How to buy SpaceX stock? SpaceX shares future forecast 2022!

John James
October 14, 2021
There are currently rumours of a possible IPO of SpaceX. Small investors would also benefit from going public. So when it comes to that, investors ask themselves the question: buy SpaceX stock or not?
How to buy SpaceX stock SpaceX shares future forecast 2021!

The US aerospace company SpaceX has in recent months been on everyone’s lips: Finally, you want the one hand, the use of Starship colonize Mars, on the other hand with the satellite network StarLink providing worldwide Internet access. There are currently rumors of a possible IPO of SpaceX. Small investors would also benefit from going public. So when it comes to that, investors ask themselves the question: buy SpaceX stock or not?

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What Should You Look For When Buying SpaceX Stock?

The following points should be considered when buying SpaceX shares:

  • Why should you invest in SpaceX stocks? SpaceX was founded in 2002 by visionary Elon Musk. SpaceX’s largest project is Starship, which aims to bring people to Mars. Even if this sounds unrealistic now, experts are certain that it will succeed. There is also another project, Starlink, which aims to offer internet worldwide via satellites. Both projects are already running.
  • Where can I buy SpaceX shares? SpaceX shares cannot be bought at the moment. As soon as SpaceX goes public, the SpaceX shares will most likely be tradable with our test winner HFTrading. In our opinion, HFTrading is the absolute best stock broker, as you can buy stocks and (space) ETFs here completely free of charge.
  • What can the future of SpaceX stocks look like? The company recently had sales of USD 2 billion. In addition, with the planned visions of Elon Musk, SpaceX will need capital – a great deal, in fact. Because for the Tesla CEO, only one thing applies: it can’t be smaller, but it can be higher. Accordingly, there could be an IPO soon. High returns cannot be ruled out.

For some time now, there has been speculation as to whether SpaceX will go public or not. Investors now naturally ask themselves the following questions: When can you buy SpaceX shares? How can you invest in SpaceXWhat’s behind SpaceX? What are the forecastsAnd where can you buy SpaceX shares after the IPO?

The best brokers for buying SpaceX stocks:


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Buy SpaceX shares in 4 steps

Step 1: Select a broker for SpaceX stocks

SpaceX shares can not be bought at the moment. There is currently still speculation about whether and when SpaceX will have its IPO. Should it come to an IPO, the shares will be in great demand. However, due to its popularity and rapid growth, numerous brokers will be offering the stock.

When choosing the right broker, it is advisable to pay particular attention to deposit insurance. If the broker files for bankruptcy, your own deposits and shares are retained thanks to the deposit protection. Our test winner HFTrading, for example, offers state-guaranteed deposit protection of up to 20,000 euros and 0% commission when buying shares. Not only is capital protected, but stocks can also be traded cheaply.

Registration is usually straightforward and simple. You can start trading after just a few minutes. If you do not want to use equity yet and would like to deal with the broker first, you can also use the demo account.

Before doing this, it is, of course, worthwhile to calmly evaluate the company because when investing, you should always analyze exactly where you are investing very hard-earned money. After the decision, you can place a buy order with most exchanges within a few clicks.

Stock selection and valuation can be very complicated. If you want it to be easier, we recommend a social trading platform. Here you just follow an experienced trader and automatically copy that trader’s trading decisions.

Our broker recommendation at this point is HFTrading. At HFTrading, valid EU regulation meets fair prices and a sophisticated platform. To register with HFTrading, click here.

How to buy SpaceX stock SpaceX shares future forecast 2021! (1)

Step 2: Registration

Once you‘ve decided on a broker, the next step is to register and log in.

At HFTrading, you have several registration options. In addition to the option of creating a user account yourself, there is also the option of registering via a Facebook or Google account, which once again simplifies the process considerably.

To open an account, all you need in the first step is a username, email address and a  strong password. With this, you first open a  demo account with HFTrading, whereby you can trade unlimited with virtual credit.

However, if you want to buy SpaceX shares in the future, you can switch to live mode or simply make a deposit. A valid ID is required for verification.

Step 3: Deposit

After registering, you need to decide how much money you want to invest in stocks. We generally recommend never investing more than 5% of your own capital in a single share. So possible losses are manageable.

How much you want to invest in SpaceX shares, however, is entirely up to the trader. The minimum deposit amount at HFTrading is 250 EUR. If you can then decide on a certain amount, you have to add the desired capital to your customer account. To do this, just click the Add Money button.

HFTrading offers various payment options with which you can deposit money into the customer account. The most popular payment options are PayPal, credit card or bank transfer. It should be noted that a bank transfer usually takes 2-3 working days for the credit to reach the customer account. However, if you want to have your money in your account faster, there are other payment methods available.

Below is an overview of all payment methods available on HFTrading (after SpaceX’s IPO):

Payment optionPossible?
Buy SpaceX shares with a credit card✔️
Buy SpaceX stock with PayPal✔️
Buy SpaceX Stock with Skrill✔️
Buy SpaceX shares with bank transfer✔️
Buy SpaceX Stock with Neteller✔️
Buy SpaceX shares with UnionPay✔️

Step 4: Buy SpaceX stock

After the deposit, the money appears in the account under the menu item “Account”. So now you just have to search for the SpaceX share using the search bar and then select it. Then click on Trade.

A small window will open in which you can set the price and the number of shares you want to buy. In addition, stop-loss and take-profit can be set, i.e. at which price the share should be sold again in the event of a profit or loss. The two fields are optional.

You can control whether you want to buy the real share (x1 leverage) or a CFD (x2 or more leverage) with the Leverage field.

With a final click on ” Place order “, the purchase is completed, and the share appears in the portfolio. Congratulations!

What is SpaceX?

SpaceX is an American aerospace and telecommunications company founded in June 2002. Probably the company’s largest project is the Starship project, which aims to colonize Mars. The company is headquartered in Hawthorne, USA and currently employs around 8,000 people. Most recently, the company generated sales of USD 2 billion.

How to buy SpaceX stock SpaceX shares future forecast 2021!

SpaceX story

Tesla CEO Elon Musk founded SpaceX. He had earned the necessary capital through his stake in Zip2 and PayPal and used it to launch SpaceX. Initially, Musk wanted to build a greenhouse on Mars with a Russian rocket, but in the end, it did not happen because the Russian rockets were not suitable for it.

Elon Musk started with 30 employees and developed the Falcon 1 rocket. However, the rocket crashed three times before successfully launching it into orbit for the first time in September 2008. As a result, SpaceX signed a contract with NASA for USD 1.6 billion in December of the same year. NASA required 12 supply transports for the international space station ISS.

SpaceX and NASA

After several years in the development phase, supply flights to the ISS were started and carried out in 2012. In addition, contracts were concluded with other customers such as AsiaSat, Thaicom and Orbcomm.

In 2014 SpaceX was then commissioned with USD 2.6 billion to build a manned spacecraft based on the Dragon V2 model.

Setbacks & successes

SpaceX has faced several setbacks in the past. On June 28, 2015, a Falcon 9 missile exploded on the supply route to the ISS. So everything was done to further develop and improve the rocket so that this no longer happens. In fact, the SpaceX team succeeded in producing an improved rocket, which could also perform the first soft landing of an orbital launch vehicle.

This was followed by further improved missiles, including the launch of the Falcon 9 rocket as the first military order to SpaceX on May 1, 2017.

How to buy SpaceX stock SpaceX shares future forecast 2021!

Buy SpaceX stock: is it worth buying after the IPO?

What are the advantages of buying?

Elon Musk founded SpaceX out of his equity. The grand visions of the Tesla CEO will also cost a lot of money, so SpaceX will likely go public. If this is the case, this could also be of interest to private investors.

In addition, 2020 was an excellent success for SpaceX. For the first time in 10 years in the USA, a manned mission into space was launched in May 2020. Elon Musk’s projects are large and must be funded accordingly.

However, investors will ask themselves: buy SpaceX stock? Or buy Starlink shares? How will SpaceX go public? SpaceX President Gwynne Shotwell announced in 2020 that an IPO was quite possible – but SpaceX and Starlink are planning a separate IPO. Starlink is a private company and so could be made public.

As soon as SpaceX goes public, experts and analysts expect a record start for the share. Moreover, with the popularity of Elon Musk and the Mars program, the future of SpaceX stocks may look bright.

What speaks against it? When will the IPO take place and will it be good?

There is currently no official date for an IPO of SpaceX shares. In addition, it is still unknown whether SpaceX will even go public – at least there is wild speculation about it. Elon Musk himself claims not to be a fan of Wall Street and even recently considered taking Tesla off the stock exchange, which in the end did not happen.

As you can already see at Tesla, Elon Musk’s projects are usually unpredictable, and the Tesla share also depends very much on the CEO himself. This would then also be the case with SpaceX.

So it remains to be seen whether SpaceX will go public or not. Investors and investors alike are excited.

Investing In SpaceX Stock – Is It Worth It?

  • Fast-growing company
  • Cooperation with NASA
  • Elon Musk as a great visionary
  • Several successes have already been achieved
  • No fixed date for IPO
  • Quotes would depend heavily on Musk’s tweets

Estimated Fees When Trading SpaceX Stock

We compare the fees of the largest brokers with the following example:

  • Purchase of SpaceX shares worth € 1,000
  • Hold the SpaceX share for one month and then sell
  • No course changes in the 30 days

With these assumptions, we now compare the fees of Libertex, HFTrading & Plus500:

Depositfor freeFor freefor free
Purchase fees€ 2.20free3.08%
Holding feesfor freefree0.05%
Sales charges€ 2.20Spreads3.08%
Total fees€ 4.40Reasonable € 92.32

How to buy SpaceX stock SpaceX shares future forecast 2021!

Would SpaceX share be a good investment?

SpaceX is a big company with a big mission: After all, after successfully supplying rockets to the ISS, they want to start planning the settlement on Mars. Accordingly, Elon Musk is constantly working on it. If you believe Twitter, everything revolves around SpaceX and Starlink at the moment.

It is unclear whether and when SpaceX will go public. At the moment, there is still the question of whether SpaceX will even dare to take this step. President Gwynne Rowley is not ruling out an IPO but mainly talks about Starlink, SpaceX’s other project. This would have an IPO separately as a private company.

In the end, of course, every investor has to decide for himself whether the hope of a rosy future for the company justifies an investment.

As soon as the SpaceX IPO has come about, we recommend buying SpaceX shares through our test winner broker HFTrading, because HFTrading pays 0% commission when buying shares.


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According to experts and analysts, the forecasts for a SpaceX share would look very good. As soon as SpaceX goes public, we expect the price to rise quickly.

It is not yet clear when SpaceX will go public. At the moment there are only rumors about it.

At this point in time, SpaceX shares are not yet listed on any stock exchange.

We generally recommend not investing more than 5% of the capital in a share. How much you invest in a particular stock is ultimately up to the investor. There is always a risk!

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