Buy Byton Stocks or Not ? Our future forecast 2022!

Mark Norgate
October 4, 2021
Where to buy Byton stocks? Best Providers for Buying Byton Stocks. Why should you invest in Byton shares? Future-oriented market with a lot of potential. The company produces electric cars under the brand name Byton. Is the Future Mobility Corporation heading in the right direction, and can shareholders benefit from this course?
Buy Byton Stocks or Not ? Our future forecast 2021!

When it comes to improving your equity portfolio, it is worthwhile to search in a wide variety of economic sectors.

The experts have looked at a wide variety of promising securities. One of these securities is the Byton share.

We would like to know where and how you can buy Byton stocks, the Byton share forecast, and whether a Byton share dividend will be.

It’s also interesting to see how the company is doing behind the stock. Byton is an automobile brand owned by the Chinese company Future Mobility Corporation (FMC).

The company produces electric cars under the brand name Byton. Is the Future Mobility Corporation heading in the right direction, and can shareholders benefit from this course?

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What should you look out for when buying Byton stocks?

You should pay attention to the following points when buying Byton shares:

  • Why should you invest in Byton shares? Future-oriented market with a lot of potential
  • Where can I buy Byton stocks? We like our test winner TradeATF.
  • What could the future of Byton shares look like? Byton’s future looks extremely positive.

Where to buy Byton stocks? Best Providers for Buying Byton Stocks:


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How to buy Byton stocks? Our guide in 3 steps

If you have now convinced yourself that the Future Mobility Corporation share forecast is positive, you can buy this security at any time.

A good idea to enrich your portfolio with an exciting share from the Chinese automotive sector. Anyone who believes in the future of autonomous driving and electrically powered automobiles is undoubtedly not in a bad position with the Byton brand and the Future Mobility Corporation security.

We recommend our test winner, TradeATF, as it offers all online trading platforms the best conditions to buy the share.

tradeatf review

1. Registration with a trading platform

What you need to buy Future Mobility Corporation shares is access to the international stock market. You get it when you open an account with a reputable and recommended online trading platform.

If you still need some support in this direction, you can get suggestions and tips in our significant online trading platform comparison. Here are some providers who have a wide range of different digital assets to offer.

If you have now decided on a platform, you should look out for the registration form on the website. This is usually placed quite present, which is why the search should not take too long.

You enter your data in the registration form, such as surname, first name, email address, and telephone number. Then you have to wait for the confirmation email from the operator. In the mail, there is the link that leads you to the first login. The account opening itself is then already completed.

If you decide not to use the demo account but rather a live account, verification is still pending. Here you load K open an identity document and a proof of address high. This is what the laws on protection against money laundering want.

2. First deposit

If the verification is also done, the first deposit can be made. Here some providers have specific rules for the minimum deposit amount. This is usually between 50 and 250 euros. (At TradeATF it is 250 €)

You shouldn’t invest more at first. After all, you are not yet familiar with the provider and should keep the risk of loss as low as possible.

There are usually several practical deposit options available to customers. Because the platforms are in tough competition, the operators strive to create the greatest possible variety and user-friendliness for their customers.

This also includes offering a wide variety of payment options. As a rule, deposits via credit card, instant transfer, Skrill, PayPal, Neteller, and other payment providers are part of the offer.

Depending on the payment method, it takes a few minutes or a few working days to be credited.

It is important to note that you should generally not invest more than 5 per cent of the total investment in a share. This, of course, results in a simple, individual calculation for the amount of the investment.

3. Trade Future Mobility Corporation stocks online

If the credit has arrived on the account, you can now buy the desired share.

As a new shareholder, you can use the platform’s search function to find the Future Mobility Corporation security. Then you have different options to customise the purchase.

For example, this goes through limiting losses, time limits and more. If you are done with that, the share should soon be in the depot.

In general, there is no guarantee of profits for the Future Mobility Corporation share either. The share price can plummet at any time, leaving investors with no profit.

Harmony Holding share price (price), dividend, target price & key figures (finance):

Share price & critical figures

Anyone looking for Byton shares will find what they are looking for in the securities of Future Mobility Corporation or China Harmony Automobile Holding. Accordingly, we are now looking around a little at the Future Mobility Corporation security.

There are a total of 129.45 million shares, of which 99.22 per cent are in free float. The dividends are also impressive. With a Future Mobility Corporation dividend of 1.60 euros in 2019 and a Future Mobility Corporation dividend of 1.80 in 2020, shareholders should look forward to a small but fine passive income stream.

In 2021, the Future Mobility Corporation dividend should already amount to 1.96 euros. In 2022, 2.56 euros.

Future Mobility Corporation went public several years ago. Accordingly, we are now taking a closer look at what has happened here since 2015. While the Future Mobility Corporation share price target remained modestly below 50 per cent growth until 2017, it slowly but steadily increased from 2017 to 2019.

Here the security even came close to a plus of over 80 per cent. Before the Corona crash, the Future Mobility Corporation share price target was around 120 per cent plus.

After a brief slump, however, the security quickly rose to a plus of 100 per cent. The rapid recovery after the Corona crash clearly shows that we are dealing with strong security.

In general, it can be said that the Future Mobility Corporation share has been steadily improving since 2011. Of course, there were tradable ups and downs for the day traders among the investors. However, the steady growth also shows that this security should also be an asset to long-term investors in the portfolio.

Buy Byton Stocks or Not ? Our future forecast 2021!

Harmony Auto Holding (Byton) – dividend

China Harmony Auto Holding has been paying dividends for seven years and offers an average return of 2.2%. Companies (usually) pay dividends on their earnings. If a company pays more than it makes, the dividend may need to be cut. Hence, you should investigate whether a company can afford its dividend, measured as a percentage of its net income after tax.

China Harmony Auto Holding paid 22% of its profits as dividends over the past twelve months. A low payout ratio is good because it implies that the dividend is well covered and has ample reinvestment opportunity.

The dividend should also be measured against a company’s indebted free cash flow to determine if enough cash has been generated to cover the dividend. For example, China Harmony Auto Holding paid out 598% of its free cash flow last year. Paying out more than 100% of free cash flow in dividends is generally not a long-term, sustainable condition.

The company didn’t generate enough cash to pay its dividend. Should there be repeated dividends that are not well covered by cash flow, it could pose a risk to China Harmony Auto Holding’s ability to maintain its dividend going forward.

Harmony Auto Holding (Byton) Target Price

Eight analysts have currently assessed Harmony Auto Holding. Seven of these eight analysts rate the Harmony Auto Holding share as a “Strong Buy”, and one analyst rates the share as a “Buy”. No analyst rates the stock a “hold”, “underperform”, or “sell”.

In addition, four analysts have currently assessed the price target of Harmony Auto Holding. The analysts’ median target is 5.41 Hong Kong dollars, representing a sharp price increase compared to the current price of 3.42 Hong Kong dollars. The highest price target of an analyst is currently 7.32 Hong Kong dollars, which is more than twice that high compared to the current price of the company.

Can you buy Byton shares from a South Africa broker?

A SPAC is a “shell” company that raises money through an IPO to buy an operating company (usually within two years). SPACs have proven to be a quick way to the stock market for companies, especially automotive companies, and are becoming increasingly popular with investors.

Byton founded future Mobility Corp in 2017. The current major shareholders are China’s state-owned automaker FAW Group. Until Byton goes public, you can participate in Byton’s success by investing in either Future Mobility Corp or the FAW Group.

Byton IPO

According to the latest rumours, Byton is in talks to carry out an IPO through a merger with a SPAC.

SPAC stands for Special Purpose Acquisition Company. This is a non-commercial company founded solely to raise capital through an IPO to acquire an existing company.

SPACs are also known as ” blank check companies “. Over the past few years, they have become hugely popular and have raised a record amount of IPO funds in 2020. By the beginning of August 2020, more than 50 SPACs had been founded in the USA. It had raised around 21.5 billion US dollars.

Byton Share News & History

First, let’s look at the Byton brand, made by Future Mobility Corporation (FMC). Byton itself was launched in September 2017. The brand name is a synonym for “Bytes on Wheels”. One of the co-founders is Carsten Breitfeld, who is now the company’s CEO.

Breitfeld was previously a manager at BMW but left the car manufacturer in spring 2019. Byton would like to be profitable as early as 2021, with self-driving cars and electric cars such as NIO.

The first products in this direction are already available, as you could see at the electronics fair CES in Las Vegas in January 2018. There Byton presented an electrically powered SUV that can accommodate up to seven people.

The standard battery capacity allows driving 400km. With larger batteries, even 520km should be possible. Concerning autonomous driving, this SUV from Byton is level 3, and from 2020 even on level 4.

In 2019, the electrically powered SUV hit the Chinese market for 45,000 US dollars, and in 2020 also to America and Europe. Further models are to follow.

In 2016 Tencent, Foxconn and Harmony New Engine jointly founded FMC. Co-founders were, among others, executives from Nissan, BMW and Tesla. So behind FMC, there is not only capital but also know-how and an extensive, promising network.

After all, Tencent and Harmony are two of the most powerful corporations in the People’s Republic of China. Incidentally, Foxconn is the iPhone manufacturer. Of course, we already know Carsten Breitfeld from Byton, but Daniel Kirchert, a former BMW employee, is also involved.

From the ranks of Mercedes and Google, FMC received specialists in matters of autonomous driving. In addition, Marc Duchesne, who was previously responsible for the global supply chain at Tesla, has joined the team.

Who owns Byton

Byton is a subsidiary of China Harmony New Energy Auto Holding Limited. However, the Chinese start-up is planning to merge with a special purpose vehicle (SPAC) to go public this year.

Byton is in talks with several SPACs and potential investors. Most recently, it was revealed that Taiwan’s Hon Hai Precision Industry, better known as Foxconn, has agreed to invest in Byton. Foxconn plans to invest about $ 200 million in the start-up so that Byton’s M-Byte electric SUV could begin production as early as next year.

Byton’s other investors include state-owned automaker FAW Group and  Chinese battery giant Contemporary Amperex Technology, better known as CATL.

Buy Byton Stocks or Not ? Our future forecast 2021!

Is Byton broke?

No. However, from  March to June 2020, it was repeatedly reported that the financially troubled company was withholding salaries. In addition, an expected new financing rparticularound could not be completed either. As a result, Byton announced in late June that operations would cease from July 1, 2020, for the next six months.

Public information indicates that Byton has completed four rounds of funding totalling RMB 8.4 billion. Unfortunately, the pandemic delayed a new round of funding.

Two months after the restructuring announcement, Byton registered a new company called Nanjing Shengteng Automobile Technology Co., Ltd . with registered capital of 1.5 billion RMB. The new company’s businesses will include auto parts research and development, sales of new complete energy vehicles, electrical accessories for electric vehicles and PHEV-specific motors, AI-enhanced software development, and other business areas.

Just one month after the new company was registered, Dr. Daniel Kirchert, co-founder and CEO of the start-up, and Qingfen Ding, Byton’s chief of staff, have temporarily taken on Daniel’s role. In addition, Carsten Breitfeld, another co-founder of the company, left Byton in early 2019 and became CEO of Faraday Future, another electric car start-up.

Shortly after that, China’s electric vehicle startup Byton announced that it would resume operations as soon as the board of directors and board of directors approved its restructuring plan. The first light followed at the end of the tunnel in late 2020 when the government and shareholders approved a 2 billion yen bailout.

It was recently announced that Byton had signed a contract with the iPhone manufacturer Foxconn, which, according to Bloomberg, could be worth around 200 million US dollars. Nonetheless, Byton extended the suspension of operations until June 2021. The Silicon Valley location was also largely abandoned, and hundreds of employees involved in research and development and marketing were laid off. Byton is now reportedly being integrated into the larger corporate structure of First Auto Works (FAW), China’s original state-owned automaker and a major supporter of the start-up.

Foxconn’s involvement could be part of those restructuring efforts, although the Taiwanese electronics supplier has been interested in Byton for some time. In 2016, Foxconn helped Byton co-found a company called Future Mobility Corporation with Tencent to manufacture electric vehicles. Future Mobility Corporation eventually became Byton.

Buy or Sell FMC Shares? Our analysis

Of course, there are always arguments in favour of selling or buying securities. In this case, it is essential not to be influenced by expert’s opinions but to evaluate this information based on your expectations.

What do you focus on as a shareholder? Is it a matter of strong dividend payments or relatively long-term growth of the security?

According to your ideas, you can sort out which information speaks for buying or selling the share. Let’s look at some of the general arguments for buying and selling FMC stock.

FMC share: reasons to buy the FMC share

  • Future-oriented market with a lot of potential
  • Top-class cast
  • Top-class suppliers

As we already know, the Future Mobility Corporation has a top-class cast. And that is the first reason why it is worthwhile to load the security into the depot. The experts in the ranks of FMC ensure an optimistic Future Mobility Corporation share forecast.

If we go into a little more detail, we find Wolfram Luchner. The former Google employee is now responsible for the human-machine interface at FMC.

The former Mercedes employee in the driving robot division, Luca Delgrossi, is also there and is now director for autonomous driving at FMC.

It is not for nothing that the Future Mobility Corporation is seen as a growing competitor for Tesla. Because Mark Duchesne, the ex-Toyota manager, expanded the Tesla factory in Fermont to a full plant.

Even Stephen Ivsan worked at Tesla in this sector. He is now responsible for production management at FMC together with Mark Duchesne.

The question now is which features and unique features the Byton automobiles offer buyers. These include, for example, the largest screens that have ever been in cars. With a monitor 1.25 meters wide and 25 centimetres high, this gadget tops all classic dashboards.

The car is operated entirely digitally via the screen. The operating system is divided into entertainment, communication, health and activities because the Byton automobiles are supposed to be smart devices rather than chassis.

Future Mobility Corporation has sought top-class suppliers for electric driving. 

This means that there should initially be positive prospects, at least for suppliers. All in all, the FMC company and the Byton brand appear to be well-positioned. That should have a corresponding effect on the share price.

FMC share sale arguments

  • Big competitors, e.g. Tesla

Now we know some arguments in favour of an optimistic Future Mobility Corporation stock forecast. But there are also critical voices about Chinese Tesla. For example, experts fear that the financing of the Byton brand is on shaky ground.

Despite the top-class cast, it is not clear whether Byton can prevail against its biggest competitor, Tesla. After all, Tesla has already ousted well-established manufacturers in some critical market segments.

Even the expert opinions that Tesla would not become profitable were nothing but hot air. With the Model 3, Tesla has designed a first car suitable for the masses and is now expanding.

It is unclear whether Byton can keep up. But, even if those responsible at Byton have the ambitious goal to beat Tesla by lengths, Byton may become an alternative to Tesla.

Byton share future 2021 – does Byton have a future?

Byton recently received a lifeline from Foxconn Technology Group. Nevertheless, the automaker has essentially given up its activities in Europe and the USA.

Thanks to expanded purchase subsidies and stricter EU emissions standards, EV sales in Europe more than doubled last year, overtaking China with around 1.4 million vehicles sold. 

Chinese EV manufacturers have so far played a marginal role in driving sales, although companies like Xpeng Motors and Always have recently started shipping to Europe. 

So far, not a single M byte has been delivered. However, Byton has received new funding from a local Chinese government and other investors to revive its production plans. In addition, the deal with Foxconn and a facility controlled by the city of Nanjing will enable the automaker to begin mass production of the M-Byte by early next year.

Also, both Faraday and Byton are reportedly working on a backdoor listing in the US using Special Purpose Acquisition Corporations (SPAC). This could bring in more money for the company. After a series of negative headlines, Byton’s future is finally looking a little better. If Byton can actually implement the mass production of the M-Byte, then the Byton share should be an interesting (albeit risky) investment after a successful IPO.

Buy Byton, Tesla or VW shares? Advantages and disadvantages:

Byton share

  • Top-class cast
  • Top-class suppliers
  • Emerging market
  • Financing questionable
  • Big competition
  • Byton probably 2nd alternative to Tesla

Tesla stock

  • Market leader
  • Expansion course, incredible growth
  • Cars suitable for the masses
  • Emerging market
  • The financing bubble could burst

VW share

  • Top-class cast
  • Liquid company
  • 7x research & development budget as Tesla
  • Emerging market
  • It is questionable whether VW can assert itself against the rest of the market.

 Fees when buying Byton shares

We compare the fees of the largest brokers with the following example:

  • We buy Byton shares worth € 1,000
  • We hold Byton shares for a month and sell them again
  • We assume that the course will not change in the 30 days

With these assumptions, Thus, after we now compare the fees of Comdirect & TradeATF:

Depositfor freefor free
Purchase fees3.90 €0%
Holding feesfor freefor free
Sales charges3.90 €0%
Payoutfor free5 USD
Total fees€ 7.80€ 4.22

Byton share conclusion – our recommendation and evaluation

Let us now conclude the Future Mobility Corporation share and the Byton brand. Byton has what it takes to become a real competitor for Tesla.

After all, here are some experts at work paving the way for this goal . However, it should also be clear to the shareholders that this vision is on thin ice and has not yet become part of the corporate reality.

From the share price alone, day traders and long-term investors should feel equally comfortable with the security. Because here there are tradable fluctuations and reliable growth.

Investing directly in Byton is not yet possible. Byton is a trademark of Future Mobility Corporation and is not listed on the stock exchange.


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The Future Mobility Corporation share dividend in 2019 was 1.60 euros. In 2020, the Future Mobility Corporation share dividend should then already amount to 1.80 euros. A dividend of EUR 1.96 is planned for 2022. The Future Mobility Corporation shareholders benefit from an increasing passive income through the dividend payments.

In the past few years, the Byton share has picked up more and more momentum. The investment should therefore still be worthwhile.

The Future Mobility Corporation share is listed in the following indices, among others: S&P 500 and S&P 400 MidCap.

In order to buy Byton shares, one needs access to the international supply of shares. You can access the world’s stock exchanges via an online broker. The offline brokers are now obsolete, because the online brokers offer price advantages. After the account has been opened and the verification has been successful, you have the option of depositing money into the account. The next step is then to buy the desired security.

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