5 Best Stock To Invest In 2022 For Beginners

Christina Clarke
February 15, 2021
Stock investment

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The world encounters endless stock listings and IPOs each week, and the traders have the option to invest in all of them. However, not every listed share is worth the money, and thus, one needs to select a few of them. Here are five Best Stock investment claims in 2021 for beginners, including a full analysis of each of them. The article would cover the metrics, news, recent events, and the potential growth for these shares to get the utter idea. 

Top 5 Stock Investment In 2021

Draftkings (DKNG):

Draftkings is an American sports betting website and the official daily fantasy partner of the NFL too. The firm was started in 2012 and is currently trading at $52.75, 52 weeks low and high of $10.05 and $64.19. If we look at the one-year price chart of the share, the price has surged tremendously and was trading at $10 last year. However, since then, the company has not looked back and gone up continuously. 

Draftkings is a volatile share and can prove to be a good option for intraday traders. The organisation currently has a market valuation of $20.663B, and the fundamental analysis of this stock doesn’t matter due to its highly speculative nature. The firm does not have the P/E ratio, EPS, nor offer dividends. However, the firm highlights a Price to book ratio of 9.86, the profitability of -143.43%, & a return on equity of -61.81%. The numbers are not lucrative for long term value investors. 

The analysts suggest a buy signal for the share as it has an excellent current ratio of 2.90 and carries total cash worth 1.14 billion dollars.


Workhorse is another US-based manufacturing firm that specialises in utility vehicles and EV car deliveries. The company’s share is currently trading at $28, with last year making a leap of more than 800% & 52 weeks high and low of $1.32 and $30.99. The firm has a market capitalisation of $3.276 billion and has earnings per share of -$2.65, with no P/E ratio in place. 

Further, the company’s balance sheet shows total cash of 80.22 million dollars and doesn’t have much data to analyse the share.  The current ratio is 0.75, which is weak, and the average target is also below the current price. However, the analysts assume the share to go up to $100 in the short term due to its talk with USPS (United States Postal Service) to provide delivery trucks. 


Facebook is a popular social media platform that has successfully taken over the digital world and owns Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus, and many more. The firm is currently the most prominent advertising platform and offers superior numbers. The organisation is trading at $277.81, with a 52 week high and low of $304.67 & 137.10, respectively. The US-based media giant encountered a significant dip in March 2020 due to COVID-19 but has recovered up now.   

The firm has a market capitalisation of $791.283 billion, a P/E ratio of 31.65, an EPS of 8.78 US dollars, and a dividend to stakeholders. Further, the organisation’s PEG ratio is only 0.90, which is excellent and has a Price book ratio of 6.52. The profitability is good at 32.01% and an excellent return on equity of 23.88%, with an outstanding total cash flow standing at $56 billion.

The current ratio is currently 5.51, which mean the firm has more than five times the existing assets than their current liabilities. The price target is $320 in the short term, and analysts suggest it to be a strong buy.

CVS Health:

CVS, formerly known as Consumer Value Store, is a prescription drug, general merchandise seller and owns around 1100 minute medical clinics in America. Currently, the firm is trading at $67.87 with a 52 week high and 52 week low of $76.44 and $52.04, respectively. The US-based company was hit hard by the coronavirus led crisis and saw a slow recovery until it fell again. However, the venture surged massively in November and recovered successfully from its dull phase.
Further, CVS has a market cap of $88.836 billion, a P/E ratio of 11.22, an EPS of $6.05, and a dividend of 2.96%. Besides, the five-year peg ratio is 1.16, price to book ratio of 1.27, profit margin of 3%, and return on equity of 12.06%. Therefore, the analyst recommends it as a buy signal and has a current ratio of 0.95.

The share is not speculative and might not provide massive returns but is an excellent long-term growth stock with an average short-term price target of $82. 


Walmart is the US-based conglomerate giant that majorly sells physical goods and groceries through its stores and expands on e-commerce platforms. The venture operates in over 27 countries globally with over 11,000 stores and has a market valuation of more than $430 billion. 

Further, the P/E ratio is 21.88, earnings per share of 6.93, price to book ratio of 5.23, and dividend of 1.42%. Besides, the five-year peg ratio is 3.97, profitability at 3.6%, and equity return at 24.13. The current ratio is 0.83 and total cash of 14.33 billion US dollars, which is not lucrative. The average price target is $170, and analysts suggest Walmart as a buy. 

Top Stock Trading Brokers For Beginners


101investing is a Cyprus-based trading website, which started its operations in 2016 and is an FXBFI Broker Financial Invest Ltd brand name. The company is headquartered at address – 13 & 15 Grigori Afxentiou street IDE Ioannou Court, 3rd Floor, Office, 301, 4003 Limassol Cyprus.

The organisation also bears licenses from the top financial body, CySEC (Cyprus Securities & Exchange Commission) under regulation number 315/16. Apart from it, some of the other top features of the trading website include 250+ CFD trading assets, segregated three account types, Meta Trader4 trading platform, excellent customer service, impressive content library, and many more. 

You can use the broker’s free demo service to test the features. 


Global TradeATF was established in 2013 and is a brand name of Bayline Trading Ltd, approved and controlled by the International Financial Services Commission (IFSC) of Belize. With Global TradeATF, clients can trade around more than 350+ CFD instruments, at zero commission, covering currencies, cryptocurrencies, stocks, indices, and commodities, across three primary accounts called Silver, Gold and Platinum. One also has the option to access Global TradeATF’s free demo account. Available platforms are MetaTrader4 and WebTrader, accessible via Android & iOS both. 

The education material includes courses, webinars, seminars, guides, tutorials, E-books, and more. You can contact the broker from Monday to Friday, 12:00 to 02:00 GMT. 

The Bottom Line 

So, this was the list of the five best stock investments in 2021. Make sure to do due diligence before investing in any share, even if they are mentioned above. Research them, both technical and fundamental, as every buyer is different and needs to trade accordingly. The stock market is unstable, touching an all-time high and then falling suddenly, and thus, make sure to understand all basics. 



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