying Airberlin shares:

  • Why should you invest in Air Berlin shares? The fact that things have gone wrong at Airberlin in recent years cannot be denied. After the 2017 bankruptcy, the stock plunged to Penny Stock levels and has stayed there ever since. However, a comeback or a payout by shareholders is not ruled out.
  • Where can you buy Airberlin shares? Airberlin shares can be purchased from any online broker. However, we recommend our test winner broker ROinvesting. ROinvesting is the absolute best stockbroker, in our opinion. If you want to invest in Airberlin now, you should be careful not to pay any fees to keep costs low – that’s exactly what ROinvesting offers!
  • What does the future of the Airberlin share look like? Although Airberlin is insolvent, with the opening of BER, there is still the possibility of a restart of the brand, should an investor be found who can raise the necessary money.

Buy AirBerlin shares in 3 steps: Our instructions

Airberlin shares are only suitable as an investment for savvy gamers.

Anyone who wants to speculate that there will still be a little bit left over for the shareholders from the bankruptcy estate should ask themselves how and where Air Berlin PLC will be acquired. Act at all. But this is surprisingly easy.

Various online brokers offer stock trading on the Internet. The individual offers vary regarding custody or transaction fees and the services, so a thorough comparison is recommended. Once you have found a suitable broker, you can join the game with just a few clicks.

The purchase of shares is often much less complicated than is generally assumed as a layman. This applies above all to the purchase of shares that are listed on the DAX. Moreover, because an Air Berlin share investment is impossible, you can alternatively bet on shares through numerous online brokers and benefit from other companies instead of Air Berlin dividends.

1. Registration with a broker

To buy a share, you always need a broker who buys the share on the market and then holds it in custody. Therefore, it is advisable to pay particular attention to deposit protection. Should the broker go bankrupt, the shares still belong to you. Anyone who waives this deposit protection will be left without shares if the broker goes bankrupt.

Our broker recommendation at this point is ROinvesting – with state-guaranteed deposit protection of up to 20,000 euros. To register, click here.

If you have decided on a broker, you log in with your data and verify your email address and any other data.


2. First deposit

After signing up, you have to decide on how much to invest in stocks. We generally recommend never investing more than 5% of your capital in a single share.

Once you have decided on an amount, click on the “Add money” button after registering with ROinvesting.

Now you can choose between different payment methods, including PayPal, credit card or a bank transfer.

3. Buy Airberlin shares online

After the payment, the money appears in your account under the menu item “Account”.

Since it is not possible to buy Air Berlin shares publicly, our screenshot on the right shows how a purchase of Apple shares would work instead.

First, look for the corresponding share in the search bar above and click on the “Trade” button.

A small window opens (see screenshot) in which you set the price and how many shares you want to buy. Stop-loss and take-profit can also be set, i.e. at what price the share should be sold in the event of a profit or loss. The two fields are optional.

You can control whether you want to buy the real share (x1 leverage) or a CFD (x2 or more leverage) with the Leverage field.

With a click on ” Place order ” the purchase is completed, and the share appears in your portfolio.

Buy AirBerlin shares – quickly and easily

As before, there are various ways of securing “leftovers” from Air Berlin and speculating on a reconstruction or a complete liquidation of the brand. Whether it makes sense to buy AirBerlin shares is up to you.

Airberlin share price & key figures

Before its bankruptcy, Airberlin was the second-largest airline after Lufthansa and was particularly popular with Berliners who went to Mallorca as their holiday destination.

The company was based in Berlin, and the home airport was Berlin Tegel. The company had in 2017 a fleet of 100 aircraft, the majority of them from the Airbus A319A320 series.

In the summer of 2017, Airberlin received a bridging loan of 150 million euros guaranteed by the federal government after filing for bankruptcy to maintain flight operations. However, this state loan must be serviced as a so-called bulk loan by the insolvency administrator Lucas Flöther before other creditors have access.

Airberlin key figures

During the year, the share price of Air Berlin PLC. further lost ground and is now trading at less than EUR 0.01. With a volume of 10,000 shares, EUR 0.0078 was offered, and EUR 0.009 was requested on the Stuttgart Stock Exchange on July 23, 2019.

Naturally, there are no other key figures in the event of bankruptcy and the cessation of all business activities.

After the company’s insolvency, Air Berlin PLC disappeared. Share as expected from the analysts’ radar. Current course targets are therefore not available. The Air Berlin PLC. is broke and consequently does not pay any dividends.

Buy or sell Air Berlin shares?

  • low chance of compensation from the bankruptcy estate
  • Possible judicial successes on creditor compensation
  • very risky bet
  • Total loss possible at any time
  • Success depends on court rulings

Buy AirBerlin shares: Arguments to buy Air Berlin shares

Airberlin’s insolvency administrator, Mr. Lucas Flöther, announced that the entire state loan of 150 million euros is expected to be repaid in May of this year.

As of May 2019, more than 136 million euros have already been repaid. As soon as this debt is paid off, other creditors, such as former business partners or around a million passengers who were left with ticket costs after the bankruptcy, can also be served. So perhaps there is still something left for the shareholders afterwards.

When it comes to collecting money, Mr. Flöther pulls out all the stops. For example, airport fees that had already been paid or social security contributions could be reclaimed. He was also able to enforce several avoidance claims. Finally, he also tries to sell Airberlin’s trademark rights. Allegedly, Lufthansa has expressed interest.

However, the greatest hope is likely to be a lawsuit before the Berlin Regional Court against the former co-owner of Etihad, the state airline from Abu Dhabi. Initially, it concerns a claim amount of 500 million euros, but this could swell up to 2 billion euros as soon as the da

+mage caused by the bankruptcy can be quantified.

Allegedly, Etihad had given Airberlin legally binding financial support in a “Letter of Comfort” until the end of 2018 but then turned off the money in mid-2017, which started the bankruptcy with all its consequences.

Buy Airberlin shares or not Our future forecast is 2021!

Air Berlin PLC. Sell ​​share? Sell ​​arguments

Betting on shares of insolvent companies inherently involves enormous, hardly calculable risks. A total loss of the investment capital is possible with every investment in shares. But when you invest in an insolvent company, this risk is many times higher.

Whether the lawsuit against Etihad in the Berlin district court will be crowned with success is in the stars.

Etihad has denied the allegations and has already responded to the court through the internationally renowned law firm Shearman & Sterling.

Air Berlin PLC. Share news & history

Before the bankruptcy, Airberlin was a well-known airline, especially for residents of Berlin, and was also widespread at other airports.

In addition to Lufthansa, Airberlin was able to stay on the market for a long time and establish itself as a strong provider.

Airberlin was initially founded as a charter airline in 1978 by former pilot Kim Lundgren. At that time, the company was based in the USA, as only companies from the victorious powers were allowed to fly to West Berlin.

Soon the most popular destination was Palma de Mallorca. After reunification, the company’s headquarters were relocated to Berlin, and the corporate structure was increasingly transformed into a scheduled flight company in the low-cost sector.

2006 there was a transformation of the company into a joint-stock company under UK law (PLC.) And the IPO. Airberlin tried to grow further in the following years, primarily through acquisitions such as Niki and LTU but did not achieve sustained profitability.

Finally, in 2011 the board member Joachim Hunold was replaced by Hartmut Mehdorn, who had already made a name for himself as a restructuring engineer as a board member of Heidelberger Druck and Deutsche Bahn.

Mehdorn was also unable to make Airberlin profitable and was replaced again in 2013 and was then allowed to devote himself to the BER airport project.

Since the end of 2011 also was Etihad with a 30% stake engaged in Airberlin. In spring 2017, however, Airberlin reported a record loss of almost 800 million euros for the 2016 financial year.

Thereupon Etihad turned off the money tap and thus drove the company into bankruptcy.

Air Berlin Plc. Share forecast 2021

A forecast for the further performance of Air Berlin PLC. Share cannot be given.

It is more than questionable whether the insolvency administrator can also get something out of the Airberlin shareholders.

In its current state, the share is a plaything of gamblers who speculate on whether and how Berlin courts will decide. Then, finally, the insolvency administrator can find enough assets to pay off the shareholders, who act as creditors.

Only one thing is sure, sooner or later, the share will be completely worthless.

Buy Airberlin shares or not Our future forecast is 2021!


The Air Berlin PLC. Stock is an investment that only professional gamblers who are not afraid of the risk of a total loss should dare to approach. With the low trading volumes, you have to set at least strict limits.

We usually recommend the test winner ROinvesting for buying stocks. In the case of Air Berlin PLC. However, it is essential to clarify whether the selected broker is active on the regional stock exchanges or Tradegate.


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Air Berlin shares can currently no longer be bought publicly.

Investing in insolvent companies is always associated with an extremely high risk of total loss. The Air Berlin share is likely to be worthless in the long term.

The Air Berlin share is currently not publicly tradable.

Yes, Airberlin filed for bankruptcy in 2017.

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