Buy Twitter Share or Not? Our future forecast 2022!

John James
October 12, 2021
Buy Twitter share has become relatively easy these days, thanks to online exchanges. This article shows you exactly how to do this and what things you should consider when buying/selling.
Buy Twitter Share or Not Our future forecast 2021!

The microblogging platform Twitter has been on the stock exchange since 2013 and has seen turbulent times since then. Twitter is particularly popular because numerous celebrities regularly make concise statements there, which often attract attention.

The unique thing about it, until recently, a so-called tweet was limited to 140 characters. The company, founded by Jack Dorsey in 2006, has around 330 million users and is particularly popular in the English-speaking world.

Buy Twitter stocks has become relatively easy these days, thanks to online exchanges. This article shows you exactly how to do this and what things you should consider when buying/selling.

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Buying Twitter stocks – what to look for?

Before you  buy Twitter shares, you should consider the following things:

  • First, why should you invest in Twitter stocks? Twitter is one of the largest social networks globally with 330 million users and can therefore look back on an attractive advertising business model.
  • Where can you buy Twitter shares? Twitter shares can be purchased on various stock exchanges. However, we recommend buying through the online broker ROinvesting, a broker with very good conditions.
  • What can the future of Twitter stocks look like? Unfortunately, the Twitter share is extremely volatile, and a forecast for the future is accordingly difficult to make. However, our editorial team believes that Twitter can be a virtual social network in the long term, which is why we recommend buying the share at a favourable time to start.

Where to Buy Twitter Stock? Best brokers in comparison:


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How to Buy Twitter Stock? Buy Twitter stocks in 3 easy steps

The current Twitter price is undoubtedly a somewhat risky investment. The company has been writing green figures for some time, and the number of users is quite stable. The question, however, is how Twitter will continue to increase revenue.

Because rising prices on the stock exchanges are heavily dependent on the dynamic growth of the respective company, and with Twitter, further development in this regard is quite uncertain. However, the potential is relatively high if this succeeds. Nevertheless, we recommend that you weigh Twitter stocks lightly in your portfolio.

Once you’ve decided to trade Twitter stocks and you’ve found a Twitter stock price target for yourself, there are some effortless ways to do so. Especially ROinvesting has excelled in terms of user-friendliness and functionality in recent years. We have described exactly how you can buy/sell Twitter shares in three steps.

If you have now convinced yourself that the Twitter share forecast is positive, you can buy this security at any time. Here are the instructions:

1. Registration with a trading platform

What you need to buy Twitter shares is access to the international stock market. You get it when you open an account with a reputable and recommended online trading platform.

If you still need a little support in this direction, you can get suggestions and tips in our large online trading platform comparison. Here are some providers who have a wide range of different digital assets to offer.

If you have now decided on a platform, you should look out for the registration form on the website. This is usually placed quite present, which is why the search should not take too long.

You enter your data in the registration form, such as surname, first name, email address, and telephone number. Then you have to wait for the confirmation email from the operator. Finally, in the mail, there is the link that leads you to the first login. The account opening itself is then already completed.

If you decide not for the demo account but for a live account, verification is still pending. Here you load an identity document and a proof of address high. This is what the laws on protection against money laundering want.


2. First deposit

If the verification is also done, the first deposit can be made. Here, some providers have specific minimum deposit rules. This is usually between 50 and 250 euros. (At ROinvesting it is € 250)

You shouldn’t invest more at first. After all, you are not yet familiar with the provider and should keep the risk of loss as low as possible.

There are usually several practical deposit options available to customers. Because the platforms are in tough competition, the operators strive to create the greatest possible variety and user-friendliness for their customers.

This also includes offering a wide variety of payment options. As a rule, deposits via credit card, instant transfer, Skrill, PayPal, Neteller, and other payment providers are part of the offer.

Depending on the payment method, it takes a few minutes or a few working days to be credited.

It is important to note that you should generally not invest more than 5 per cent of the total investment in a share. This, of course, results in a simple, individual calculation for the amount of the investment.

3. Trade Twitter stocks online

If the credit has arrived on the account, you can now buy the desired share.

As a new shareholder, you can use the platform’s search function to find Twitter security. Then you have different options to customise the purchase.

For example, this goes through limiting losses, time limits and more. If you are done with that, the share should soon be in the depot.

In general, there is no guarantee of profits for the Twitter share either. Theshare price can plummet at any time, leaving investors with no gain.

Twitter share price, price, key figures & target price:

The Twitter share price has been subject to strong fluctuations since its inception. The all-time high was a few years ago: The highs in 2014 of over 50 US dollars are currently a long way off: You can currently buy Twitter shares for just over 33 US dollars.

There were also times when things went far worse: In May 2016, for example, the Twitter share price could already be found at just over 14 US dollars. But what does the Twitter share price target look like?

The development of the Twitter price is difficult to assess due to the high volatility. But it has to be said that the San Francisco-based company has increased its revenues significantly in recent years. Therefore, it can be assumed that sales will remain stable.

However, the upward potential only appears to be limited due to the currently stagnating number of users. To bring the Twitter course into higher spheres in the long term, the overall market must first of all recover significantly. In the current market environment, a share like the one on the microblogging platform Twitter is a somewhat speculative investment.

Such an investment should be handled with great caution because the Twitter share price target is difficult to determine.

Twitter pays out its dividends quarterly. Therefore, the general meeting usually takes place between January and March.

Twitter shares news & history

If you want to trade stocks, you should always look at the company behind them beforehand. For example, Twitter was founded back in 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone and Evan Williams. At that time, the microblogging platform was still called “twttr”.

The first tweet was from the founder himself: He sent the message “just setting up my twttr ” on May 19, 2006. This early phase was followed by four years of robust challenging growth. Just four years later, over 100 million users were registered. In the same year, Twitter’s smartphone apps also appeared in the app stores for the first time.

In September 2011, it was possible to double the number of users to 200 million. After the logo had received a significant overhaul in 2012, people thought they were fit for the stock market. In 2013 the time had come: The company started on the NASDAQ, while precisely 218 million active users. Good Twitter share news.

There is a reason for the unique selling point: only 140 characters are available per tweet, significantly distinguishing Twitter from social media competitor Facebook. Twitter was initially planned as a text messaging service. However, contrary to several recurring rumours, this 140 character limit was retained until September 2016.

This changed only then: by not counting attached videos and quotes from other tweets. You could now write longer messages. As a test, tweets that were twice as long were also used. However, this function is sometimes only available for selected text users of the platform. Nevertheless, this Twitter share news was received positively overall, including by the Twitter share forum.

Buy Twitter Share or Not Our future forecast 2021!

Buy Twitter stocks or not? Does investment in Twitter stocks make sense?

According to your ideas, you can sort out which information speaks for buying or selling the share. Let’s look at some of the general arguments for buying and selling Twitter shares.

Twitter share: arguments to buy the Twitter share

  • Advertising-financed tweets and advertising in the feed generate high income.
  • Twitter share forums promote features and innovations

Buying Twitter shares in real-time is easy – but does this investment make sense? To know that, you have to take a closer look at what exactly this company does and how exactly it makes money. Only then can you get a better impression to be able to answer this question.

In 2017, Twitter grossed $ 732 million – a considerable step up from Twitter’s early years on the stock market. Because for many years, Twitter was able to perform strongly in terms of user numbers but had no effective business model to convert this into face value.

However, since the company started showing ad-supported tweets and advertisements in the feed, Twitter’s revenue has grown considerably. The Twitter share forum has welcomed this favourably.

To understand Twitter share better and real-time, you first know how Twitter works as a microblogging platform. The so-called tweets that you send to your followers are deliberately kept relatively short. So not much can be put into 140 characters.

That means that you have to get to the heart of the message you want to convey. In the meantime, the number of possible characters has increased a bit, but this is the essence of Twitter.

Further functions include embedding links, photos and videos, and the possibility to “retweet” a contribution, i.e., share it. Twitter is a social network in which information can spread virally, remarkably quickly. The Twitter share forums also see this as a good feature.

Buy Twitter Share or Not Our future forecast 2021!

Sell ​​your Twitter share? Sale arguments
  • Strong fluctuations in recent years
  • Slight increase in new users

Trading Twitter stocks in real-time have turned out to be a real high-altitude tour of emotions in the last few years – hardly any stocks have been as volatile and have fluctuated so enormously in recent years. As a result, the nerves of the investors were put to the test.

The extended, uncertain business model can explain the strong price fluctuations. But, at the same time, this is offset by the high general relevance of the microblogging platform.

It can sometimes be challenging to get started with a stock that fluctuates sharply, as is the case with Twitter. After all, this requires a certain amount of patience.

Another not insignificant aspect for the correct assessment of the Twitter course is its number of users. It is always a good sign when a platform gains users. Another important aspect is the number of active users. It is because only those who actively and regularly use Twitter can ultimately also consume advertising, which is essential for the performance of the Twitter share.

Let’s take a closer look at these numbers. There are currently precisely 328 million users on Twitter. One hundred million of them, i.e. almost a third of them, are active every day. As a result, 500 million tweets are sent per day.

Twitter is well behind the largest social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube with these numbers. There is also hardly any increase in users. A full 80% of all users use Twitter for this on mobile.

Sell ​​or keep Twitter shares – yes or no?

It is currently difficult to guess whether the Twitter share is cheap or expensive. The now rapidly growing revenues speak for Twitter. However, the stagnating number of users speaks against the company.

However, one should not underestimate the general relevance of the network.

Tweets are popular and widely used methods of spreading news and creating a good mood. For example, the incumbent President of the USA, Donald Trump, likes to use Twitter to make statements. The same goes for many other well-known personalities from all kinds of industries.

The high relevance of Twitter for market and opinion research should not be forgotten when evaluating this share. In addition, the standardised tweets are ideal for extensive data analyses and the evaluation of moods and tendencies in the population.

However, this aspect of Twitter is hardly monetised at the moment. This could also be controversial in the case of corresponding initiatives.

Twitter share forecast 2021

Of course, the question of how the share price will continue in 2021 also arises with the Twitter share forecast. However, the California company has offered at least a few good arguments about buying Twitter shares in recent years.

In the past few years, you have been able to make regular profits and increase sales. This success is based mainly on advertising-financed tweets, which can increase reach for a fee.

Another argument for the company is that it regularly lands in the headlines: Because time and again, huge discussions arise around the tweets of famous personalities such as Donald Trump, Elon Musk or, for example, Kanye West.

This also regularly makes Twitter headlines around the world and illustrates the relevance of the company. Another essential aspect that could cause prices to rise is additional sources of income that could be brought in via analysis methods and artificial intelligence, for example.

On the other hand, the fact that the number of users has stagnated for some time speaks more about falling prices in terms of Twitter shares forecast. With around 330 million users, you are far worse off than other social networks like Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram. However, it must be noted here that the target groups and functions differ significantly from these competitors.

It is quite conceivable that one could soon see higher prices. Because currently, the cost of the Twitter share is more than 50% below the all-time high. Seen in this light, there is the corresponding potential if the company can provide positive news in 2021. So much for the Twitter share forecast.

Fees when buying Twitter shares

The following general conditions are required for the purchase of Twitter shares :

  • Purchase of Twitter shares worth € 1,000
  • The Twitter share is held for a month and then sold
  • The course does not change during the 30 days

With these assumptions, we now compare the fees of Libertex, ROinvesting & Plus500 :

Depositfor freefreefor free
Purchase fees€ 2.20free3.08%
Holding feesfor freefree0.05%
Sales charges€ 2.20spreads3.08%
Total fees€ 4.40Reasonable€ 92.32

Buy Twitter Share or Not Our future forecast 2021!

Buy Twitter share Conclusion – Our rating and recommendation:

Twitter shares news to prove it is the most critical microblogging platform in the world and relevant worldwide. Because many prominent personalities use the platform to disseminate current opinions and information.

In addition, the company has had an advertising-based business model for several years, which regularly brings solid income into the coffers. At currently around 33 US dollars, the price is well below the all-time high.

This circumstance could be provided so the company can continue on the positive path and ensure positive development on the stock exchanges.


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Trading Twitter stocks makes sense if you expect prices to rise. Because Twitter share dividends are not distributed like most other IT shares.

With a market capitalization of currently over 22 billion US dollars, Twitter is a relative lightweight on the trading floor. The share is tradable on the NASDAQ, as well as on the Xetra and the Stuttgart Stock Exchange.

Online brokers are particularly good at buying / selling Twitter stocks. The easiest way to search for this stock is to use the ticker symbol TWTR or WKN A1W6XZ. Beware, one cannot hope for a Twitter share dividend.

During the day the price has varied from a low of $61.65 to a high of $62.98. The latest price was $62.47 (25 minute delay). Twitter is listed on the NYSE and employs 6,600 staff.

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