Buy BioNTech shares or not? Our future forecast 2022!

Mark Norgate
October 3, 2021
Is it safe to buy a share? This page deals with the basic data on the BioNTech shares: price, ratings, outlook, analysis, forecasts, recommendations, history and where to buy the share online best.
Buy BioNTech shares or not? Our future forecast 2021!

BioNTech SE is a biotechnology company that specialises mainly in the development and manufacture of active immunotherapies. BioNTech has been working with Pfizer on a vaccine against the current coronavirus since January 2020. On November 9, it was announced with anticipation that the breakthrough was imminent.

According to initial data from the large clinical study, the vaccine candidate with the awkward name BNT162b2 from BioNTech and its partner Pfizer have achieved more than 90 percent effectiveness. As a result, the Mainz biotechnology company BioNTech was the first German company to test a vaccine on humans.

BioNTech is currently suffering from strong price fluctuations, which was to be expected because of the great expectations regarding the vaccine. Still, BioNTech and Pfizer expect to generate around $ 13 billion in profit next year.

But how will BioNTech develop further? Is it worth buying the share now? Is it safe to buy a share? This page deals with the basic data on the BioNTech share: price, ratings, outlook, analysis, forecasts, recommendations, history and where to buy the share online best.

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Buying BioNTech shares – what should you expect?

You should pay attention to the following points when buying BioNTech shares:

  • Why should you invest in BioNTech stocks? Before the vaccine against COVID-19 was announced, BioNTech was barely familiar. However, since it became known that the Mainz-based company was working on a vaccine with pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, shares listed on the Nasdaq have skyrocketed. In the first half of 2020 alone, the BioNTech share climbed 65 percent.
  • Where can you buy BioNTech shares? BioNTech shares can be bought from any online broker. However, we recommend our test winner broker Roinvesting. In our opinion, Roinvesting is the absolute best stock broker, as you can buy stocks and ETFs here completely free of charge.
  • What will be the future of BioNTech shares? A promising future with high returns is possible for BioNTech shares! Since the IPO on October 10, 2019, BioNTech shareholders can look forward to a share price gain of a proud 636%!

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Buy BioNTech shares or not? Our future forecast 2021!

Buy BioNTech shares in 3 steps: Our guide.
  1. Registration with a broker

To buy the BioNTech share, you first have to register with a broker of your choice. To buy a share, you always need a broker who buys the share on the market and then holds it in custody. It is advisable to pay particular attention to deposit protection. If the broker files for bankruptcy, the shares are retained thanks to deposit protection.

If choosing and evaluating stocks is too complicated, a social trading platform can also be a good solution. Here you follow an experienced trader and automatically copy the trader’s trading decisions.

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If you have decided on a broker, you log in with your data and verify your email address. Then you can first try out the demo account, which has advantages. When one is ready to trade, one then proceeds to deposit.

2nd deposit

After registering, you need to decide how much to invest in stocks. We generally recommend that you never invest more than 5% of your capital in a single share. So possible losses are manageable.

How much you want to invest in BioNTech shares, however, is entirely up to you. In this step, click on “Add money “.

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Below is an overview of all the payment methods available at Roinvesting:

Payment optionpossible?
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Buy BioNTech shares with PayPal✔️
Buy BioNTech Stock with Skrill✔️
Buy BioNTech shares with bank transfer✔️
Buy BioNTech Stock with Neteller✔️
Buy BioNTech shares with UnionPay✔️
  1. Buy BioNTech shares online

After the deposit, the money appears in your account under the menu item “Account”. First, find the BioNTech share using the search bar above and select it. Then click on the “Trade” button.

A small window will open to set the price and the number of shares you want to buy. You can also set stop-loss and take-profit, i.e. at which price the share should be sold again in the event of a profit or loss. The two fields are optional.

The Leverage field allows you to control whether you want to buy the real share (x1 leverage) or a CFD (x2 or more leverage).

The purchase is completed by clicking on “Place order,” and the share appears in your portfolio.


What is BioNTech?

BioNTech SE is publicly traded biotechnologycompanies that focus mainly on developing and producing active immunotherapies have specialised in treating cancer and other serious diseases.

The company was founded in 2008 in Mainz, Germany, founded and currently has 1,323 employees. In January 2019, BioNTech was converted from a stock corporation into a European stock corporation (“SE”). Before the company went public, it signed an agreement with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) to develop HIV and tuberculosis programs in September 2019. The initial listing on the US technology exchange Nasdaq then took place in October.

BioNTech has several collaboration agreements with pharmaceutical partners, including Pfizer. Together with Pfizer, BioNTech is working on the vaccine against COVID-19 and the development of mRNA-based vaccines to prevent influenza.

BioNTech share price, price and key figures

BioNTech went public for the first time in October 2019. However, the IPO in the USA turned out to be a tedious manoeuvre for the cancer research company BioNTech in Mainz and ultimately only succeeded with clear concessions to the new shareholders.

It has now been almost exactly a year since the biotechnology company BioNTech made its stock market debut. A lot has happened for the company since then. Here, in particular, has the global Corona pandemic as groundbreaking proven for the Mainz-based company. So many other companies had to accept major cuts, a great opportunity arose for the research company – which the biotech company knew how to use.

Stock prices shot up after research into the vaccine for COVID-19 was announced. Worldwide in the air. Virologists were enthusiastic. Investors have now also cast an eye on the German company.

Since the beginning of the year, the BioNTech share has so far gained a whopping 159.59%. The paper has now moved 486.33% off its issue price.

News and history of the BioNTech share

On October 10, 2019, the company dared to take the plunge into the trading floor. For this, they chose the US technology exchange Nasdaq despite their anchoring in Germany. The IPO itself was rather mixed: While the company had planned to place a total of 1 3.2 million shares with a range of 18 to 20 USD, ultimately only 10 million papers of 15 dollars each could be distributed to investors. This brought the biotech firm to a valuation of $ 3.4 billion. The company was able to collect a total of $ 149 million.

The first day of trading in the BioNTech share was also mixed. The daily range was between USD 13.01 and USD 16.70. The commercial paper was ultimately up to 14.24 USD and 13.7 percent below the Erstpreis, which stood at 16.50 USD. But interested investors can only dream of such prices today.

Because entering the race for a corona, vaccines gave the share a rapid rally.

As already mentioned, BioNTech has grown by 159.59% so far. The development of the COVID-19 vaccine caused the Group’s shares to skyrocket. The stock is currently trading at around $ 101.63. Quite a big jump if you assume the starting value of USD 13.82 in October 2019. So the prognoses are excellent.

Buy BioNTech shares or not? Our future forecast 2021!

BioNTech share: buy or sell?

What are the advantages of buying?

The investor sentiment is a crucial sentiment indicator for the assessment of the stock. Recently, the BioNTech share was also the focus of discussions on social media. Above all and mostly positive opinions were published. In addition, the opinion market has been particularly concerned with the positive topics relating to BioNTech in the past few days. The BioNTech share is therefore rated “Buy” in this regard.

The GD200 of the value is 60.9 USD, whereby the stock price (101.63 USD) is +66.88 percent above this trend signal. Based on the past 50 days, the moving average is USD 80.04.

Sentiment and buzz: A long-term view of communication on the Internet also makes an essential contribution to the assessment of a share. The intensity of the discussion and changes in mood are considered. BioNTech showed interesting characteristics in this analysis. The intensity of the discussion changes significantly as increased activity can be seen. This results in a “buy” assessment.

BioNTech’s paper recently gained ground and rose in XETRA trading by 1.1 percent to EUR 88.79. As a result, the BioNTech share price rose to a daily high of EUR 89.89. At the start of XETRA trading, the share was quoted at EUR 89.30 (as of November 13, 2020).

Another buying argument is the share price target, which is currently USD 97.5.

What are the advantages of selling?

The competition never sleeps. Especially in the corona pandemic, more and more pharmaceutical companies are working on developing a vaccine. Even if BioNTech and Pfizer have already applied to the FDA for approval, that doesn’t mean the vaccine will be a success. If contrary to all expectations, this should be a disappointment. The share may suffer a significant loss in value.

At the moment, however, analysts and experts are recommending a clear buy or at least a hold of the stock.

Investing in BioNTech shares – is it worth it?
  • A strong upward trend in the share
  • COVID-19 vaccine could be the breakthrough for the company
  • Analysts forecast high price targets
  • IPO not until 2019 – comparative values ​​and share price developments can hardly be assessed
  • Big competition in the pharmaceutical industry

BioNTech share forecast, dividend and price target for 2021

The Bloomberg business service lists 12 forecasts that focus on the BioNTech share. And they have different opinions about the forecast for the share: 6 experts forecast that the share will be bought, and five analysts recommend holding it. In addition, an expert advises on sales. It is also interesting to look at the analysts’ price target for the shares listed on the US technology exchange Nasdaq.

The average price forecast for BioNTech shares in one year is USD 88.80. This corresponds to a minus of over 20 percent compared to the current price. However, not all of these prognoses have yet reacted to BioNtech’s report of success. The latest recommendation comes from Daniel Wendorff from Commerzbank, who sees a target price of USD 119 for the share. On the other hand, JP Morgan’s Cory Kasimov has only assessed and set the price target at USD 90.

UBS analyst Navin Jacob estimates that Pfizer, BioNTech, and Chinese partner Fosun could generate sales of up to USD 50 billion with the vaccine over the next ten years.

Biotech stocks comparison? Advantages and disadvantages:

Currently, Pfizer and BioNTech are at the forefront of developing the corona vaccine. However, other pharmaceutical companies are also involved. These stocks could be of interest to investors during the pandemic:

Curevac share

  • Next to Pfizer and BioNTech third-largest company for the vaccine
  • Specialized in mRNA technology
  • Prospect of completing phase 3 of the vaccine test
  • Around 4 months behind the competition in the development
  • Phase 3 has not yet started with around 30,000 test subjects
  • The Curevac study is only in phase 1

Moderna share

  • US biotech company will present its study with 30,000 subjects in November
  • Analysts expect a similar level of efficiency to BioNTech
  • With a bit of luck, the vaccine will be granted US emergency approval
  • High losses are accepted
  • In the third quarter, the net loss doubled to $ 234 million
  • High speculation – it all depends on the potential of the technology platform.

Astra-Zeneca share

  • British company whose project for a vaccine is furthest advanced.
  • Revenue of over $ 24 billion in 2019
  • Meanwhile belongs to one of the stock exchange favourites in the pharmaceutical sector.
  • The share price plummeted after BioNTech announced
  • Share price fluctuations very strongly.
  • Partly highly dependent on the publication of a vaccine.
Fees when buying BioNTech shares

We compare the fees of the largest brokers with the following example:

  • Purchase of BioNTech shares worth € 1,000
  • Hold the BioNTech share for one month and then sell
  • No course changes in the 30 days

With these assumptions, we now compare the fees of Libertex, Roinvesting & Plus500 :

Depositfor freefor freefor free
Purchase fees€ 2.200%3.08%
Holding feesfor freefor free0.05%
Sales charges€ 2.200%3.08%
Payoutfor free5 USD1.9%
Total fees€ 4.40€ 4.22€ 92.32

Buy BioNTech shares or not Our future forecast 2021!

Conclusion: is the BioNTech share a good investment?

BioNTech and Pfizer are about to approve a COVID-19 vaccine. A successful launch could. Therefore, another course buoyancy bestows – the share price of BioNTech SE has climbed earlier this week to a new all-time high – a definite buy signal!

The company is leading the development of a corona vaccine. However, since the company only went public last year, there is still no very long chart history. But this is long enough to see a clear, positive upward trend.

As with Pfizer shares, investors are very positive. However, it is generally advised to first wait for the vaccine study results. If the announced results come true, BioNTech shares could reach an all-time high. The company is currently doing very well, and the upward trend seems almost unstoppable.


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According to experts and analysts, most of the signs point to Buy. The share is currently also showing a clear upward trend. The paper has now moved 486.33% off its issue price. Should the vaccine against COVID-19 actually be a success, BioNTech could be very successful.

BioNTech has been listed on the largest electronic exchange, the American Nasdaq, since its IPO in October 2019.

We generally recommend not investing more than 5% of the capital in a share. However, how much you invest in the stock is ultimately up to the investor. There is always a risk.

Shares of COVID-19 vaccine makers, including BioNTech SE – ADR (NASDAQ: BNTX), are trading lower amid continued volatility in the space as investors weigh booster shot progress. Shares of companies in growth sectors are also trading lower amid a rise in the 10-year treasury yield. .

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